Current Prices of Flight Tickets in Nigeria (2023/2024)

How Much Do Plane Tickets Cost 2022?

You can now do everything you want to do now at this present age and time online. Buying and selling of goods, hotel bookings, movie tickets booking as well as flight tickets booking among others. You can also check the prices of flight tickets without leaving your room.

Interesting did I hear you say. Yes, it is really amazing. And in this post, I will be sharing with you, current prices of flight tickets available in the country. I will also share with you details of Nigerian airlines, how you can easily book flight tickets, things to look out for while booking a ticket, etc.

Booking flight tickets online will enable you to get numerous options and compare prices of tickets across airlines and booking days ahead give room for cheap flight tickets.

Have you been looking for information on the cost of flight tickets within and outside Nigeria? This post is for you. In this post, we highlight the current prices of tickets for different flights available.

Airlines in Nigeria & Their Flight Bookings

To book flight tickets in Nigeria, there are some major airlines you can check out. We have listed some of them here for you.

Aero Air

Aero air is a state-controlled airline also known as Aero Contractors. It started operations since 1959 and it’s been flying within as well as outside Nigeria providing quality services. You can also book them online through their customer service personnel.

  • Address: Aero Lagos International Airport Office
  • Contact :   +234 1 6284140
  • Email:

Air Peace

Air Peace is another famous private airline in Nigeria operating in Nigeria and some African countries. It started operations in 2013 and it’s been flying successful flights since then. They also provide other services so check them out for more details about the airline.

  • Address: 25, Sobo Arobiodu Street GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Contact :   0700FLYAIRPEACE OR +234-700-359-24773223
  • Email:

Arik Air

  • Address: Arik Aviation Centre, Muritala Muhammed Airport (Domestic Wing), Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Contact :01 279 9999 or visit

Dana Air

Dana Air is another popular airline in Nigeria that provides quality services to people. It started operations in 2008 and has been offering wonderful flights for travelers within the country.

  • Address: Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal 2 (MMA2).
  • Contact: 07003593262 or contact

You can also get them on their website

Medview Air

Medview is a Nigerian airline based in Lagos. It started operation in 2007 flying people to Hajj and within  Nigeria but now they operate in other countries of the world.

They operate on schedule timing which can change and bookings can be done. You can also make bookings by getting through with their customer care representatives.

  • Address: Muritala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos.
  • Contact:  +44 1293850555 or website
  • Email:

Example of International Flight Tickets in Nigeria

Below is an example of an international flight flying from Nigeria to another country

Cost of Flight Tickets from Nigeria to Malaysia

AirlinesEconomyBusiness Class
Air France₦900,000 – ₦1,300,000₦1,500,000 – ₦2,750, 000
British Airways₦900,000 – ₦1,000,000₦1,500,000 – ₦3,000,000
Etihad Airways₦350,000 – ₦530,000₦1,200,000 –₦1,000,000
Ethiopian Air₦200,000 – ₦400,000₦600,000 – ₦900,000
Emirates Air₦350,000 – ₦700,000₦1,000,000 – ₦2,000, 000
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines₦186,000 – ₦400,000₦580,000 – ₦750,000
Lufthansa₦580,000 – ₦700,000₦1,300,000 – ₦1,800,000
Turkish Airways₦450,000 – ₦700,000₦900,000 – ₦1,200,000
Qatar Airways₦300,000 – ₦530,000₦750,000 – ₦950,000

Cost of Local Flight Tickets in Nigeria

The table below shows the prices of tickets across airlines from one state in Nigeria to another.

Prices of One-Way Flight Tickets from Abuja to Lagos

Air Peace₦40,000 – ₦65,000
Arik Air₦40,000 – ₦65,000
Dana Airways₦40, 000 – ₦65, 000
Med View Airline₦40, 000 – ₦60, 000

Cost of Return Flight Tickets from Abuja to Lagos

AirlinesPrice (NGN)
Air Peace:₦70,000 – ₦95,000
Arik Air:₦60,000 – ₦88,000
Dana Airways₦60,000 – ₦84,000
Med View Airline:₦65,000 – ₦88, 000

Things to look out for when booking your flights

  • Flight and Passenger Details: This is a vital detail to look out for when booking flights. Your details are needed as well as the details of the flight. Where you want to fly to when you want to fly as well as your return date.
  • Flight Type: If it’s a domestic flight, you will need an ID if you above 16 but if you are not then permission from your parent or guardian is necessary as well as birth certificates. For the case of an international flight, a valid passport & a visa is important.
  • Ticket Price: This is another essential thing to know. You should check the cost of the flight tickets,  compare before s=making a choice.
  • Class: when booking your tickets, you are to specify the class you want to go with. Is it a first-class, economy, or business class? In case you are booking for someone, ask the person the class he/she wants.
  • Baggage Allowances: when choosing an airline or a particular flight you should look out for their baggage allowance especially when you have luggage to carry.
  • Do not go for too expensive flights, go for what you can afford.
  • When booking flights, try to book a two-way ticket especially when you know your return date. It comes cheaper than booking away tickets.
  • Any airline you are booking should have a 24hour cancellation policy in case of unforeseen contingencies. Also, try and book tickets in the morning as it will give you the best deals of the day.
  • Endeavor to book your ticket yourself to fill in the correct information.
  • Book your flights early but not too early.

How to Book Flight Tickets

  1. Enter your departure city, arrival destination, and travel dates and search.
  2. Select the flight option most suited to your schedule and budget.
  3. Input your details correctly according to the passport / ID book.
  4. Opt to purchase re-bookable flights, baggage, or travel insurance
  5. Select your preferred payment method. Once payment is received, you will receive a booking confirmation via email.


The prices of flight tickets vary across airlines. So when booking your tickets, make a proper comparison before choosing a particular one. Also, make sure your I.D is valid as well as your Visa and Passport.


If you have all these, then you are set to visit that dream country of yours without issues. When booking tickets, be sure you are booking from the right place to avoid swindlers. You can visit the airline offline locations as well as websites for confirmation.

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