School Fees of Kwara State Polytechnic 2023/2024

How Much Is Kwara Poly School Fees And Acceptance?

Kwara State Polytechnic is among the most extolled polytechnics in Nigeria. If you’re looking to get into a polytechnic, then this is a great choice. In our world today, education has become extremely important. This can be seen in the continual rise in the number of college graduates.

Strategically situated in the city of Ilorin, this polytechnic beckons to great-minded individuals who desire outstanding university education.

And it doesn’t fall short in delivering excellent academics and coupled with activities young people find exciting; it offers the much needed social exposure.

Like most polytechnics, the Kwara State Polytechnic – Kwara Poly for short – offers both National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND).

For a more flexible and convenient education programme, this polytechnic has incorporated both part-time and full-time academic programmes into her scheme.


With standard learning facilities and a serene environment which facilitates learning, this higher education institution can brag of top-notch academics for her students.

While choosing an institution, the amount of money you’ll likely be spending on tuition is among the factors that will influence your decision because you’ll make sure you won’t have to break the bank to pay the fees. 

As one of the leading polytechnics in the country, you will expect that Kwara poly will have costly tuition fees, but surprisingly, this isn’t so. The tuition fees for Kwara State Polytechnics clearly outlined below;

Academic Programmes and Tuition Fees in Kwara State Polytechnic

National Diploma Fees in KwaraPoly

The fees for National diploma in Kwara Polytechetic vary depending on the type of programme and if the students are natives of Kwara state.

Full time

Indigenes/Natives fees for ND I₦62,700
Non-indigenes Fees for ND₦84,200
Indigenes for ND II and III₦52,000
Non-Indigenes for ND II and III ₦72,000


Indigenes for ND I ₦65,200
Non- Indiegenes for ND 1₦85,200
Indigenes for ND II and III₦51,500
Non-Indigenes for ND II and III₦68,500

Higher National Diploma in KwaraPoly

Full Time

Indigenes for HND I₦69,200
Non- Indigenes for HND I₦89,700 
Indigenes for HND II and III₦58,500
Non-Indigenes for HND II and III₦75,500


Indigenes for HND₦65,200 
Non-Indigenes for HND I₦89,700
Indigenes for HND II and III₦53,000
Non-Indigenes for HND II and III ₦74,500

Carryover and Repeaters

ND Repeaters (Both full time and part-time): ₦42,000 for students who are natives of Kwara state.


ND Repeaters (Both full time and Part-time): ₦53,000 for students from other parts of the country.

HND Repeaters (Both full time and part-time): ₦43,000 for students who are natives of Kwara state.

HND Repeaters (Both full time and part-time): ₦56,000 for students from other parts of the country.

Carryover for one paper: ₦6,000 for every student.

Fees for Carryover for two papers is ₦10,000 for every student.

Carryover for three papers: ₦15,000 for every student.

Acceptance Fees is ₦5,000 for students who are natives of Kwara state and ₦7,000 for students from other parts of the country.

Also, note that students in the sciences and engineering departments are required to pay a fee of ₦3,000 for experimental courses.

List of Courses in Kwara Polytechnic 

Below are the lists of courses offered in KwaraPoly.

  • Accountancy
  • Agricultural Engineering / Technology
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Architectural Technology
  • Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • Estate Mangement And Valuation
  • Hospitality Management
  • Leisure And Tourism management
  • Metallurgical Engineering Technology
  • Office Technology And Management
  • Public Administration
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Statistics
  • Surveying and Geo-Informatics
  • Urban and Regional Planning


These tuition fees are amazingly affordable, and it’s a lot cheaper than some other state polytechnics.


Considering the academic standard in this state polytechnic and what is obtainable elsewhere, you can see that these fees are more than fair.

If you’re on the lookout for an excellent higher institution, I urge you to give the Kwara State Polytechnic more than a casual thought.

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