How to Link NIN To MTN In 2022

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Simcard is one of the primary targets and is frequently used in criminal activities like impersonation and cyber fraud since individuals must utilize the utilities and services offered by telecommunications companies.

To prevent its citizens from becoming victims of fraud and impersonation, the national identity number (NIN) has been designated by the federal government as the primary digital identity for all sectors, including telecommunications, to protect the safety and security of its residents.

During validations and authentications, the National Identification Number (NIN), issued, used, and maintained by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), is a special number linked with your biometric information and other private information on the national identity database.

To do this, the national communication commission (NCC) issued a statement stating that all sim cards must be connected to the owner’s National identity number (NIN) and that failure to comply will result in your sim being disabled.

If you cannot do this, there is no need to panic; all you have to do is complete this article, after which you can successfully link your NIN to your MTN SIM. 

How Can I Register For NIN?

The first step in getting your MTN sim card linked to your NIN is by getting your National Identification Number. If you don’t have this by now, you might be wondering how to go about it. You don’t have to worry as registering for a National Identification Number can be done at NIMC enrollment centers or centers run by your preferred network operator.

Below are a few procedures to register for your National Identity Number successfully. 

  • You can complete the NIMC pre-enrolment online form by visiting the pre-enrolment portal. You can also download and print Pre Enrolment Slip.
  • Your application should be submitted at the nearby NIMC Registration Center when the Pre-Enrolment Slip has been printed.
  • After completing the steps mentioned above, you will be issued your National Identity Number, which you can link to your MTN SIM.


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How Do I Link The NIN To My MTN SIM?

You have various choices for connecting your NIN to your MTN SIM based on your preferences and level of comfort. The following methods exist for connecting your NIN to your MTN Sim: USSD, the MyMTN app, the MTN NIN Portal, and the NIMC Mobile ID program.

1. Linking The NIN To My MTN SIM Using USSD Code

The quickest and simplest way to connect your NIN to your MTN line is the USSD method. Only MTN lines and no other network service providers are compatible with the code. All you have to do is to dial  *785# to link your NIN to your MTN SIM.

Even if your phone numbers are different, you can link them together by dialing *785#, then following the instructions by entering your NIN and submitting. To make the process faster, you can dial *785*NIN# instead, and your National Identity Number will be successfully linked to your MTN SIM. 

When trying to link your NIN to your MTN SIM, there are times when you’ll get an error message; this could be a network issue. So simply wait a few seconds before trying again.

2. Linking The NIN To My MTN SIM Using MTN NIN Portal

Follow the following steps to link your National Identity Number to your MTN SIM using the MTN NIN portal. 

  • Go to the MTN NIN portal.
  • Your first name, last name, middle name (if applicable), phone number, social security number, and email address must be entered.
  • When all the required details have been correctly inputted, click on submit, and that’s it. 

3. Linking The NIN To My MTN SIM Using MyMTN App

The myMTN app is another medium through which you can link your National Identity Number to your MTN SIM. Follow these steps if you’d like to make use of this method. 

  • Visit the app store on your mobile device and download the MTN mobile app
  • Log in to your app with your phone number, then select the next button to enter your NIN information (MTN number, Notification email, and your National Identification Number)
  • Once the required details have been entered correctly, click submit, and you’re done.

4. Linking The NIN To My MTN SIM Using The NIMC App

You should be able to connect up to seven numbers to a NIN using the app that the NIMC has released. Visit NIMC Mobile App at to get started (available for ios and Androids).

Use the NIMC App to connect your NIN to your MTN line by following these easy steps;

  • Install the “MWS: NIMC MobileID” app by first downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device.
  • Enter your NIN and phone number after starting the application. Your phone number receives a verification code called an OTP (OTP is valid for 30 minutes).
  • After that, you will need to generate a 6-digit password or PIN. This 6-digit PIN will always be required to access your NIMC mobile app dashboard.
  • To add and validate your MTN line, choose the LINK MY NUMBERS option on your dashboard. With this application, you can add up to 7 cell numbers, and an OTP is necessary to confirm each one.

How Can I Retrieve My NIN On MTN?

If you have registered but can’t recall your NIN, you can easily retrieve it by dialing *346# on the mobile number you used to sign up and then pressing 1. A one-time notification will then appear on your mobile screen, revealing your National Identity Number. 

When you retrieve your NIN through this USSD code, you should note that you will be charged #20 for this service. However, no amount will be deducted if you dial this code and haven’t registered for NIN. 

How Can I Retrieve My Lost NIN Slip?

You might have mistakenly lost your NIN slip and don’t know how to proceed. Well, there is a solution to that as well.

If your NIN slip is lost, you can obtain a replacement at any NIMC enrollment facility (ECR) by presenting your payment teller and paying #500 via REMITA. They will issue a fresh one with the identical national identity number (NIN) and information previously given.

Can I Change The Name Provided In My NIN?

In an event where wrong details such as your name are entered in your NIN slip, that can be easily corrected. You will undoubtedly need to visit one of the NIMC facilities depending on the error you intend to correct.

They will require various information, such as an affidavit from the court. The NIMC representative will undoubtedly lead you through the whole process. 


This article has provided the perfect answers to any NIN-related issues or difficulties you might face when trying to link your National Identity Number to your MTN SIM.

Since you already know how to link your NIN to your MTN SIM, you don’t need to worry about getting barred or prevented from using your sim. Just follow the instructions above, and your sim will be successfully connected.

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