How To Hide Number On Airtel (Tested and Working Tips)

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You should know how to hide a number on the Airtel network for various reasons that are best known to you. Knowing how to conceal your number on any network might be beneficial, especially if you avoid being automatically associated with a particular phone number whenever you place a call.

Knowing how to conceal your Airtel number may be okay if the next person on the phone does not perceive you as overly suspicious. You can lose the chance to talk with your caller if your goal is to do it to get crucial information from an innocent individual.

What Are The Reasons For Hiding Your Airtel Number

Let’s first look at some of the most common explanations for why individuals frequently conceal their Airtel line numbers before we get into the specifics of how you might do this.

1. Not Wanting To Be Known By The Reciever

You could remain anonymous when making a call for a certain reason. Some people frequently use this when calling to conceal their identity from the recipient, especially if they have been dodging your calls.


Some people will never answer a call from a concealed number. As a result, if your number is disguised, you might not be able to accomplish your purpose with the call.

2. To Restrict Access To Your Phone Number

For legitimate reasons, concealing a caller ID may be advantageous for some people but not others. You could hide your phone number to prevent some people from knowing it. 

3. For Security Reasons

Learning to hide your Airtel number could be beneficial if you’re concerned that some dishonest men might infiltrate it. If you know how to conceal your number on Airtel, you can prevent those you don’t like from using your number.

How To Hide Your Airtel Mobile Number

To hide phone numbers on Airtel, a special USSD code is provided. Therefore, if you are ready to call any number, you should prefix it with this USSD code. The ability to disguise your number for a specific individual and your Airtel number for everyone you call is another advantage of this technique.

When you dial #31#, a notification stating that the “outgoing caller ID service has been disabled” will appear on your screen, allowing you to hide your Airtel number from every contact you call. For instance, you must call #31#080123456789 to conceal your phone number from 080123456789.

How To Hide Your Airtel Mobile Number Through Phone Settings

To hide your Airtel mobile number on your Android phone, 

  • Go to the phone’s settings by clicking on the setting symbol in the menu or by sliding down the notification bar.
  • Choose the “Call settings” option.
  • Select “Additional settings.”
  • Select “Caller ID”
  • To conceal your Airtel number, select “hide number.”

Additionally, there are many ways to accomplish this, and various phone models have different methods for hiding your Airtel number. Alternatively, you could;

  • Select the “call icon.” which is that you typically open to check missed, called, and received calls.
  • In the top right corner, click the three vertical dots to continue.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Settings.
  • Then choose to call accounts.
  • Then choose the Airtel Sim you wish to conceal.
  • Click on “More Information” after that.
  • Now choose Caller ID.
  • Lastly, select “Hide Number.”

Those two methods described above ought to function regardless of the sort of phone you are using.

How To Unhide My Airtel Phone Number

If you use #31# to conceal your number, you must phone *31# to receive a notification saying that “outgoing caller ID service was activated.” 



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Can I Hide My Airtel Number When Sending a Message?

There is a way to stop the recipient from seeing your phone number if you are uncomfortable sending a text message knowing they will do so. On an Android, you may send texts without including your phone number by following a few simple steps.

  • Select “Settings” from the home screen.
  • Click “Phone” after scrolling down.
  • Choose “Hide My Number” from the drop-down selection for “Caller ID.”

You can attempt this other approach if the settings on your Android phone are different from those described above.

  • Find the settings for the app on your phone.
  • Select “Call Settings.”
  • Choose the Airtel SIM card you use for texting if your phone has two SIM cards. Skip this step if you don’t.
  • Then select “Caller ID” under “Additional Settings.”
  • Select “Hide Number” from the drop-down option.

Nothing further will be required of you. Your phone number won’t be shown while sending a text message. 

Can Calls Made From Hidden Numbers Be Traced in Any Way?

There are a few techniques to track the hidden number that has been phoning you.

1. By Dialling *69

If you promptly dial *69 after a missed call from an unidentified caller, you can find their phone number and, if they are registered in a public database, their name, and address. Even calls that are concealed or anonymous can use the service. You may find out who phoned you at what time and from what phone number.

2. Contacting Your Service Provider

You might be able to track down an unknown caller’s phone number with the assistance of your phone service provider. They will provide you with a record of your incoming and outgoing calls and the number of the unidentified caller.

The phone provider can provide you with even more information, but this may be enough to take matters into your own hands. If the data is accessible, you can learn the obnoxious caller’s name, address, and mobile operator.


3. App Installation

You may download various mobile applications and utilize them as tools for tracing phone numbers. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of unknown callers will be shown in these applications after searching web databases for such information. Then, you may choose to report and stop the automated calls, telemarketers, and spam.


Knowing how to hide a number on various devices and networks is helpful when one wants to make a call without disclosing their number.

Many privacy-related factors might lead someone to want their caller ID concealed. Fortunately, there are several techniques put in place by network providers to conceal one’s mobile device’s network ID.

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