Prices & Tips on Buying Toyota Hilux in Nigeria 2023/2024

Is There A New Hilux In 2023?

Price of Toyota Hilux in Nigeria- The Toyota Hilux was launched in 1968 and has since then been one of the most trusted pickup brands in the world. The fact that the vehicle is a pickup makes it useful for both personal use and business.

Many Nigerians buy the Toyota Hilux so that they can use it to transport items from place to place, while many others buy this pickup because it suits their fancy for a personal vehicle.

Toyota Hilux is also an excellent fit if you have a large family and occasionally want to take them places.

It is with no joy that I say our Nigerian roads are nothing to write home about. Now having admitted it, we will also agree that it takes a rugged and robust car to survive on these terrible roads.

The Toyota Hilux is widely known for its ruggedness. It is a vehicle that can brace through any storm; or in this case, road, and come outstanding.


This pick-up truck can survive severe hardship and will still carry on. You can also drive this truck for an extended period at a stretch without fail.

This means this is the best option for you who like to travel or drive long distances.

Unique Features of Toyota Hilux

Toyota is not new in the car business. They have been around for a very long time and their years of experience and expertise have helped to build a vehicle as strong and road-worthy as the Toyota Hilux.

Toyota has amassed so much experience in all the time they have been making reliable and rugged pickups, and the Toyota Hilux is proof of this.

All models of the Toyota Hilux feature a laser-welded high-tensile steel body and chassis. The Toyota Hilux is available in 2WD/4WD (2-wheel and 4-wheel drive) and gasoline and diesel engines.

Of its many advantages, the Toyota Hilux comes with a sleek design, it is easy to drive, and it is a powerful and reliable pickup truck.

However, the Toyota Hilux may also be known to consume a lot of fuel. But this is a prevalent dilemma with many pickups because of the workload they are put through. 

Forget the tough car look; the Toyota Hilux is a stunning motor. It comes in cool colors, and the interiors are as sleek as they can be.

This pick-up truck is also very comfortable to drive and to be in. Besides, you are assured of its durability, so you will not have to spend so much money on repairing it every other time.


The Hilux remains one of the best-selling pickups on the Nigerian market

And this makes its spare parts easily accessible all across the country. Although there are so many new brands of pick-ups, popping up every day, this brand has not given up its top spot, especially in the Nigerian automobile market.

Current Price of Toyota Hilux in Nigeria

The prices of brand new Toyota Hilux in Nigeria will vary from one distributor to another. This depends on factors like currency exchange rate, fuel cost, the period of purchase, and state of purchase.

The average price of a brand new Toyota Hilux starts from around ₦24 million and ₦25 million. This amount will be determined by the Hilux model, distributor, state of purchase, and so on.

Price of Locally Used Toyota Hilux 

The locally used cars are the ones which have been used by people in the same country or very neighboring countries. These cars cost much less, and they do not come with as much hassle as the brand-new variations.

The Nigerian-used Toyota Hilux may be much less expensive. This is because the car will have been used to a large extent. Moreover, the condition will not be so excellent, due to the bad state of the Nigerian roads.

The cost of locally used Toyota Hilux ranges from ₦1.5 million to ₦2.5 million.

Price of Foreign Used Toyota Hilux

Foreign used vehicles are as reliable and efficient as the brand new. If the car is from a brand like Toyota, then it is even more reliable whether it has already been used or not.

Another good thing about used foreign cars is the fact that they have much better roads than we do over here. This means that the vehicle has not been put through too much hassle, so it is still in good condition.

The Toyota Hilux is generally a powerful truck. So you will agree with me that the foreign-used version will not be bad at all. And most importantly, foreign used are less expensive than if you were buying the brand new.

Before buying the foreign-used Toyota Hilux, make sure you inspect and test every aspect of the car. This may help in avoiding serious car issues like engine, battery, and carburetor problems.

ModelPrice Range
Toyota Hilux 2005                  ₦2.8 million – ₦4 million
Toyota Hilux 2006            ₦4 million – ₦4.8 million
Toyota Hilux 2007                    ₦4.8 million – ₦6.2 million
Toyota Hilux 2008           ₦7.2 million – ₦8.4 million
Toyota Hilux 2009                ₦8.4 million – ₦9.6 million
Toyota Hilux 2010                 ₦9.6 million – ₦10.8 million
Toyota Hilux 2011                   ₦10.8 million – ₦12 million
Toyota Hilux 2012               ₦12 million – ₦13.2 million
Toyota Hilux 2013                  ₦13.2 million – ₦14.4 million
Toyota Hilux 2014                   ₦14.4 million – ₦15.6 million
Toyota Hilux 2015                 ₦15.6 million – ₦16.8 million
Toyota Hilux 2017                    ₦16.8 million – ₦18 million

Where to Buy Toyota Hilux in Nigeria

You can buy your new or foreign used Toyota Hilux anywhere in the country. However, you need to be sure that it is from licensed distributors of Toyota Motors like Toyota Nigeria,  Elizade, Kojo Motors, Mandilas Enterprises, and so on.

Used Toyota Hilux is also available at car slots around or visit online stores like Car 45, Checki, and Jiji.

Buying your vehicle from licensed distributors will ensure that it is in good condition. Also, they will ensure that it comes with a full warranty, and most important, it is not a stolen vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Toyota is not a vehicle brand that you can dismiss easily. They have been around for decades, and it looks like they will continue to be. The Toyota Hilux is one of the best pick-up trucks you can buy.

It is flexible to the point that you can use it for different purposes. It can be driving your whole family to an event or transporting goods for your business.

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