Full List of All Command/Military Schools In Nigeria

How Many Command Secondary School Are In Nigeria?

Apart from public and private schools, there are also military schools in Nigeria that provide quality education to students and instill discipline in them. Command/Military secondary schools are educational institutions established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to inculcate discipline in every student/child who wishes to take a career in the armed forces of Nigeria.

If you are searching for the best command secondary schools in Nigeria where you can enroll your child, you’ll have to look into this guide. This article contains a complete list of Nigeria’s military secondary schools.

list of military schools in nigeria

Military schools are not like regular schools headed and run by a principal, teacher, or proprietor.

In this case, they are operated by military officers and personnel. Since the command/military secondary schools are established for students who want to further their education and pursue a career in the Nigerian Armed Forces, it is not strange to find regular students there.

Students who do not wish to work in the Nigerian Armed Forces in the future can attend the command secondary school for the benefit of acquiring or completing their secondary school education.


Like the federal and state government colleges, the military/command schools also have excellent and quality teachers who will teach your child, instill discipline and impact the proper knowledge into him or her.

The Nigerian military schools are associated with the Nigerian Armed Forces: Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Army, and Nigerian Air Force.

Furthermore, almost all military secondary schools are located in military or armed forces barracks, so the security of your child is guaranteed. Your child will be protected against external threats such as kidnappers.

Although the command secondary schools look similar to a military academy, the academic curriculum isn’t different from the standard curriculum made by the Ministry of Education. The school curriculum of the command secondary schools is the same as other secondary schools in Nigeria.

command Schools In Nigeria

A spectacular feature of command and military secondary schools is their cultured manners and discipline of children.

They also offer other forms of training and activities which may not be found in private and public secondary schools. Some of the command schools in Nigeria are day schools, while others have boarding facilities.

Complete List of Military/Command Secondary School Students In Nigeria

InformationNGR has made a comprehensive table showing all the military schools in every state in Nigeria. Below is a guide to all command secondary schools in the 36 states of Nigeria and their locations.

1. ABIA STATECommand Secondary School, Ohafia.
2. AKWA IBOM STATENigerian Navy Military School, Ikot Ntuen.
Air Force Comprehensive School, Uyo.
3. ADAMAWA STATECommand School, 23 Brigade, Yola.
Air Force Secondary School, Yola.
4. ANAMBRA STATEIgwebuike Grammar School, Awka.
5. BAUCHI STATEGovernment Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Barracks
6. BENUE STATEArmy Children School, 72 SF Markurdi.
Air Force Secondary School, Makurdi.
7. BORNO STATECommand Day Secondary School, 21 Brigade, Maiduguri.
8. CROSS RIVER STATECommand Children School, 13 Brigade Calabar.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Calabar.
9. DELTA STATECommand Secondary School, Mbiri.
St Patrick College, Asaba.
10. EBONYI STATECommand Children School, Abakaliki.
11. EDO STATEArmy Children School NASST, Ugbowo, Benin City.
12. EKITI STATEChrist School, Ado Ekiti.
13. ENUGU STATECommand Day Secondary School, Enugu.
Air Force Comprehensive School, Enugu.
14. GOMBE STATEGovernment Secondary School, 301 Artillery Regiment (GS), Gombe.
15. IMO STATECommand Children School, Obinze Barracks, Owerri.
Command Children School, Dantuku Road.
Command Children School Ribadu Cantonment.
16. JIGAWA STATEJigawa State Polytechnic, Dutse.
17. KANO STATECommand Children School, 3 Brigade, Bukavu Barracks.
Air Force Secondary School, Kano.
18. KADUNA STATECommand Children School, Kaduna.
Command Children School, Dantuku Road
Command Children School, Ribadu Cantonment
Air Force Secondary School, Kaduna.
19. KATSINA STATENatsinta Day Secondary School, 35 Battalion, Katsina.
20. KEBBI STATENagari College, Birnin Kebbi.
21. KOGI STATECommand Children School, Chari Maigumeri Barracks, Lokoja.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Okura.
22. KWARA STATECommand Children School, Sobi Barracks, Ilorin.
23. LAGOS STATECommand Secondary School, Ipaja.
Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja.
Command Children School, Army Barracks, Yaba.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Navy Town, Ojo.
Nigerian Air Force Secondary School, Shasha.
24. NASARRAWA STATEGovernment Secondary School, Lafia.
25. NIGER STATECommand Children School, 31 Brigade, Minna.
26. OGUN STATEArmy Children School, Nyango Barracks, Abeokuta.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Abeokuta.
27. ONDO STATEArmy Children School, 32 Brigade Barracks, Akure.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Imeri.
28. OSUN STATEOsogbo Grammar School, Osogbo.
29. OYO STATECommand Science Secondary School, Saki.
Command Children School, Mokola Barracks, Ibadan.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ogbomoso.
Air Force Comprehensive School, Ibadan.
30. PLATEAU STATECommand Children School, 3 Division, Jos. Air Force Military School, Jos. Air Force Girls Comprehensive School, Jos.
31. RIVERS STATECommand Children School, 2 Brigade, Port-Harcourt.
Air Force Secondary School, Port-Harcourt.
Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Harold Wilson Driver, Borokiri, Port-Harcourt.
32. SOKOTO STATECommand Children School, Sokoto.
33. FCT (ABUJA)Command Day Secondary School, Lungi (Gado Nasko) Barracks.
Air Force Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Abuja.
command secondary school lagos
Command Secondary School, Lagos


As part of its responsibility to protect the country’s sovereignty, the military has training colleges and centers which serve as institutions for training army officers.

The Command Science Secondary School in Saki Local Government in Oyo State is one of the newest military schools in Nigeria. If a new command or military secondary school isn’t here, you can specify them in the comments below.


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