How To Link NIN To 9mobile [Updated Tips]

How To Link NIN To 9mobile [Updated Tips]

Since the directive from the federal government, different people have been looking for ways to link their NIN to their respective sims. Many people have complained about their inability to perform basic tasks on their sims because of their sim being blocked due to the NIN issue.

If your sim has been blocked, you will look for ways to unblock your sim. You should know that the only way you can unbar your sim is to link your NIN to your sim. Below is a guide on everything you need to know when linking your NIN to your 9mobile sim.

How to Register for NIN [Different Methods]

Registration for your nin is easy; all you need to do is follow any of the methods listed below.

1. By Registering Online and Visiting any of the NIN Centers

This is the first method you can use to register for a NIN. If you don’t want to go through the stress of having to queue and waste time trying to get an NIN, you can easily register for a NIN from the comfort of your home. Simply go to the NIN portal and click on register to get a NIN. 


You will have to fill in all the necessary details, from your details to occupational details and a lot more. Once you fill in these details, proceed to click on submit. A form will be generated with the details you filled in, go to the cybercafe or any business center to print out the form.

Once you have printed the form, you should get to the closest NIN center around you. Submit the form and wait a little while. Once the processing is done, you will be told to return after a couple of days to get your NIN number. 

2. Registering at any NIN Center near You

If you do not want to use the online portal, you can always walk into any NIN center and notify them that you would like to get a NIN. You will have to fill out a form which you will be given there (the form costs around N1500).

Once you complete the form, you will have to pay money for the form upon registration. Once payment is made, the officials will process your registration. You will have to wait for a while as people might be much or the network mightn’t be too good. After a while, u will be called to input your biometric. 

The officials will give you a date when you should return to get your NIN slip. However, you will likely be given a temporary NIN slip pending when your permanent one will be ready.

Once your NIN number is ready, we can get down to methods to link your NIN to 9mobile


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3 of the Methods to Link your NIN to 9mobile

There are 2 major methods to link your NIN to your sim. Let’s get right into the 3 methods below:

1. Using USSD Code

This is the first method you can use to link your NIN to 9mobile. With a USSD code, you can link your NIN within seconds and unbar your line. If you cannot remember your NIN number, you can simply dial *996# on your 9mobile phone. 

You will see a list of options when you dial this code. Select NIN retrieval or choose the command code with the retrieval option. Once you have done this, you will get a text message showing your NIN. However, you must note that you will be charged N20 to retrieve your NIN. 

Once you have gotten your NIN, simply dial *996# to link your NIN to your line. You should see a congratulatory message telling you that you have successfully linked your NIN to your 9mobile.

2. Using the NIN Portal

If you are having problems linking your NIN to 9mobile using the USSD code, you can always link your NIN using the 9mobile NIN portal. Linking your NIN with this method is pretty easy. All you need to do is enter your 9mobile NIN website and your 9mobile phone number. Click on Proceed once you have entered the number. 

You will get an OTP for confirmation. Input the opt in the required place and go ahead and fill in your NIN. Once you have filled in your NIN, click on submit. You should get a message that you have successfully linked your NIN. Your line should be unbarred immediately after you do this.

3. Visit any 9mobile Branch near You

This is another method you can always use to link your NIN to your 9mobile sim. You can always visit any 9mobile branch or office near you and tell them to help connect your NIN to your sim. They should be able to do this for you for a small fee.

You can also use the opportunity to get them to unbar your line while finding out about products and services that can be useful to you.

How Do I Link NIN on Other Networks?

Linking your NIN on other networks is pretty easy. Simply follow the shortcodes below.

You can easily link your NIN by dialing *996# for MTN. Follow the instructions, and you will link your nin in no time.


For Glo, you can link your NIN by dialing *996#. Your nin will be linked to your line immediately after you do this.

For Airtel, simply link your NIN to your line by dialing *996#. Note that all these steps take less than 1 minute to be done.


You do not have to worry much if your line has been unbarred because you didn’t link your NIN. There are different easy ways you can go about linking your NIN. All you need to do is follow the methods mentioned above, and you will successfully link your NIN in seconds.

Linking your NIN to your 9mobile line is a straightforward process with updated tips ensuring a smooth experience. Follow the provided guidelines, stay compliant with regulatory requirements, and enjoy uninterrupted services on your 9mobile network.

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