How To Transfer Data On MTN Using Mobile App & USSD

How To Transfer Data On MTN Using Mobile App & USSD

Through a “Data Gifting service,” MTN allows users to buy, gift, and request data for and from their friends and family. Additionally, using this service, you may transfer and purchase data bundles for your other cell phones, modems, and tablets.

If you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to share your mobile data with family and friends, maybe you’ve just not been doing it the right way. This article will provide the basic steps and methods that can be used to share your MTN mobile data as you see fit. 

How Can I Transfer Data on MTN?

You can transfer data on your MTN line in various ways, though! However, this article will only discuss three simple and quick methods. These three options are.

  • Data can be sent using the MTN USSD transfer code.
  • Utilizing the SMS text message format, you can transfer data.
  • You can also transfer data using the MTN mobile app.

How Can I Transfer MTN Data Through USSD?

Transferring MTN data through the USSD code is easy. Follow the straightforward instructions below to transfer data using the MTN USSD code.

  • Dial *321# and send using the call dialer app on your mobile device.
  • Choose transfer data
  • Choose the first choice, “Transfer from Data Balance.”
  • The recipient’s or receiver’s phone number must be entered.
  • After that, decide how much data you want to send.
  • To continue, enter “1” to confirm the transfer.

MTN will shortly send the recipient a text message letting them know that you’ve sent them some data.

How Can I Transfer MTN Data Through SMS?

Simply follow the procedures below to exchange or transfer data over your MTN line utilizing text message format.

  • Open the messaging app on your smartphone.
  • Enter “Transfer friend’s number[space]data amount” in the text box.
  • Consider the following example: 07012345678 150
  • Send the message to 312 after that.


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How Can I Transfer MTN Data Through myMTN Mobile App?

This is an additional easy and uncomplicated method to share your MTN data. However, you must first download the MTN app. Simply follow the instructions below to transfer data using the MyMTN mobile app from your MTN line to your friend’s line.

  • Browse “MyMTN” in the Google Play Store, download the app, and then set up the app on your phone.
  • When you run the app after installation, a welcome page will be displayed on your screen.
  • All you have to do is click Let’s get started and choose “Continue with phone number.” Your phone number will need to be entered at this stage.
  • You will receive an OTP code to verify your identity.
  • You will be directed to your account dashboard after the validity of your identity has been established.
  • Simply choose “Share” from among the options presented to you.
  • Next, choose “Data” and enter the quantity of data you want to transfer and the recipient’s phone number.
  • Then all that is left to do is press the “Proceed” button.

How Can I Buy Data For Another Person On MTN?

Observe the easy instructions below to purchase data for a friend or family member on MTN. 

  • Simply dial *321# on your mobile device
  • Choose 2 (Gift data)
  • Click on 2  (buy for a friend)
  • Choose the data plan you want to share
  • Choose the data plan’s validity.
  • Choose how much you want to send.
  • To continue, select 1.
  • Input  the recipient’s phone number 

How Can I Request Data On MTN?

You can easily request data from friends and family when you’re out of data. Simply follow this instruction to do that. 

  • Use the call dialer app on your mobile device to dial the USSD code *321#.
  • Choose 2 (Gift data)
  • Choose 3, “Request from a friend.”
  • The phone number of your friend will be requested from you.
  • Your friend will be sent a notification on their phone letting them know that you’ve asked for data from them. It is up to them to comply with your request by providing you with the desired quantity of data or to ignore it.

MTN Data Sharing Tips: What To Know

On MTN Nigeria, data sharing is simple and has already been covered. Although transferring, purchasing, and receiving data on MTN appears to be fairly simple, several important considerations should always be in the back of your mind. This comprises, among others:

  • To utilize the MTN Data Gifting service, you must enter your beneficiary’s phone number and choose a data plan; no pin is needed.
  • Transfers are limited to 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB. To guarantee the success of each transfer, you must have at least 50MB remaining in your data balance.
  • Data transfers are limited to twice each day.
  • There is no restriction on how often you can buy data bundles for your loved ones. Everything is dependent on how big your pocket is.
  • You will only be allowed to transfer the data bundle with the newest validity period if you have multiple data bundles in your account. To put it another way, you can only transfer the data bundle for which you just signed up, and you must transfer the other bundles in decreasing order of how close their expiration dates are to be reached.
  • You cannot receive a data request when DND (Do Not Disturb) is fully activated on your line. Accordingly, even if someone sends you a Data request, you won’t be able to view it.
  • A data request you have sent is labeled as “Pending Request” until you receive a response. If you have sent several requests, just the 10 most recent requests will be visible in your “see pending request” menu for the first 48 hours.


Data sharing has never been easier than it is with MTN. When all the steps mentioned above are followed accordingly, you can share data with your loved ones successfully. 

Additionally, keep in mind that even with your current data usage, you will still be able to receive data. You should also note that the data you receive will run out before the data you have paid for.

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