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How Much Does Nicolas Cage Owe In Debt?

Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular and iconic actors in the USA. His role is blockbuster action movies have made him a popular figure in the Hollywood scene.

Movies like Ghost Rider, National Treasure, and World Trade Centre gave Nicolas the platform to present himself as a talented movies star and brilliant performer.

Because he was such a remarkable actor, we decided to feature him on our website. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a good dive into the life, biography, and net worth of the legendary Nicolas Cage.

By the time you’re done reading this article, I’m sure that you’ll know everything there is to know about Nicolas Cage. We’ll even be looking at other details concerning Nicolas like his cars, wives, and other projects.

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Nicolas Cage Profile Overview

Before we show you everything you didn’t know about Nicolas Cage, here is a quick highlight of what we know about Ben Gates in National Treasure, Charlie and Donald Kaufman in the movie “Sonny”, and Jonny Blaze in the 2007 movie, Ghost Rider.

Full NameNicolas Kim Coppola
Birth PlaceLong Beach, California
Birth Date7th January  1964
Age59 years old
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor, and Film Maker
Sexual OrientationStraight
Weight83 kg
Marital StatusSingle
Spouse/GirlfriendPatricia Arquette (1995 – 2001)
Lisa Marie Presley (2002 – 2004)
Alice Kim (2004 – 2016)
Erika Koike (2019 – 2019)
ChildrenWeston Cage
Kap-El Cage
Net Worth$30 million

Nicolas Cage Biography

Nicolas Kim Coppola was born on the 7th of January 1964 in Long Beach, California. He attended Beverly Hills High School quit school before he turned 18.

Dropping out of school gave him time to focus on his passion, acting. His passion was groomed into him because he was from a family of entertainers.

His mother, Joy Floyd Coppola was a dancer & choreographer while his father, August Floyd Coppola was a professor of literature.

Both his elder brothers, Robert Carmine and Jason Schwartzman were both on-air personalities in New York at the time. Cage’s first non-cinematic movie was in a school production of the movie “Golden Boy”.

Nicolas pursued his passion passionately and even started taking classes at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television to get intellectual training on acting.

By 1979, he was pursuing a career in professional acting. Nicolas Cage first appeared in the 1982 movie, Valley Girl. The movie aired in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Although he played a minor role in the movie that featured Judge Reinhold, a big shot actor at that time. His spectacular performance was recognized by millions of people.

By 1885, Cage had starred in more than 20 blockbuster movies but only as an extra or any minor role available at the time. His big breakthrough was when he acted in the 1995 romantic drama tagged “Leaving Las Vegas”.

In February 2001, Nicolas was the star actor on another mega movie titled “Captain Correlli’s Mandolin” which was curled from Louis de Bernières’ novel.


In 2002, he played the role of Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman in a comic-drama movie labeled “Adaptation“. Before the end of August that same year, he released his first movie as a director. It was a crime drama themed film called “Sonny”.

Cage was a very prolific actor who loves his job. He usually starred in 8 to 13 movies every year whether action, comedy, or tragic movies.

Nicolas Cage has been married four times. His close to 20 years marriage brought about two children, Weston Cage and Kap-El Cage.

Cage and his girlfriend, Christina Fulton for several years but they didn’t get married. Their son Weston Cage was born on the 26th day of December 1990.

He first married Patricia Arquette in 1995. The marriage lasted for 6 years before she filed for a divorce. Then he got engaged and married Lisa Marie Presley on the 10th day of August 2002. The marriage lasted for 110 days.

In July 2004, Cage got married married Alice Kim and a year later they had a son, Kal-El Cage. This was his longest marriage, it lasted for 12 years.  The couple had a divorce around September 2016.

In March 2019, Cage once again married Erika Koike but the couple separated just 4 days after the marriage. They filed for an annulment and the divorce was finalized in June 2019.

Nicolas Cage Movies & Awards

During the early stages of his career, Nicolas Cage proved to be a very successful actor.

Between 1883 and 2012, Cage has starred in more than 120 films including Valley Girl, Racing with the Moon, Birdy, Wild at Heart, Honeymoon in Vegas, City of Angels, Con Air, National Treasure, Lord of War, Ghost Rider, and other blockbuster movies.

Nicolas bagged his second Academy Award nomination the role he played in the 2002 movie tagged “Adaptation”. He was also nominated for his movie “Sonny” at the Deauville Film Festival.


Nicolas Cage was named Global Citizen of the Year by the United Nations in 2009. His humanitarian efforts and donations to former child soldiers earned him this appreciation.

Nicolas Cage also received a Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in the 1995 movie, Leaving Las Vegas.

Nicolas Cage has received a lot more awards and nominations for his stupendous performances.

Nicolas Cage Net Worth & Salary

Nicolas cage has a net worth that is estimated to be around $30 miilion.

Nicolas Cage was once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. According to Forbes, he has earned close to $40 million in 2009.

Around 2012, Nicolas Cage was worth $150 million. Today, Nicolas cage is worth only $25 million. His current net worth is just one-sixth of what it used to be 8 years ago.

So, how did Nicolas Cage Spend over $120 million in 8 years?

He wasn’t paying his taxes in full and the IRS caught up with him. In 2012, he owed more than $14 million in taxes. That’s not all.

Cage also happens to be one of the most extravagant actors in California. He lavished $150,000 on the first Superman comic, another $150,000 purchasing his pet octopus, and $500,000 on the late shah of Iran’s Lamborghini.

Cage also outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a 70-million-year-old dinosaur skull worth at least $256,000. He also owes two islands in the Bahamas, three castles in Europe, and more than 4 mansions in the United States.

His spending spree also included other collectibles like rare jewels, exotic cars, yachts, and private jets. Today, Cage is recovering and learning the best ways to manage money. I still think Nicolas Cage is a fantastic actor.

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