How To Transfer Data On 9mobile, USSD and Tips

How To Transfer Data On 9mobile, USSD and Tips

Subscribers can quickly transfer their data in megabytes and gigabytes using just one simple USSD code with the 9mobile Data Share feature. This service, unlike Glo, is not data gifting or data renewal. This one is primarily for those who have active data plans on their 9mobile SIM and desire to share them with their friends or families. 

This article will teach you how to transfer data on 9mobile using USSD and other methods you can use to transfer data.

Guide on How To Transfer Data On 9mobile

There are several ways to transfer data on 9mobile. They have two ways of transferring data. They have the “9mobile data transfer” option. This option allows you to transfer 200MB to a person at once, with a daily limit of 1000MB. This implies that if you want to transfer 1GB to a friend, you’d have to transfer 200MB five times to complete the 1GB. 

9mobile also has the “9mobile multi-divide data plan” option. This data sharing option on 9mobile allows you to share your data across four 9mobile sim cards, including yours, totaling five in number. 


This option is not like the first data-sharing option. This option allows users to access a single data subscription across multiple SIM cards.

Here’s how to activate the 9mobile data transfer option.

9mobile Data Transfer

You can transfer data to another 9mobile user using this feature. All you have to do is dial *321# and choose ‘Share Data’. However, this feature only allows you to transfer up to 2GB per transfer.

How To Change 9mobile Default Transfer Pin

You have to change your default PIN to a personalized one before you can use it to transfer data to another user. The process of changing it is straightforward; I’ll explain it below.

  • Open the dialer app on your smartphone
  • Dial *321# and click send
  • Select ‘PIN management’ or ‘Change PIN’
  • You’ll be asked to input the old pin, which is the default one.
  • After filling in the default pin, click send and fill in your new 4-digit pin. Please note that you have to fill it in twice for verification purposes.
  • After filling it in twice, click send, and that’s it.

Please note that the default transfer pin on 9mobile is 0000.

How To Borrow Data From 9mobile Nigeria

The 9mobile loan service allows you to borrow airtime and data as long as you are eligible. This can help you when you need data urgently. However, you have to be someone who recharges frequently, and you also have to be on the network for at least four months. 

Also, there’s a 15% charge for every data you borrow. You can borrow as much as possible if you’re on the credit limit. You can still borrow even if you have outstanding debt as long as you’re still within the credit limit.

Here’s how to borrow data on 9mobile Nigeria

  • Open the dialer app on your phone
  • Dial *303# and click send
  • You’ll see the data options available to you. Select anyone you want. However, remember there’s a 15% charge.

You can repay by just recharging your account balance with the amount equivalent to your borrowed data.

How To Check 9mobile Data

You can check your 9mobile data balance by using USSD, SMS, or checking online.


I’ll give a step-by-step analysis of how to use any of the methods.

1. Using USSD

Using USSD to check data balance works on all devices. The USSD works on any Android, iPhone, or Windows device. Dial *310# to view your data balance. You can also use this same code to check your data plan’s status and expiry date.

Here’s how to use the USSD to check your data balance on 9mobile

  • Open the dialer app on your phone. 
  • Dial *312# and click send
  • You’ll receive a message containing your data balance, expiry date, and status.

2. Sending SMS

If the USSD method isn’t working for you, you can check your data balance by sending an SMS. You only need to text BAL to 312. After you send the message, you will receive a message with your data balance and expiration date.

Here’s how to use SMS to check your data balance on 9mobile

  • Open the messaging app on your phone
  • Type and send BAL to 312
  • You will receive a message from 9mobile which will contain information on your data plan and your data balance

3. Checking Online

This method is not very popular and isn’t known by many. It’s also very straightforward. All you need to do is go to the 9mobile official website and check your data balance.

However, you need to have a data subscription and a smartphone before using this method

How To Buy 9mobile Data Plans

9mobile has various data plans ranging from daily, weekly to monthly. I’ll list all data bundles available on 9mobile and their activation codes.

Data BundlePrice Activation codesDuration 
500MB₦500*312*2*12#30 days 
1.5GB₦1000*312*2*7#30 days 
2GB₦1,200*312*2*25#30 days 
3GB₦1,500*312*2*3#30 days 
4.5GB₦2,000*312*2*8#30 days 
11GB₦4,000*312*2*36#30 days 
15GB₦5,000*312*2*37#30 days 
40GB₦10,000*312*4*1#30 days 
75GB₦15,000*312*2*4#30 days 

Codes For Weekly Data Plan

Data BundlePrice Activation codesDuration 
250MB₦200*312*2*10#7 days 
1GB₦500*312*2*1#7 days 
7GB₦1,500*312*2*2#7 days 

Codes For Daily Data Plan 

Data BundlePrice Activation codesValidity Duration 
25MB₦50*312*3*8#24 hours1-day 
100MB₦100*312*3*1#24 hours1-day 
650MB₦200*312*3*2#24 hours 1-day 
1GB₦300*312*3*3#24 hours1-day 
2GB ₦500*312*3*4#3 days 

Codes For Night And Weekend Plans

Data bundle Price Activation codeValidity Duration 
1GB₦200*312*3*11#11 AM to 6 AM1 day
2GB₦1000*312*3*12#11 AM to 6 AM30 days
5GB₦2000*312*3*13#11 AM to 6 AM 30 days

Is There A Requirement Before Borrowing Airtime On 9mobile?

No, no requirement has to be met. However, you have to recharge your SIM card frequently before being eligible, and the more you recharge, the higher the data amount you can borrow.


Transferring data on 9mobile is very easy. You can use the data transfer option or the 9mobile multi-divide data sharing option.


Also, you have to change your transfer pin from the default to a personalized one before you can transfer data to another person. Following the instructions left in this guide, you should be able to transfer data on 9mobile with ease.

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