Guide on How To Upgrade My Airtel Sim to 4G In 2023

Guide on How To Upgrade My Airtel Sim to 4G In 2023

You may benefit from better voice and video conversations, quicker file download or upload speeds, and distraction-free YouTube video viewing any time of day or night by upgrading your current SIM card from 2G or 3G to 4G.

Along with the incredible upgrades from 3G to 4G from Airtel, such as online gaming and faster downloads, you will also be eligible for a terrific bonus offer of six months of free data.

Now that you’re thrilled with what the 4G network can do, you might be wondering how you can get to upgrade your old sim to be able to benefit from this development. This article will provide in-depth information on how to go about your Airtel sim upgrade. 

What Are The Needed Requirement To Upgrade My Airtel Sim?

To make upgrading your Airtel SIM easier, you should know the necessary conditions. The prerequisites for upgrading an Airtel 4G SIM are listed below.


  • A current ID card
  • A functional National Identification Number (NIN)
  • You must also have a copy of your birth certificate.
  • The Airtel SIM card you are currently using (3G or 2G)

You won’t need to do anything more to upgrade your Airtel SIM from 3G to 4G or 2G to 4G. Let’s now look at how to upgrade an Airtel SIM from 3G or 2G to 4G.

How To Update My Airtel Sim To 4G

Below is a simple step-by-step instruction for upgrading your Airtel SIM to 4G.

  • By dialing *121# and choosing 4G services, you may first determine if your SIM card is compatible with the 4G network.
  • Make sure you back up all the contacts saved on your Airtel SIM card
  • Now take your National ID card to the Airtel Care center or any biometric retail location closest to you.
  • Demand for a SIM update
  • Answer some fundamental inquiries
  • Return your outdated SIM (3G or 2G)
  • Complete the form for a SIM update.
  • You’ll then receive a brand-new Airtel 4G SIM.
  • Your phone will restart when you have inserted the new Airtel SIM and have begun to benefit from the 4G network, including the SIM upgrade incentive.


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How Can I Upgrade My Airtel SIM to 4G Online?

You may now update your Airtel SIM online from the convenience of your home. The actions listed below should be properly followed to achieve that.

  • Use your browser to go to
  • Input the SIM delivery information
  • Delivering SIM to your house would take 48–72 hours. It might take up to 7 days in some circumstances.

The actions listed below must be followed to activate your new Airtel 4G SIM card after it has been delivered to your location.

  • You must send an SMS with your Airtel phone number.
  • From your Airtel mobile, enter “20 digits New SIM serial number” in the message box and send it to 121. You may find the 20-digit SIM number printed on the back of your new SIM card.
  • Your phone will get a confirmation message; reply with the relevant information.

That’s all there is to it; your current SIM will be disabled when the procedure, which might take a few hours, is finished. Once that occurs, you are in the 4G era and may use the advantages of the 4G network.

How Can I Confirm If My Mobile Phone Supports The Airtel 4G Network?

If your phone isn’t 4G compatible, you might be unable to take advantage of the 7GB free data bonus and other interesting data deals, as well as high-speed surfing, which is the primary benefit of an Airtel 4G SIM.


For this reason, it’s wise to confirm that your phone is 4G compatible before updating your SIM. The actions listed below should be properly followed to achieve that.

  • Open the settings application on your mobile device.
  • Select Network & Internet from the menu.
  • Then choose Mobile Network.
  • If you see 4G, your phone is compatible with the Airtel 4G SIM. Next, select Preferred Network Type, and a pop-up giving a list of the network types supported by your phone will show on your screen.

Alternatively, you may check whether your phone is 4G compatible using your browser. You may achieve this by searching online for the device model specifications. You can use the Airtel 4G SIM on your phone if 4G is listed under the “Network” settings.

Can I Upgrade My Airtel 3G SIM to 4G Without Changing My Number?

By visiting an Airtel office with your National ID card and requesting a SIM upgrade without changing your number, you may upgrade your Airtel 3G SIM to 4G without changing your phone number.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading My Airtel Sim To 4G?

When you upgrade to the Airtel 4G network, you stand to get the following benefits:

  • Once the 4G network update is complete, a free 4GB data bundle is given.
  • After the 4G network upgrade, a double data bundle is available for the next six months. Anytime you buy a data bundle, you receive a double-value bundle. N1000 gives you 3GB instead of 1.5GB.
  • On every data recharge on the Airtel 4G network, receive 25% extra data for free.
  • You can access the internet quickly when you upgrade to the Airtel 4G network.

Things You Need To Know Before Upgrading To Airtel 4G

Note the following before updating your Airtel SIM card:

  • Before switching to the 4G network, make sure your mobile device is 4G enabled. Dial *121# and choose Airtel 4G services to see if your phone is 4G-capable. To fully benefit from the Airtel 4G network, you’ll need to upgrade your phone if it isn’t already 4G equipped.
  • You must be inside the Airtel 4G service area to use the 4G network. (Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, and other large cities)


Many individuals now understand the value of having an Airtel 4G SIM as the Airtel 4G network coverage has begun to extend throughout the nation. You may enjoy high-speed internet, phone calls with better GSM quality, and many other features by upgrading your Airtel SIM card.

If you haven’t upgraded your Airtel sim already, you don’t have to worry, as there is still time to do that. You must follow all the guidelines in this article, and your Airtel sim card will be upgraded successfully. 

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