MTN Data Plan For 2020 [Subscription Codes & Price]

MTN is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Africa, MTN data bundles and packages are some of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria.

These plans give you lightning-fast data speed, long-lasting, and amazing network coverage. This allows you to enjoy so much more value at a pocket-friendly rate.

When it comes to affordable and reliable data bundles, Airtel and Glo are heavyweight contenders but MTN has some of the finest data bundles for Nigerians. They are just right for small businesses, large companies, families, students, bloggers, or agencies. You will see that MTN data plans are very optimized and perfect for your budget.

If you are interested in know the best MTN data plans and bundles, Informationngr reviewed some of the most popular MTN data bundles, their prices, subscription codes, and validity. This allows you to know which plan you are buying, the MTN bundle price, and how long it lasts.


Like I said earlier, MTN has some of the best data plans for Nigerians looking for long-lasting data for a cheap rate. With help from the Nigerian Communications Commission, this dream is gradually becoming possible.

Soon and one day, I know that 1GB data will be sold for ₦50. If you believe say “Amen”. If you are still interested in knowing the number of MTN data bundle available, I have listed the best MTN Data Plans by time range, price, and their subscription codes.


MTN daily data plans are special data bundles offers only to valid MTN subscribers and users alone. These data plans are cheap, easy to buy, but they don’t last very long. If you are interested in buying any MTN daily data bundle, here’s a list of available data plans for you.

Mtn Daily Data PlanPriceValidity
MTN 37.5MB daily plan₦5024 hours validity
MTN 112.5MB daily plan₦10024 hours validity
MTN 1GB daily plan₦35024 hours validity
MTN 200MB daily plan₦2002 days validity
MTN 2GB daily plan₦5002 days validity
MTN 750MB daily plan₦3003 days validity


Imagine purchasing a cheap data bundle that lasts more than 5 days? Yes, MTN also allows you to purchase cheaper data that lasts longer. Like their daily data bundle, this data plan is exclusively given to MTN customers.


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MTN Data Plan For 2020 [Subscription Codes & Price]

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You can purchase any weekly plan of your choice by dialing *131*1*2#. These are the data bundles available on that list.

MTN Weekly Data BundlesPriceValidity
MTN 1GB weekly plan₦5007 days validity
MTN 1.5GB weekly plan₦5007 days validity
MTN 500MB weekly plan₦50014 days validity
MTN 500MB weekly plan + ₦1,000 talktime₦50014 days validity
MTN 350MB weekly plan₦30014 days validity
MTN 2GB weekly plan₦1,00014 days validity
MTN 6GB weekly plan₦1,50014 days validity


MTN monthly plan and mega plans are outrageous data bundles that can last for up to 30 days and 3 months respectively. These data bundles allow you to stay connected to the internet longer without any fear of getting disconnected.

The best thing about this plan is that you sometimes get extra when you renew your subscription. These are the available monthly subscriptions on MTN.

MTN Monthly Internet PlansPriceValidity
MTN 1.5GB monthly plan₦1,00030 days validity
MTN 1GB monthly plan + ₦2,000 talktime₦100030 days validity
MTN 2GB MTN monthly plan₦1,20030 days validity
MTN 3GB monthly plan₦1,50030 days validity
MTN 4.5GB monthly plan₦2,00030 days validity
MTN 3GB monthly plan + ₦4,000 talktime₦2,00030 days validity
MTN 6GB monthly plan₦2,50030 days validity
MTN 10GB monthly plan₦3,50030 days validity
MTN 15GB monthly plan₦5,00030 days validity
MTN 40GB monthly plan₦10,00030 days validity
MTN 75GB monthly plan₦15,00060 days validity
MTN 110GB monthly plan₦20,00060 days validity
MTN 120GB monthly plan₦30,00060 days validity
MTN 110GB monthly plan₦20,00060 days validity
MTN 150GB monthly plan₦50,00090 days validity
MTN 250GB monthly plan₦75,00090 days validity


MTN Goodybag, social bundles, and special packages are special data bundles on the MTN network that gives you access to some specific apps, time, and websites. They don’t work on certain platforms only once you selected.

Dial *662# to check out MTN’s Goodybag social bundle. If you are interested in knowing the list of special plans available on MTN, these are the best so far.

MTN Special Package & Goodybag PlansPriceValidity
MTN Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 2go, WeChat, Eskimi daily plan₦2524 hours validity
Opera mini & news₦5024 hours validity
All social bundle₦2024 hours of validity
MTN 250MB Instagram/Instabinge plan₦10024 hours validity
MTN 1GB Instagram/Instabinge plan₦2003 days validity
MTN Youtube & Instagram daily plan₦10024 hours validity
MTN 250MB night plan₦25valid only from 12am – 5am
MTN 500MB night plan₦50valid only from 12am – 5am
MTN Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 2go, WeChat, Eskimi weekly plan₦507 days validity
MTN Opera mini & news weekly plan₦507 days validity
All social bundle₦1007 days validity
MTN Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 2go, WeChat, Eskimi Monthly plan₦15030 days validity
MTN Opera mini & news₦10030 days validity
All social bundles₦25030 days validity


MTN welcome back data plans are some of the best data plans in Nigeria. This plan allows you to buy more data for a lesser price. It is only available to MTN users who haven’t actively made use of their MTN SIM card in the last 30 days.

This essentially means that to qualify for the MTN welcome back data offers, you must not have made any calls, SMS, browsing, and purchase any subscription in the last 30 days.

Your SIM must be unused for over 30 days to qualify for this offer. Once you qualify for any MTN welcome back package, dial *131*65# to purchase a data bundle on the welcome back plan.

If you can stay for 30 days without using your MTN SIM, you can enjoy these welcome back packages.

MTN Data plansPriceValidity
250MB welcome back data bundle₦10024 hours validity
1GB welcome back data bundle₦2007 days validity
2GB welcome back data bundle₦50014 days validity
4GB welcome back data bundle₦1,00030 days validity


Are you looking for how to borrow data on MTN, MTN has a special package plan that allows its subscribers to borrow data when they are short or in urgent need of data with no cash at all.

They provide you with the data you need at a 15% interest rate. That is, instead of buying 50MB for ₦100, you get it on the Xtrabyte package for ₦115.

If you don’t have any money in your MTN account balance, the money you owe will be automatically deducted on your next recharge. Before you can use the Xtrabyte plan, you must have been an MTN customer for more than 90 days and made more than ₦200 monthly airtime recharge during that time. Here’s a list of MTN Xtrabyte plans for MTN subscribers.

MTN XTRABYTE PlansPriceValidity
MTN 25MB daily plan₦5724 hours validity
MTN 100MB daily plan₦11524 hours validity
MTN 200MB daily plan₦23024 hours validity
MTN 750MB daily plan₦5752 days validity


MTN data codes are simple codes that you dial and buy your data easier. If you want to purchase a data bundle, simply dial *131*1#, this code will that you to a menu that shows the cost and validity of every data subscription provided by MTN Nigeria.

There are however there are other data codes like *131*103# OR *131*121#, but some of these codes have been disconnected.


You can also purchase data using short SMS to request for a data bundle. There are a lot of shortcodes that you can use to purchase data. You can buy data on MTN by sending the data code to 131.

I.e. Send “107” to “131”, this allows you to buy 10GB for ₦3,500. Other popular codes are 154, 118, 134, 116, 147, 155, and others.


MTN also has special codes that allow its subscribers to check and confirm their data balance. You can easily check your MTN data balance by dialing *131*4#, *559#, or send a message to 131 to request your data balance. Simply send “102” to “131” and your data balance will be sent to you via SMS.


If you have data and you are unable to browse, it means that you have a functioning configuration on your device. So devices purchased from an MTN service center already have MTN internet settings installed.

You can request an internet setting from MTN by texting “SETTINGS” to 3888. The internet settings will be sent to your phone. Once it arrives, install it on your device and start browsing. You can also update your internet settings manually by adding this code to your internet settings.

  • Account name: MTN GPRS
  • APN:
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: web
  • Password: web


The Gift Data service allows valid MTN subscribers to transfer data your current data balance to friends buy family and other MTN subscribers. With this plan, you can send data directly from your data balance to MTN subscribers using smartphones, modems, or routers.

You can begin to use the MTN data gifting by dialing *131*7# or using the share data feature on myMTN App, or via SMS. You can share data via SMS by texting “TRANSFER” “PHONE NUMBER” “DATA AMOUNT” to 131.

You can also send data on MTN via USSD by dialing *131*MTN PHONE NUMBER*DATA AMOUNT# and data will instantly be transferred to your friend on the MTN network. If you are low on data, you can also request data from your friend by dialing *131*7*3# and check all pending data request by dialing *131*7*4#.


The MTN PAYG is another great service from MTN that allows you to browse directly from your airtime balance. This is a good option if you are low on cash but still need data for internet access. Simply dial *131*200# to activate MTN PAYU and start browsing for ₦3/MB. You can also turn off this service by dialing *131*201# once you have data.


The MTN4G LTE is the 4th generation of telecommunications technology exclusively reserved for registered & valid subscribers to enjoy rocket fast data speeds of up to 200 Mbps. This service allows you to enjoy faster network access, swift file downloads, better streaming experience, and amazing video calls experience.

If you are using the MTN 3G SIM card, you’ll have to locate a SIM vendor and upgrade it to 4G. Once your MIN SIM has been upgraded to the 4G package, you’ll instantly receive free 10GB data that is valid for 7 days, 100% bonus on every recharge above ₦500 and below ₦5,000.

You’ll also enjoy 25% bonus on all purchased data bundles for six months. To check if your MTN SIM card is on the 4G plan, simply send ‘4G’ to 131, and you’ll be instantly notified via SMS.


The MTN network also allows you to activate data rollover and data auto-renewal. Whenever you purchase a data plan and renew it before it expires, your data plan will instantly be rolled over and your new data purchase will be added to your existing data balance.

You can rollover your data at anytime you want on MTN as long as your previous data plan is still valid.

MTN also allows you to roll over your data. This means that if you have let me say 2GB unused data, and it is expiring in the next 10 minutes, instead of going to Youtube to download all the videos available for you under 10 minutes, you can purchase any data plan of your choice and the expiry of your unused data will be extended.

MTN auto-renewal is another great service that allows you to automatically renew your existing data plan without you dialing any code or sending any SMS.

Once your data plan expires, your plan will be instantly renewed if you have enough airtime in your MTN airtime balance. After purchasing data on MTN, you can choose to allow or disable data auto-renewal.

Source: InformationNGR

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