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What Company Does Peter Drury Work For?

Peter Drury is one of the most well-known British football analysts. He is presently employed by Premier League Productions and BT Sports, contributing to the FA Cup, Champions League, 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA Europa League.

Peter Drury’s energy is contagious. You just cannot help but get excited when he screams. Trust me; he is worthy of being called the Shakespeare of Commentary.

Peter Drury, also known as the Shakespeare of Commentary, is one of the most well-known British football analysts. He is presently employed by Premier League Productions and BT Sports, where he contributes to the FA Cup and Champions League, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA Europa League.

A former football analyst for ITV Sport (from 1998 to 2013), Drury now works for the channel’s Range Two division. In this article, we’re going to show you all you need to know about Peter Drury, from his birthplace to his salary.

Peter Drury Biography And Personal Life

Peter Drury is a British sports commentator who has a net worth of $100 thousand. Peter Drury was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England in March 1969. He is known for his commentary on the Champions League and FIFA World Cup.

Drury has also been the voice of Pro Evolution Soccer alongside Jim Beglin. His career started as an assistant producer at BBC Radio Leeds and he then joined BBC Radio 5 Live to present their coverage of the Football League. He moved to ITV Sport in 2000 and took over as lead commentator for their Champions League coverage from Clive Tyldesley in 2007.

For ITV he covered the UEFA Euro 2000, 2002 FIFA World Cup, 2004 UEFA European Championship, 2006 FIFA World Cup, 2008 UEFA European Championship, 2010 FIFA World Cup, and Euro 2012 tournaments. He was part of ITV’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics before leaving to join BT Sport where he covers UEFA Champions League football among other events.

Here’s a highlight of Peter Drury’s personal life:

NamePeter Drury
Birthdate24th September 1967
ProfessionSports Analyst
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorGrey
Net Worth$2 million

Peter Drury was born in Britain and went to school in Surrey at Saint John’s School, Leatherhead. When Peter was a kid, he looked up to a BBC Radio commentator named Peter Jones as an example of a role model.

From an early age, Peter Drury had a strong interest in football. He was often joined by his brothers while playing soccer in the parks. Because of his passion for the game, he decided to play football professionally.

Sadly, the young man lacked the necessary talents to make himself a professional player. However, he began to see his other abilities, such as commenting on sporting events. His parents’ everyday actions, mainly Margaret Drury’s, were a source of commentary for him.


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When Peter Drury was a kid, he would always have something to say about what was going on around him.

Since he speculated that commentating was just “a dream,” he attended the University of Hull to study Management after graduating from St. John’s School.

Drury’s career as an accountant started after he graduated. In the end, he decided to leave his work after a month since he was drawn to sports commentary. Soon after, he started working as a sports analyst.

Peter Drury is married to Vicky, his lovely wife. Together, they have three children named Adam (1994), Dan (1998), and Joey (2001). The Englishman is unafraid to speak his mind when it comes to soccer, but he is far more reserved when discussing his private life.

After all these years, Peter Drury’s soccer commentary is still full of memorable quotes and observations. Despite his fame, he maintains a modest demeanor and believes that the players’ efforts keep spectators interested in the games rather than his pronouncements.

Peter Drury’s Commentating Career

Peter Drury began his career at BBC Radio when Leeds United led the Football League First Division in 1991/92. While at Broadcasting House in London, he was given a chance to cover a wide range of games, including the 3rd match of Saturday 4th October 1997, between Everton and Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough Stadium in London.

He was hired by BT Sports and the UEFA Europa League in 2013 as an analyst. As of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Drury took over commentary duties from Jon Champion, who previously narrated Sony’s This Is Football series.

Peter provided commentary for FIFA’s international feed and its YouTube account for the 2018 FIFA World Cup games. He even analyzed the final between France and Croatia, broadcast live.

Drury and co-commentator Jim Beglin have been a part of crucial Premier League broadcasts since 1995. While working on 5 Live, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Jim Beglin.


What Makes Peter Drury Special?

Instead of utilizing everyday language, Drury frequently uses lyrical expressions like “in a trice” to remark on current events. Peter Drury is well-known for his eloquent and brilliant criticism of popular culture. If you want to see an example of this, have a look at the 3-0 Champions League quarter-final win for Roma against Barcelona on April 10, 2018.

Drury screamed, “Roma have risen from their ruins! Manolas, the Greek God in Rome! The unthinkable unfolds before our eyes. This was not meant to happen, this could not happen… this is happening!” as Kostas Manolas scored the decisive goal.

Peter Drury used to write a column for The Independent. Unfortunately, he had to give it up due to ITV’s workload. 

How Does Drury Prepare For His Games?

Given that Peter Drury always has poetic things to say while on the job, you would think that he has a little genie who whispers in his ears. Well, Drury estimates that just 10% of His time is spent commentating on games. Peter Drury devotes 90% of his time to studying. This he accomplishes by sifting through websites, viewing previous matches, and chatting to locals of foreign teams to get to know the players.

In addition, Peter Drury goes to a lot of training sessions to pronounce the names of players well.

Top Three Commentating Moments for Peter Drury

Goosebumps. With Peter Drury, you get that exciting adrenaline rush you just cannot explain. His passion for the game of football is simply contagious. He elevates moments on the field with his broad English language and poetry.

With Peter Drury, you never know what to anticipate. Here are some moments where Peter Drury had the right words for the appropriate occasion.

1. Sergio Aguero vs. Queen Park Rangers

Drury had to be there to see one of the greatest moments in Premier League history. Unexpectedly, Sergio Aguero scored with the last kick of the 2011/12 season to earn Manchester City their first Premier League championship. In Peter Drury’s words, “It’s just the most extraordinary scenario you could have dreamt up.”

2. Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester City

“What a goal, at what a time, in what a place, what a player.” Did you say that rhyme aloud, too?

This electrifying moment in Manchester United history was perhaps one of Peter Drury’s most excellent commentators when Rooney struck a magnificent bicycle kick to defeat their rivals in 2011. Drury’s commentary is always enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

3. Kostas Manolas vs. Barcelona

In this stage of the competition, Roma fought back from a 3-1 loss against Barcelona in the Champions League quarterfinals to win on away goals, with Manolas scoring with eight minutes remaining.

Pete Drury wholly owned the stage with his “Greek God in Rome” commentary, Pete Drury wholly owned the stage.

Peter Drury’s Net Worth

A sportscaster for over three decades, Peter is well-known in the business. He has amassed a sizable/modest wealth due to his profession as a sports analyst. As of 2019, Drury’s net worth is believed to be $2 million.

What is Peter Drury’s Salary Like?

An annual payment of $100,000 is paid to the sports commentator for his outstanding reporting career. As a commentator on radio and television, the sportscaster gets paid additional money. The thing is, nobody knows Peter Drury’s salary since he may be getting money from other sources.

So far, Jim Beglin’s great technical analysis and Peter Drury’s lyrical, passionate, and energetic commentary have been a fantastic match.

Drury’s abstract depictions of the beautiful game and the voice of a devoted football fan who speaks straight to the spectator are among the most lovely things about his work.

To have a taste of his poetic justice, check out his beautiful remarks on YouTube.


And that’s a wrap on the melodious voice behind the beautiful game—Peter Drury! From the riveting commentary to the chapters of his biography and the echoes of his net worth, we’ve explored the pitch-perfect career of this iconic commentator. Peter Drury, the maestro of words, has elevated the passion of football through his voice. Here’s to the man who turns moments into poetry, a biography filled with memorable matches, and a net worth that reflects the value of his contribution to the sport!

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