Current Prices of UPS in Nigeria 2023/2024

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Are you looking for the current price of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place.

The importance of UPS can’t be overemphasized. UPS provides automatic power backup to enable you to save your files, close applications and properly shut down your computer system in the event of power failure.

Also, the UPS is capable of intercepting a power surge, thereby protecting your devices. Once there is a power failure, the battery kicks in and enables you to shut down your system correctly and reduces the chances of losing files you may be working on.

Furthermore, UPS is not only restricted to use on computer systems alone. It can also function with other appliances like your television.

However, it is advisable to make sure your UPS does not bleep and shut down on its own as this is detrimental to the life span of the UPS.


In this article, we will be taking you through the various prices of some popular UPS brands in Nigeria.

Prices of UPS in Nigeria

There are a few notable UPS brands that have been making the rounds in the Nigerian market.

They include the likes of Bluegate UPS range, Mercury UPS range as well as other prominent brands such as Vectronic, Binatone, and Maxtron. 

Price of Blue Gate UPS in Nigeria

Blue Gate is a leading brand of alternative power and consumer electronics products that are built to meet the power backup and lifestyle needs of its customers.

Blue Gate has stood out over the years for its product reliability and durability as well as excellent after-sales technical support.

You can easily buy Blue Gate UPS at any reputable electronic and retail stores nationwide. Also, they can be obtained from popular e-commerce stores like Konga and Jumia.

Bluegate UPS 2.KVA₦39,000
Bluegate UPS 1.5KVA₦31,000
UPS 653VA₦12,000
Bluegate UPS 1.2KVA₦28,000

Mercury UPS Prices in Nigeria

Mercury UPS is one of the most prominent players in the Nigerian UPS market. Below are the price list of Mercury UPS models is listed below:

Mercury – Elite 3000VA Pro- 3kva UPS₦110,000
Mercury Elite 10000VA UPS₦29,000
Elite 12000VA (1.2KA) PRO UPS₦37,000
Mercury Elite 650VA UPS – Black₦21,000
Mercury Elite 2000VA (2KVA) PRO UPS₦65,000
Elite 1500VA (1.5KVA) UPS₦43,000
Mercury Elite 1200 Pro Line Interactive UPS – 1.2KVA₦40,000

Vectronic UPS Prices in Nigeria

Vectronic is a brand known for its high-quality and power-quality products.  The Vectronic range includes domestic and industrial voltage stabilizers, DC storage products, and UPS.

Below are the prices of UPS models in the Vectronic range:

Vectronic 600VA Vectronic UPS₦12,000
Vectronic 1KVA Vectronic UPS₦88,000
1KVA Vectronic Online UPS₦145,000
Vectronic 1.5KVA Offline UPS₦34,500
Vectronic 12V 100AH Vectronic Battery₦65,500
Double Conversion Online Tower UPS – 6KVA₦370,000 – ₦390,000
Vectronic Double Conversion Online Tower UPS – 10KVA₦450,000
Universal 30KVA Vectronic C-V Series Online UPS₦1,998,000

Price of Binatone UPS in Nigeria

Established over five decades ago, Binatone has become a world leader in electrical appliances.

Moreover, Binatone continues to identify trends and answer consumer needs with unique and attractive products through a sales and distribution network that cuts across 75 countries and four continents.

With in-depth expertise in a clearly focused range of products, Binatone is known for producing innovative yet affordable consumer electronics. These electronics range from power products to home and electrical appliances.

Binatone UPS has been designed to offer superior protection to the electronic devices in your home and office. It can be used with refrigerators, televisions, printers, computers, laptops, and more.

Using this UPS, the unsteady voltage and fluctuating current won’t affect the lifespan of your devices. Also, UPS has battery over-discharge protection, which guarantees its internal battery lasts for a long time.

It takes about 9 hours to get the battery charged to 90% capacity and will provide you with a long backup time. It has a compact build which ensures it does not take up much space in your office or home.

Binatone UPS boasts of the following Special Features:

  • The main circuit is controlled by a Microprocessor
  • Overload and output short circuit protection
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Inbuilt automatic voltage protection
  • Battery recharge time: 90% capacity which can last up to 8 Audible alarm to indicate primary supply failure
  • Cool start function
  • It also functions with a generator
  • Built-in 12V/7Ah x 1 sealed lead battery, provides long backup time
  • Socket for Output AC
  • Input AC170~280VAC 50Hz

Below are the prices of Binatone UPS models:

Binatone UPS 1200₦30,418
Binatone UPS 1500₦32,000

Price of Maxtron UPS in Nigeria

Maxtron is a major stakeholder in the Inverter, Stabilizer, and UPS market in Nigeria. Below are the prices of Maxtron UPS models:

Maxtron 2.5KVA Line Interactive UPS₦44,990
Maxtron 2.2KVA Back up UPS₦41,000
Maxtron 1.5KVA UPS₦40,000
Maxtron 1.2KVA UPS₦24,000
650VA – Line Interactive UPS₦16,000

Factors affecting the price of UPS in Nigeria

  • Prices of UPS depend mainly on power capacity. Notable power capacities for home use include 600VA, 650VA, and 700VA. A UPS of between 600VA and 700VA can comfortably power your PC with a monitor. You must acquire another UPS or a UPS with a larger capacity if you wish to connect other gadgets like printers and scanners.
  • Secondly, the price of your UPS can be determined by whether it is an online or offline UPS. Online UPS is more efficient, but it costs more. An adequately installed online UPS will automatically send a signal to your computer once there is a power failure. This signal instructs the computer to save all files, close applications, and shut down the system.

The fantastic thing is, all these can be done without you being there. This function ensures the prolongation of the battery life of the UPS. Also, online UPS can be controlled remotely.


On the other hand, you have to do everything when it comes to offline UPS manually.  Once there is a power failure, all you have to do is ensure that your files are saved, close all applications, and shut down the system.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to let your UPS bleep continuously before shutting down as this will reduce its battery life and subsequently damage your UPS.

  • Location: Another important factor that can affect the price of UPS in Nigeria is the location. UPS prices vary depending on one’s location.

Where to buy your UPS in Nigeria

The various brands of UPS are available across various stores in Nigeria. You can as well get them from reputable e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga.

Hope you find this article interesting and useful. You can share your experience with any of the UPS brands mentioned above in the COMMENT section.

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