10 Best Modeling Agencies In Nigeria

10 Best Modeling Agencies in Nigeria

As a model, you can easily do your best to look good, grow followers on Instagram, and take the breath of everyone? But it’s not enough I assure you.

There are more than 100 ways to make money as a model in Nigeria but I’ll cover that topic in another episode. In today’s episode, we’ll be looking at the most reliable modeling agencies for Nigerian models. If you want to know the best modeling agencies in Nigeria, then I got you covered.

Getting a contract from a modeling agency in Nigeria is similar to signing a record label deal, you have the talent but no power, now that you have an agency backing you, you have all the power you need to take your career beyond the stars.

My classmate in secondary school happened to be interested in modeling. After WAEC, she pursued her passion full-time. Spending time tweaking, taking photos, and uploading her slideshows on Instagram.

In less than two years, she is a world-class model and a well-paid Instagram influencer. Me, I’m still hustling behind my laptop L


She said she was trying her best, that modeling isn’t about putting your pretty face on display, “fine girls full everywhere”. She joined an agency, made a connection, and now she hangs out with celebrities, owns a car, and a house in Ikoyi.

She’s only 21 but still chasing a degree in theatre arts. How big is that?

If you get a partner with these agencies, landing gigs becomes easy. Soon you’ll be attending red carpet events, used as a vixen in music videos, be on the cover of top cosmetics and brands, and even attend international pageantries depending on the agreement signed.

See, there are so many good reasons why you need a modeling agency. If you are interested, let’s shine more light on the words “Modeling Agencies” before I show you the top 10 modeling agencies for Nigerians.

What is a Modeling Agency?

A modeling agency is a business organization made up of skilled individuals who train, represent, and broker agreements on behalf of their clients, models, fashion enthusiast, and artistes.

These organization works closely with various international bodies and partners to ensure that the need of the client is met.

Most modeling agencies specialize in the entertainment industry and fashion niche. They work closely with models to ensure that they stand out by making sure the entire model on their roster undergo intensive training, grooming, and management, so they can shine like the stars they truly are.

Although you can start on your own and still be successful, the training that you will receive from these agencies is almost priceless.

These agencies train models on the manner of approach for different occasions, competitions, pageantries, red carpet events, magazine/newspaper publications, and brand ambassador.


There are different types of agencies but some specialize in runway modeling, fashion showcase, face modeling, and brand representation.

Some information blogs recommend Silverbird groups: Silverbird is not a modeling agency, It is a business in the communication industry and proud sponsor of MBGN. Writing emails to Silverbird is a complete waste of time, nothing concerns the TV station and modeling.

With that said, these are the best modeling agencies in Nigeria.

Best Modeling Agencies In Nigeria

It doesn’t matter if you are a male model, female model, or disabled model. If you play your cards right, you will not just become a celeb, you become a rich first-class sensation. See Tacha for example, she used Big Brother Naija to take her career to the next level.


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There are millions of Nigerians that have what it takes to become professional models, they have the fruits but don’t know how to harvest it. If you need any help, these are the best modeling agencies in Nigeria that I know of

1. ISIS Model Management

ISIS Model Management is a continental class modeling agency that specializes in the training and recruiting African models. They have two main offices, one is located in Johannesburg, South Africa and the other is situated in Lagos, Nigeria


ISIS Model Management is one of Africa’s most outstanding modeling agency and anyone lucky enough to partner with them will definitely get an amazing deal.

This modeling agency accepts both female and male models. They also have a very attractive pay depending on the number of gigs you land and works you get booked for.

ISIS helps to ensure that the talents of people especially teenagers that want to become models are properly nurtured and harvested.

  • ISIS Model Management Contact – isismodels@yahoo.com
  •  0633306578, 08093867188, 08174610256
  • 47 1st Avenue, Kew, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • No 5A Adeyemi Lawson, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

2. Beth Modeling Agency

Beth Model Management Ltd is one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in Lagos. Affiliated with over 40 brands and businesses, Beth Modeling Agency is a top choice modeling agency for male and female models in Nigeria.

This modeling agency has been able to provide world-class Nigerian models that have obtained international recognition.

  • Beth Modeling Agency Contact – 08033278752
  • info@bethmodelafrica.com
  • 5B Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island, Lagos

3. Exquisite Models International

Exquisite Models International is another amazing modeling agency situated in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. This modeling agency has been active for more than 13 years and is gracefully one of the best modeling agencies in Nigeria. They have enough experience when the talent of young and vibrant models is concerned.

  • Exquisite Models International Contact – 08032371712
  • Suite 1, Sada Cruz Hotel and Suites, 4th Avenue, 400 Road, FESTAC Town, Lagos
  • Exquistemodels.co.uk

 4. JC Modeling Agency Nigeria

JC Modeling Agency Nigeria (JCMA) is one of the most proactive modeling agencies in Nigeria. This company offers Nigerian models the opportunity to become a world-class model.

It also engages models with dynamic training for fashion shows, advertising campaigns, brand partnerships, beauty events, competitions, and pageantries.

One of the promises of this modeling agency is that they will help you secure a contract that will get your name all over the country, and your face on billboards, commercials, music video shoots, and cosmetics products.

  • JC Modeling Agency Nigeria contact – 08036943491
  • Ambassadors Studio, 52 Road One nation garden hotel 4th avenue, Festac Town.

 5. Y-ray Models

Y- ray models are some of the most presentable people I have ever seen. They are intelligent, smart, and astoundingly beautiful. This modeling agency is one of the most outstanding modeling agencies in the land.

This agency aims to groom young Nigerian models to become globally recognized models. A friend of mine in this agency also informed me that Y-Ray models are paid very handsomely but they admit more female models more than their male counterparts.

  • Y-ray Models Contact – 08096606654, 08097766755
  • info@yraymodels.com
  • Yraymodels.com

 6. Anaconda Modeling Agency

Anaconda Modeling Agency has been quoted to be the best modeling Agency in Nigeria because of its high success rates and overwhelming turnovers.

They are so successful when it comes to helping Nigerian models land their dream job and securing life-changing gigs. In case you don’t know, admission into this agency is free.

  • Anaconda Modeling Agency Contact – 08057937786, 08033175396
  • models@anacondamodelingagency.com.ng
  • 7/9 Sawyer Crescent, Gbagada Estate, Phase 1, By Corona School, Via Anthony Bus Stop., Lagos

7. Pride Of Afrika Model & Talent Management

Pride Of Afrika is one of the finest Nigerian modeling agency, they are actively involved in the development, management, and growth of Nigerian models who partner with them. They accept models of all ages from toddlers to adults and specialize in TV commercials.

Pride of Of Afrika Model has produced some of the finest models in the country. Their models have won some of the grandest pageantries and beauty competition on both local and regional levels. They are a swiss army knife when modeling training is involved.

  • Pillars & Pride Of Afrika Model & Talent Management Contact – 07084955556
  • info@prideofafrika.com

8. Fashion Instinct Modeling Agency

Fashion Instinct is one of the best Modeling agencies in Nigeria. This proficient agency has what it take to make your dream of being a world-class model come true.

One of the best things about this agency is that it is situated in one of the most popular places in Lagos, which makes it super to locate. Fashion Instinct Modeling has produced some of the finest models in the country and is in the business of making extraordinary models.

  • Fashion Instinct Modeling Agency Contact – 08029314720, 01-8247617
  • 2nd floor, 34/36 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos.

9. Zahara Models

Zahara Models being one of the best modeling agencies in Nigeria created two branches to accommodate and train Nigerian models. They have two notable offices: one is located in Abuja and the other in Lagos.

This modeling agency pays its top-performing models extremely well. This modeling agency is a top-rated brand that gives models intensive training on runway modeling, commercial modeling, and cinematography.

  • Zahara Models Contact – 08037782972
  • Zaharamodels.com

10. Black Dove Model Agency

I know somewhere across your search for a reputable modeling agency in Nigeria, you came across this name. This modeling agency specializes in securing jobs, contracts, and gigs for its models.


Black Dove Model Agency gives the aspiring model the chance to promote and make money from their talent.

  • Black Dove Model Agency Contact – 08033595004
  • 27A Salvation Road, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Other modeling agencies top rated modeling agencies in Nigeria are:

  • Data bank Modeling Agency
  • Beige Model Management
  • Wave Model Management
  • Hues And Shades Modeling Agency
  • Posh Model Agency
  • Few Model Agency
  • Mart Model Management Agency
  • Iris Modeling Agency

How To Choose Modelling Agency In Nigeria

1. Research and Identify Reputable Agencies: Begin your search by researching and identifying well-established and reputable modeling agencies in Nigeria. Look for agencies with a history of success and a positive reputation within the industry. You can find information online, in industry publications, and through word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow models and industry professionals.

2. Specialization and Type of Modeling: Consider the type of modeling you want to pursue and ensure that the agency specializes in that area. Some agencies focus on fashion, runway, commercial, fitness, or other specific niches. Choosing an agency aligned with your modeling goals will increase your chances of finding suitable opportunities.

3. Agency Legitimacy and Credentials: Verify the legitimacy of the modeling agencies you’re interested in. Ensure they are registered and have the necessary licenses. Check for any affiliations with industry associations and accreditation. Legitimate agencies will have clear terms and conditions, contracts, and transparent business practices.

4. Client Portfolio and Success Stories: Review the agency’s client portfolio and success stories. Agencies that have worked with reputable brands and have a track record of launching successful modeling careers are more likely to provide valuable opportunities and guidance. Look for testimonials and case studies from models who have achieved success through the agency.

5. Terms and Conditions of Representation: Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of representation offered by the agency. Pay attention to commission rates, contract duration, exclusivity clauses, and any fees involved. Ensure that the agency’s terms align with your goals and preferences as a model.

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