How To Do Night Plan On MTN With USSD Codes

MTN telecommunication is one of African countries’ top and largest network providers. In Nigeria, it is the most commonly used network. It provides many benefits to its users, including a night plan. 

You can subscribe to the MTN night plan as low as N25 or N50. The night plan is to work from 11 pm to 6 am.  

Though terms and conditions are applied t the use of the MTN night plan, users who want us to explore more on the internet see it as a good deal.

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How Can I Use the MTN Night Plan?

MTN users have found this MTN night plan interesting since it was introduced in June 2016.   

All MTN users are entitled to the midnight plan. It offers 250MB and 500MB.  

As earlier said, terms and conditions are applied to the usage of the MTN night plan. Check them out below:

  • You must first all migrate to the MTN pulse tariff
  • It can only be in use between 11 pm to 6 am
  • Your account balance should be between N25 to N50 

  Get 250Mb with N25 and 500Mb N50.

This midnight sub can use for downloading movies, music, and games. Some users use the data for purposes, while others watch movies online.  

Note that you can sub up to 2GB per night. That means you can sub 8 times with N25 for 250Mb and 4 times with N50 for 500Mb on a single MTN line.  You cannot exceed 2GB.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff

Migrating to the MTN pulse is crucial to users who want to sub the MTN night plan. This is because other tariffs wouldn’t work for it. So, how do you migrate to MTN pulse? 

To migrate

  • Dial *406# 
  • Options will pop up. Select or press key ‘1.’ 

Directly dial ( *406*1#)


  • Dial *123# 
  • Select or press key 2 from the pop-up options, and send
  • Another option will pop up. Select or press key 2, and send to migrate.

Directly dial  (*123*2*2#)


Text 406 to 131 to migrate.


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How Do I Sub an MTN Night Plan Using SMS?

MTN night plan only works for MTN users on MTN pulse tariff. Ensure you have migrated to pulse tariff before you do the night sub.  

How to sub midnight plan for 250Mb, text NT1 to 131. To sub for 500Mb, text NT2  to 131. Ensure you have airtime up to N50.

How Do I Sub the MTN Night Plan Using USSD?

You can use the USSD  code to subscribe to the midnight plan. To achieve this

  •  dial *406#, and options will pop up
  • Select option 3 ( MTN nightlife plan)
  • For 250Mb for N25, type ‘1’ and confirm by typing 1 again, sub
  • For 500Mb for N50, type ‘2’ and confirm by typing 1 to sub

You can simply dial *406*3*1# to sub 250Mb and *406*3*2# to sub 500Mb. This method is more simple for any user. 

How Do You Check Your Night Plan Data Balance?

You might want to check your data balance even though MTN sends data usage SMS. There 3 different ways you can check the data balance:

  • You can dial *599*96# to check your data balance
  • Send 2 to 131 and receive your data balance as an SMS
  • Or dial *406*. Select options 3 (MTN nightlife plan) and 3 for data balance. Dialing *406*3*3# will be simpler.

What Are the Advantages of the MTN Night Plan?

Most MTN users sub to the MTN night plan because it benefits them. Most midnight subscribers will tell you that the internet speed is more at night than in day time. Well, I agree with that as well.  And also, the night plan is a lot cheaper. This makes the best for users.

How Do I Opt Out of MTN Night Plan?

You might decide to cancel or terminate the MTN night plan if it is used to renew automatically. To deactivate, locate your message app and send an SMS STOP NIGHT to 131. 

When you send the message, you will receive a reply from 131 informing you that you have successfully canceled the night plan.

Can I Renew the MTN Night Plan?

Yes, you can renew the night plan. It is possible to leave data to renew itself every night as long as airtime is available up to N50. 

You can follow the earlier established procedures if it doesn’t renew automatically. That is, dial *406*3*1# for 250Mb (N25) or *406*3*2# for 500Mb (N50).

MTN night planUSSD codesSMS
250Mb for N25*406*3*1#Text NT1 to 131
500Mb for N50*406*3*2#Text NT to 131

Other MTN Night Plan

Apart from the 250Mb for N25 and 500Mb for N50, there are other midnight subs you can do though they are more expensive. 

  • You can sub 1GB MTN midnight plan for N200, which is used between 9 am and 6 am.
  • The 2.5GB MTN night plan costs N500. You can use it from 9 am to 6 am.
  • 5GB MTN night plan for N1000. It also uses from 9 am to 6 am. 

Will the MTN  Night Plan Affect My Normal Data?

Your daytime data will not be affected if you sub for midnight. Midnight data is usually from 11 pm to 6 am so that you can use your normal data.

What Are the Advantages of Migrating To MTN pulse?

With the MTN pulse tariff plan, you can make calls across Nigeria with less charge. The benefits of the tariff plan include the following:

  • After calling with 15.36k, you will begin to call at the rate of 11. 26k/sec each day
  • You can sub for the midnight plan at a cheaper rate of N25 and N50
  • For every first recharge in a month, you will get a free 10Mb
  • You will enjoy a special data bundle like a 3-day 750Mb data plan, which costs N300, and a weekly plan of 1.5MB  for N500.
  • You make calls, and you will get points you can exchange for a data bundle.


Migrate to MTN pulse tariff to enjoy a night sub, which you use to download movies, watch movies, or do other things. Note it last from 11 pm to 6 am, and you can use it after the time has elapsed. 

You can use USSD codes *406*3*1# for 250Mb (N25) and *406*3*2# for 500Mb(N50) or send NT1 to 131 for 250Mb or NT2 for 500Mb.

It can automatically be renewed but if you want to opt out or cancel the night plan, send an SMS STOP NIGHT to 131. 

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