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What Is The Cheapest Tariff Plan On Mtn?

The best network provider currently in Nigeria is no other one but the one you get everywhere you go, MTN. The network is reachable in cities & remote areas across the country, and MTN’s cheap tariff plans are mind-blowing.

With the reach of MTN in Nigeria, its charges come ridiculously sometimes, but as a customer-oriented brand, it has set aside tariff plans that will make you talk more for less, get more value and even get a bonus. Do you doubt that?

There are a number of MTN tariff plans that will excite you as their customer. This post contains different tariff plans of MTN and how you can migrate from one plan to another easily. At the end of this post, I know you will be dialing the migration code.

MTN Cheap Tariff Plans

Tariff plans available for MTN users are numerous and cheap. The tariff plans are designed to suit various people. There are tariff plans that are the best for international calls; some for family and friends, among others.


If you are a user of MTN, the following are cheap tariff plans you can check out, and at the end of the day if any suits you, then go for it.

MTN Beta Talk

Beta Talk is the most sought-after out of all MTN tariff plans, and it is called the customer’s favorite. This tariff is the best for people who call more MTN numbers, especially national calls. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of this tariff.

About Beta Talk

  • Get 200% on every recharge of N200 and above, while for recharge of N100, you get a 150% bonus. So if you recharge N100, you get N250, on N200 airtime, you will get N600. Amazing right?
  • No charge for first calls on this tariff
  • Unavailability of Share and Sell feature.
  • 40k/s call rate
  • No Specific charges for International call

MTN Pulse

Pulse is a suitable tariff for internet surfers. For Nigerians who are always on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Gmail, and others. This is a good plan for you. The call rate in this tariff is also incredible. Let’s check out its pros and cons.

About MTN Pulse

  • 1GB for just N500
  • Share and Sell Available
  • 500MB for N25 between 12 pm and 4 am.
  • 11k/s to all networks
  • No Specific charge for international calls
  • 20k/s for the first call of the day
  • No bonus after recharging

MTN MPulse

Mpulse is another fantastic plan for MTN users. It is a special tariff for kids between the ages of 9 -15 years. The plan comes with exciting offers for data. This package comes with two tariffs mPulse tariff as well as the mPulse website.

About Mpulse

  •  N200 Special Birthday reward.
  • Loads of fun and educational content.
  •  7 days free Whatsapp, once a month.
  • 350MB for N150 and 100MB for N50 data bundle.
  • Data Bonus on recharge.
  • National calls at 15k/secs.

MTN TruTalk

TruTalk is another right tariff for callers with more MTN users. The tariff allows you to call for 20k/s.

About TruTalk

  • 150% bonus on all recharges from ₦100
  • 20k/s for MTN to MTN call
  • 26k/s for MTN to 4other networks
  • No defined charges for international call

MTN TruTalk+

Another mind-blowing tariff for the users of MTN.  This plan is the best for making calls as even calls to other network is charged at 11k/second.

About TruTalk+

  • 11k/s calls to other networks.
  • 20k/sec for International calls.
  • ₦5 Daily subscription charges on first calls.


AWUF4U provides customers with an airtime bonus on recharge below or above N100. There is a 200% airtime bonus on recharges below N100.while 300% airtime bonus goes for recharges above N100 via VTU or the special USSD code which is *888*PIN#.

On this plan, national calls are charged 27 Naira per minute, pay-as-you-go data browsing goes for ₦15/MB, and there are 75 SMS per week.

Calls to the following international countries work on this bundle. Countries like Germany, South Korea, Cyprus, South Africa, India, the U.K., Denmark, Canada, Israel, and China. We also have Hong Kong, Malaysia, Malta, the United States, Luxembourg, Romania, Ireland, and  Sweden.

MTN Xtra Special

Making an international call is very expensive, but with  MTN Xtra special you don’t need to worry. On this plan, both national and international calls are charged at #9/min.


However, for this plan, there are selected countries which the tariff works for, such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, and Luxemburg.

Also on the list are Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, U.K., and the U.S.A.

MTN SuperSaver Plus

Supersaver Plus is another great plan for MTN to MTN callers. However, calls to other networks attract 40k/s. Also, there is something called happy hour calls. These are calls to MTN numbers with N100 from 00.30 to 4.30.

YafunYafun Sim Offer

As the name implies comes yafunyafun. This plan allows new customers to enjoy a big bonus after activating the new sim.

The yafun yafun package gives customers 3 days of free access to WhatsApp after ₦100 recharge plus a 700% bonus. However, the call rate for this plan is 40/min from the main account and 45/min from the bonus account.

The bonus is valid for 7 days, and it goes for 3 months after which you will be automatically migrated to MTN beta talk.

MTN XtraValue Bundles

It comes really XTRA. This plan gives a good volume of data as well as airtime. It is available in two categories; Xtra data bundles and Xtra talk bundles. The bundle ranges from ₦300 to ₦20,000, and international calls here are charged #39.6/min.

The table below shows the bundle for Xtra Talk:

₦300₦1,50050MB7 days
₦300₦900300MB1 days
₦500₦2,500100MB1 day
₦500₦2,000300MB7 days
₦1,000₦5,000300MB30 days
₦1,500₦6,0001GB7 days
₦2,000₦10,000650MB30 days
₦3,500₦17,5001GB30 days
₦5,000₦25,0001.5GB30 days
₦10,000₦50,0002.5GB30 days
₦15,000₦75,0003.5GB30 days
₦20,000₦100,0004.5GB30 days

While this reflects that of Xtra Data

₦300350MB₦3007 Days
₦300300MB₦1,5007 Days
₦300300MB₦3001 Day
₦300750MB₦3001 Day
₦5001.5GB₦5007 Days
₦500750MB₦50014 Days
₦500100MB₦2,5007 Days
₦500300MB₦2,0007 Days
₦1,0001.5GB₦1,00030 Days
₦1,000300MB₦5,00030 Days
₦1,5001GB₦6,0007 Days
₦1,5004.5GB₦1,5007 Days
₦2,0004.5GB₦2,00030 Days
₦2,000650MB₦10,00030 Days
₦3,5001GB₦17,50030 Days
₦3,50012GB₦3,50030 Days
₦5,00015GB₦5,00030 Days
₦5,5001.5GB₦25,00030 Days
₦10,0002.5GB₦50,00030 Days
₦10,00030GB₦10,00030 Days
₦15,0003.5GB₦75,00030 Days
₦15,00050GB₦15,00030 Days
₦20,0004.5GB₦100,00030 Days
₦20,00070GB₦20,00030 Days

MTN Xtra Pro

The Xtra Pro plan is another exciting fan for callers. If you do more of calling then this plan is yours as it charges ₦6.6/min. For this plan, share and sell is available but there is no bonus, no specific charge for international calls and it is not good for browsing.


However, there is a fee of ₦5 to access this plan. After noting the different cheap tariff plans available for MTN users, knowing the migration codes is the next on the list.

MTN Migration Codes

MTN Tariff PlansMigration Codes
Beta Talk*123*2*6# OR Text BT to 131
Pulse*406*1# OR Text 406 to 131
MPulse*344*1# OR Text mPulse to 131
SuperSaver Plus*408# OR Text 408 to 131
Xtra Pro*401*1# oR Text 401 to 131
Tru Talk+*123*20# OR Text TP to 131
Xtra Special*408# OR Text 408 to 131


Using the right network is essential, but activating the right tariff plan is what makes it enjoyable. Now that you know the pros and cons of the cheap tariffs available on MTN, you can go ahead and choose the perfect one that suits your needs. You can also check out the MTN Website for more on the tariff plans.

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