Nissan Tiida Price in Kenya (2023/2024) – New and Used

How Much Does Nissan Tiida Cost In Kenya?

The introduction of car technology into humanity has made man’s movement so blissful. Since its inception, there has been a continuous evolution of this technology to become better; reliable, and more durable.

Due to its benefits, there has also been a lot of competition in the world of cars as we can see different car types and models. Nissan is one of such competitors in the world of cars.

Nissan is an international Japanese automobile company known for its innovative and cutting-edge performance. The automobile company offers quality and upscale luxury vehicles.

They are not newbies in the automobile industry. They are instead an old guy in the industry. And they have not lived up to the negative reflections that follow the name. The automobile company has proven and shown that old guys do it as well as the new guys do.

Some of the popular Nissan products in the automobile market include the Infiniti, Nissan Note, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Sentra, and the Nissan Tiida.


The Nissan Tiida is among the popular vehicles in Kenya today. The car was launched in 2004 with top and exciting features.

The car brand comes in different models and has undergone a series of innovations, improvements, and upgrades. Here is all you need to know about the Nissan Tiida automobile and its price in Kenya.

 Nissan Tiida and Its Models

Generally, The Nissan Tiida car is classified into three generations. Each model of this generation has a different classification of cars which they fall under.

The Nissan C11 is among the first generation of Nissan Tiida cars, manufactured in 2005. It is a subcompact car with a 4-door Sedan and a 5-door hatchback.

The second generation of Nissan Tiida cars is the Nissan TiidaC12, also known as Nissan Pulsar. The Nissan Tiida 12 was manufactured in 2011. It is a compact-sized car, perfect for small families as it is not over the top. Moreover, the vehicle provides adequate comfort for users.

The third generation of the Nissan Tiida cars is the Nissan Pulsar C13, which was manufactured in 2015. This is also a small family-size car falling under the C-segment section of the global classification system of vehicles.

One general notable feature of all generations of Nissan Tiida/ Pulsar cars is that they have a hatchback. This makes the identification process a bit easier.

Price of Nissan Tiida in Kenya

Those who stay in Kenya or are Kenyans would find this article particularly interesting as it presents the price of a Nissan Tiida vehicle in Kenya.

Not everyone can afford to purchase a brand-new car. Therefore, this article entails the prices of new and used Nissan Tiida cars in Kenya.


A used Nissan Tiida car in Kenya ranges between KES 350,000 and KES 2,300,000. For a brand-new Nissan Tiida car, the price ranges between KES 2,350,000 and KES 3,00,000.

For the used ones, however, some factors determine the car price. These include the state of the vehicle, model, and how long it had been used before being put up for sale.

Where to buy Nissan Tiida Cars in Kenya

If you want to buy a brand new Nissan Tiida car, you should go to reputable car dealers in Kenya.

Otherwise, you can get a used Nissan Tiida Car on Jiji, Checki, or Autoskenya.

Parts of a Nissan Tiida

A Nissan Tiida Vehicle contains all the essentials you need to have a smooth experience with your car.

Amongst the numerous components in the vehicle include the oil filter, GPS, alarms, and remote start, auto glass, AC, brake pads, air filters, and much more.

These may seem regular, but there are some cars that lack these essential components. One can agree that not all vehicles come with built-in GPS. But the Nissan Tiida does, and this is highly commendable.

The Nissan Tiida Vehicle is not one which has parts that cannot be easily found. If you ever have an issue with your car, it would be easy to find the part(s) needed to fix the problem with the vehicle.

One fear of purchasing a car is usually the fear of vehicle parts, but this fear is eliminated. Nissan Tiida parts are available in the market.

Pros of Nissan Tiida

If you are looking for a super sleek car that almost feels like heaven when riding, then the Nissan Tiida car is for you.


This car has a smooth feel that almost qualifies it for a sports car and is extremely comfortable. Despite its light feel, this car balances well when on the road.

And in spite of the kind of bumps you might encounter, this car would stay strong.

Its petrol engine has a high capacity that can carry you for miles/distances if well filled. Some cars require constant fueling despite being filled, but this worry is eliminated with the Nissan Tiida vehicles.

When you compare cars in their classification, the Nissan Tiida cars go for a low price that still gives value for your money.

Cons of Nissan Tiida

Everything that has advantages comes with disadvantages too.

Having said that, it is essential to note that depending on your kind of person or family, the boot space of the Nissan Tiida car may or may not be a perfect fit.

It is mainly suitable for individuals or people with small families. If you are someone with a large family, and you plan on taking a road trip, the Nissan Tiida car may not be your go-to car.


This article has presented you with all the necessary knowledge you need about the Nissan Tiida car. Do you have a small family? Why are you still waiting? Hurry and purchase this vehicle today.

However, if you are short of funds, start saving up to get this amazing car!

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