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Have you heard of JetWest Airlines? Well, you are in luck.  I will be telling you several things about this new airline and how it proposes to add value to the air transportation business.

So imagine being completely discouraged by ever flying in a plane, because of the high cost of air transportation.

Suddenly, an angel airline comes to tell you that you can finally fly in a plane to the destinations of your choice. And that they have found a way to make air transportation affordable for you.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Now stop imagining because it is actually real!

JetWest Airways

JetWest Airways is a new airline in Africa that boasts of changing the face of air transportation across the Continent. The airline aims to provide the average person with the option of air transportation.

This means JetWest has come to realize that people pay a whole lot for the privilege of traveling by air.

So many other people do not even dare to dream about ever getting on a plane. But JetWest decided to make changes about this.

JetWest boasts of a simple, low-cost model, which translates to affordable fares for the average person.

You will agree with me that the cost of air transportation is one of the reasons why many people still ply the roads- long Journeys that take up to 24hrs, or more.

JetWest is here to change all of that. Their main aim is to allow the general public to enjoy service efficiency, reliable connectivity, and at the same time, affordable fares.

Has JetWest Started Flying?

The first aircraft of JetWest is scheduled to be delivered in December 2020. That is when they plan on officially launching their airline. This is a very hopeful situation for the average African person. Because it means very soon, more people can enjoy the enjoyable experience of flying.

What Cities Will JetWest Operate?

JetWest Airways plans first to hit the skies with domestic flights in Nigeria. They will start by connecting the major cities in Nigeria which are Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Owerri.

After this, they plan to move further from just Nigerian flights to flights across the most populated countries in West Africa.

Once this is achieved, JetWest plans to venture into the rest of West Africa and across the continent. Their goal is to take affordable flights to everybody in the many parts of the continent.


The airline’s headquarters and major air hub will be based in Lagos, with secondary centers in Abuja and Accra.

Initially, the airline will fly to Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Asaba, Uyo, Owerri, Yola, Enugu, and Calabar. But will rapidly expand its services throughout West Africa through its Accra base.

The Airline Fleet

While the airline is yet to confirm its fleet makeup, it is anticipated that JetWest will use the Airbus A320 for its low-cost fleet.

The airline’s business model will involve 40 aircraft service route structure which should see the business through its first five years of operation.

More information about the JetWest fleet will be made available as soon as the airline begins operation.

JetWest Slogan

JetWest’s slogan is “Now Everyone Can Fly” – and with good reason. By using a low-cost, no-frills model, the airline aims to make air transport accessible to millions of Nigerians and West Africans who can currently only afford road-based travel.

JetWest promises that their fares will be at least 35 percent lower than competitors and their no-frills concept means you only pay for what you want.

They will be providing us with an all-economy class non-stop flights between major African cities. This means that there is no segregation of classes.

So, there will be no first classes premium classes, or economy classes like other airlines. There will only be the economy classes, and it is available to everybody, irrespective of who you are.

I like the idea of treating everybody the same way and in the same manner. It is no news that first-class customers will usually be treated much better than customers in other cabins. So this is a very welcome change.


The Airline Bookings and Reservations

On the profile of the airline, the founder Dikko Nwachukwu, says that JetWest is all about creating opportunities to travel by air. Especially for individuals who couldn’t afford it until now.

A lot of people don’t consider it an option, but our affordable ticket prices will make your dream come true!

In their website, JetWest says “Our business focuses wholly on point-to-point, multi-frequency flights connecting key cities. With high aircraft utilisation that drives reduced costs meaning savings are passed onto consumers in the form of lower fares”.

This means that they have a way to make planes less expensive.  So, their flights can be easily accessible and affordable to the average person.

They continued by saying, “We are different because we have put our passengers at the heart of our mandate. We have researched the market, we have done our numbers and we have carefully studied the low-cost business model that has been so successful around the world.”

Bookings and reservations for JetWest are currently yet to be available, but the airline’s launch date should be around December 2020.

JetWest Booking Prices

The prices of JetWest flights may vary depending on the demand, season, and availability of seats. However, here are some approximate ranges of prices for some popular routes:

Lagos to Abuja: From N20,000 to N40,000
Lagos to Port Harcourt: From N25,000 to N45,000
Abuja to Kano: From N15,000 to N35,000
Port Harcourt to Owerri: From N10,000 to N30,000

On a general note, the Economy class costs between N15,000 and N25,000, while the Business class costs between N40,000 and N60,000.

JetWest Contact

At the moment, the simplest way to contact the airline is via its official website, Please be careful of other websites posing as the real JetWest website.


Now that you have come to learn about JetWest and what they have to offer. Don’t you agree that these are good enough reasons for you to anticipate the launch of Jetwest in 2020?

This is an airline that will always put the customer first, and the customer here is you. So get excited!

If you have never used air transportation because of the cost, prepare yourself for the new experience by JetWest. However, if you are a regular air transportation customer, get ready to be dazzled by the affordable cost of flight tickets from JetWest!

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