How to Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN to MTN

Do you know you can transfer airtime to your friends and family on MTN with ease? Suppose your friends and family members on MTN run down on airtime, you can transfer airtime from your line to their respective lines.

It is surprising to know that there are MTN users who still find it challenging to send airtime to their friends and loved ones not because they don’t have enough airtime but because they don’t know how to transfer airtime.

That said, all you need to do is read this post to the end and follow all the steps mentioned here to transfer airtime to your friends and loved ones. Before we get started, it is important to let you know that for your transfer to go through, you will have to create a transfer PIN, which also makes you eligible for the airtime transfer.

If you have ever faced the difficulty of transferring airtime to your friends and family on the MTN network, make sure that you read this post to know how to do the process.

What Does MTN Mean?

MTN is an acronym for ‘Mobile Telephone Network’. It is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company that is headquartered in Johannesburg. MTN has obtained licenses to carry out its services and operations in different parts of the world including Nigeria and some parts of Africa and Asia.

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How to Create A Transfer Pin on MTN

MTN like every other telecommunication network has a default PIN, which you can either enter or change at your convenience. You can also check out this guide on how to check your NIN on MTN.

If you don’t know how to change the default PIN, follow the steps given below;

  • Write a message in this manner “Default Pin, new PIN, confirm new PIN” to 777.
  • Now, create a new PIN by simply dialing *600*default PIN*new PIN*confirm new PIN# on your phone.
  • As soon as you have completed the abovementioned steps, you should receive a confirmation message notifying you of the successful change of your PIN.


How To Transfer Airtime on MTN

Below are two ways that you can transfer airtime from your MTN line to another MTN line:

  • The first step is to transfer via text message. All you need to do is simply go to your message app and type “Transfer, the mobile number of the recipient, amount of airtime, your transfer Pin” and then send it to 777.
  • You can also transfer using the USSD code. What you have to do is to dial *600*recipient mobile number *airtime amount *transfer PIN#.
How To Share Airtime on MTN Network

Before the transfer is successfully processed, you will be asked to authorize the transaction through a text message, simply reply with the message “Yes”, and within a few seconds, you will be sent a text notifying you that the transfer was successful.

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Things To Know When Transferring Airtime on MTN

  1. Airtime transfer on MTN comes with a service fee of ₦10.
  2. You cannot transfer airtime below N50. In other words, the amount you can transfer is ₦50 and above.
  3. You can transfer up to ₦50,000 or more daily to people.
  4. There is always an unlimited number of transactions per day.
  5. The default PIN is usually 0000 and it is always dependent on the number of required digits.


We hope that this guide has helped you in transferring airtime on MTN. It is not as difficult as you think. Even a child of 7 years of age can do this just by following the steps that have been mentioned in this article. If you have mastered the steps and have knowledge of what to do, you will no longer have a challenge in transferring airtime on MTN.

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