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One of the best telecommunication companies for voicemail and data in Nigeria is 9mobile. They are very popular due to the quality and spotless services they render to their customer. 

Transferring airtime from one user to another is a very popular feature in Nigerian network service providers. In this article, I’ll teach you step-by-step instructions on transferring airtime from a 9mobile sim card to another 9mobile sim card.

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How To Transfer Airtime From 9mobile To 9mobile

Transferring airtime to another 9mobile user is very simple all you have to do is dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. However, before proceeding to transfer airtime, there are certain things that you have to do.

Firstly, you have to change the pin from the default “0000” to a personalized pin. You have to do this for security’s sake. If you leave it at the default pin, anyone can transfer airtime without you knowing. Changing it will give your airtime some form of protection.

Ultimately, the USSD you need to transfer airtime to another user is *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. So if you’re transferring ₦300 to 08090399708, you’d dial *223*0000*300* 08090399708# and click send.

Please note that you can only transfer airtime to a 9mobile number; you cannot send airtime to other networks.

How To Change Your Transfer Pin On 9mobile

Like I said earlier, changing your pin from the default one gives your airtime some form of protection, making you the only person who can authorize an airtime transfer. All you have to do to change your default pin to your personalized one is dial *247*Defult Pin*New Pin#. 

Please note that the default pin is 0000. So if you want to change your pin to 4647, for instance, you’d simply dial *247*0000*4647#.

How To Borrow Airtime On 9mobile 

The USSD for borrowing airtime on 9mobile is *665#. Network provider borrowing their customers’ short-term airtime loans is very common in Nigeria and 9mobile is not an expectation. 

This service is available to all 9mobile customers regardless of their tariff plan. However, you must recharge frequently to be eligible to borrow airtime from 9mobile. Also, you can borrow as low as ₦50 to as high as ₦2000. There’s also a 15% charge for every amount you borrow. For instance, if you borrow ₦100, you will receive ₦85, or if you borrow ₦50, you will receive ₦42.50. 

It is important to know that 9mobile doesn’t currently lend customers data. However, you can borrow airtime from them, which you can, in turn, use to purchase the preferred data plan of your choice. 

How Much Airtime Can I Transfer?

You can transfer as low as ₦10, and the maximum amount you can transfer at once is ₦20,000. Please be aware that there’s a ₦10 charge for every airtime you transfer, regardless of the amount. 

You have a daily limit of transferring ₦100,000. You cannot exceed this limit.

Is There A Requirement Before Borrowing Airtime On 9mobile

No, no requirement has to be met. However, you have to recharge your sim card frequently before being eligible, and the more you recharge, the higher the amount you can borrow.

Ultimately, this service is available for all active customers on 9mobile.


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Can I Get Free Airtime On 9mobile?

Yes, you can get free airtime on 9mobile; the free data also contains free data. However, this free airtime is only limited to new customers. It’s an incentive that 9mobile uses to bring more people to their service.

All you need to get free airtime is a new 9mobile sim card at any 9mobile outlet and register it. After registering the sim card, recharge it with either ₦500 or ₦1000 worth of airtime.

After recharging the airtime, you’ll be gifted with ₦500 worth of free airtime aside from the one you recharged, and you’ll also be given 1GB of free data. This offer is available to new customers on Moretalk, Morecliq, Talkzone, and cliqlite. 

Can I Transfer Data From 9mobile To 9mobile?

Yes, you can transfer data from one 9mobile to another 9mobile. However, you can only transfer 200MB at once with a daily limit of 1000MB. 9mobile has two types of data-sharing options:

1. 9mobile Data Transfer

You can transfer data to another 9mobile user using this feature. You must simply dial *229*pin*volume of data*recepient’s number# (*229*0000*200*08090399708#).

However, this option only allows you to transfer 200MB per transfer. You also have a daily limit of transferring 1000MB. So if you want to transfer 1000MB to someone, you’d have to transfer 200MB five times.

2. 9mobile Multi-divide Data Plan

This option allows you to share a single data subscription across four 9mobile sim cards. It allows you to share your data with your friend and family. Unlike data transfer, this allows the person you share your data with to access the same amount of data the owner has. 

To activate this option, all you have to do is dial *215*pin*1*new number*new PUK#. Please note that you’ll change the number “1” with “2” when adding another number. Your PUK number is usually at the back of your sim pack.


Transferring airtime from one 9mobile user to another is very easy. All you have to do is dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. However, note that you can only transfer airtime to only 9mobile sim card. 

Please note that you must change your transfer pin from the default to a personalized one to avoid people transferring airtime without your knowledge. You should also note that there is a ₦10 charge on every amount you transfer.

The highest amount you can transfer at a go is ₦20,000. However, you have a ₦100,000 daily limit. Following the instructions in this guide, you should be able to transfer airtime and data successfully without having any issues.

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