Prices and Details of Water Beds in Nigeria (All you need to know)

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Water Bed?

Everyone deserves a sound sleep devoid of discomfort. It will help relax your muscles thereby making you feel refreshed to face the day’s challenge. However, this may not be the case if you sleep on the wrong kind of mattress.

People’s preference for different kinds of mattresses has made it extremely difficult to choose their exact favorite type of mattress. However, a general choice among people is the water bed.

As the name implies, a water bed is a bed filled with water. The water bed is usually recommended for general muscle relaxation and is used for therapeutic purposes. This type of mattress offers you comfort and upgrades your sleeping experience.

The bed came into existence in the 1880s, however, Charles Hall’s modern redesigned it and it became popular again in the ’70s and 80s.

Are you willing to discover the kind of comfort offered by waterbeds? This post enlightens you on all you need to know about waterbeds in Nigeria.

Water Beds in Nigeria

Imagine lying on a soft platform floating on the water without submerging into the water. This is the kind of comfort you would get from a waterbed.

In addition, waterbeds help promote good health. For instance, medical inflatable waterbeds are specifically designed to clear off an already-formed ulcer and at the same time prevent bed soreness. It is advisable to opt for this type of mattress if need be and enjoy the benefits.

Types of Water Beds in Nigeria

There are two main types of the water bed and they are majorly differentiated by their sides. These beds are:

1. Soft Side 

A soft side waterbed maintains its shape with the help of foam bolsters, or foam surrounding the bed on all sides. Fabric casing covers up the foam as well as a padded top. All of these sit on an upholstered box, something similar to a box spring. For this kind of water bed, you can use regular-sized linens or sheets as covers.

2. Hard-Sided Water Beds

The hard side waterbed maintains shape due to the presence of hardwoods or softwoods which often come as waterbed frame. They have a look at traditional beds with bookcase-type headboards. This type of bed makes use of California-sized sheets only.

Other types of water beds include:

  • Waveless Water Bed
  • Free Flow Water Bed
  • Semi Wave Water Bed.

All these beds are available in Nigeria in various colors, shapes, as well as designs.

Why Do People Buy Water Beds

In Nigeria, people buy water beds for two main purposes which are: for recreation or health(therapy). Most people buy the bed because of the soothing and relaxing feel it gives. In the case of health, it is good for back, leg, and even body pains generally.

Prices of Waterbeds in Nigeria

When it comes to the availability of the products in Nigeria, I will say that waterbeds are fairly readily at hand. They can be purchased at any time in any of the nearest certified dealer stores of quality waterbeds. As for the price, they are relatively affordable and are not overpriced.

The prices of a waterbed are highlighted in a tabular form below: 

Water BedsPrice(₦)
Ocean Sleep Waterbed₦40,000 – ₦57,000
Water Mattress₦45,000 – ₦52,500
Medical Inflatable Water Bed₦60,000 – ₦67,000
Inflatable Floating Row Pool Water Bed₦13,000 – ₦16,000
Swimming Inflatable Floating Bed Hammock Water₦11,000 – ₦14,000
Folding Hammock Water Floating Bed₦6,000 – ₦8,000
Folding Hammock Water Floating Bed₦6,000 – ₦8,000
Flamingo Inflatable Boat Float Swimming Ring₦28,000 – ₦31,000
Wavelike Transparent Floating Row Air Mattress₦15,000 – ₦20,000

When you are out of Nigeria, you can also get a water bed and the price is between $50 and $2,000.


Pros and Cons of Water Beds


Maintenance of the mattress goes a long way in determining its lifespan. If the mattress is properly maintained, it can meet up to expectations. This kind of mattress can only offer its best performance if well cared for.

In general, waterbeds are specially built for comfort and are the best mattresses for outdoor recreational activities.


You will realize that the caliber of mattresses is built with plastic, which can easily get broken. If the mattress is used indoors and struck with a sharp object, it will distort the mattress and cause the room to be filled with water. It is therefore advisable to opt for one with good quality.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Water Mattress

You don’t just storm the market to make a purchase as you might eventually make an uninformed decision. Although there are few options available in the marketplace, it is still very important to select the right one. The most expensive ones might not be perfect for you.

When you are purchasing a water mattress, it is essential to consider some basic factors. These factors help you narrow your options and choose the best mattress for you. Some of these factors are highlighted below:


Consult people who own waterbeds: You can discuss with individuals who have used or who are currently using waterbeds. If you can’t get them, you can also look for reviews and do your research on the internet.

In addition, you can visit waterbed stores in your area to learn more about the mattress.


Select your perfect level of firmness: This is the most important aspect of selecting a water bed and discovering the ideal level of movement. The most distinguishing factor that separates the water bed from the normal traditional bed is the wave effects.

You must know the number of fiber layers and keep in mind that the more layers, the more support you have. In ascertaining the level of firmness, I suggest that you try both soft and hard-sided waterbeds.


You should give space a huge consideration when choosing this type of bed. Create enough space for your waterbed, to do this, measure your room and bed frame. Ensure that you have sufficient space for your bed.



Upon reaching a water bed store, check for the durability of anyone you want to purchase. What is the lifespan? Can it last for at least 5 years, 10 years, or even more? Endeavor to check out these features because the effect boils down to you.

Bed Corners

Reinforced Corners: Most manufacturers attach layers of reinforcement at each and every corner because the corners are not able to withstand such weight. So when picking any kind of water bed, much emphasis must be on the corners.


Try the waterbed with your partner. If you are not the only person sleeping on the mattress, it is advisable to try the mattress with your partner since both of you will sleep on it and you need to be sure of its comfort and support.


Waterbeds can easily burst due to their delicate structure. Therefore, always opt for a good quality waterbed to get the full value for your money. Although it may cost more than the inferior quality, it is better to go for quality.


Ensure that you look out for the warranty associated with the products so that you can have it changed or fixed without paying a dime especially if you spot a defect on the mattress.

How to Maintain Water Beds

Maintenance of waterbeds is extensive, and this is one of the reasons it went into extinction in the 1990s. Although the maintenance is now less, that doesn’t stop you from keeping it well.

The following are ways to properly maintain a waterbed.

  • Installing a waterbed mattress can be a task because you need to keep filling it. For instance, a king waterbed that takes around 235 gallons of water, you need to fill that up. Filling it up isn’t easy because you need to draw the hose into your bedroom and it is a turn-off for a lot of people. Ensure you fill the bed when required.
  • Add waterbed conditioner yearly as it keeps the vinyl supple therefore preventing it from becoming brittle. Performing this annual ‘ritual’ makes the bed last longer.
  • Check your bed thoroughly for leaks. You need to fix leaks timely, and this is possible with a vinyl repair kit, which usually includes a vinyl repair patch as well as liquid cement. These kits also fix holes in air mattresses.
  • When there is any need to move the waterbed, try draining it because the weight with water is heavy. A king-size bed with water weighs almost 2,000 pounds and that is heavy to carry. So, you need to drain your bed with a hose the same way you fill it up.

Where to Get Waterbed in Nigeria

Purchasing a waterbed in Nigeria is not that difficult. When you visit big mattress stores across the various markets, you can get waterbeds. It is also available at online stores like Konga, Jumia, and OLX among others.


You have now seen the benefits of waterbeds as well as the risks involved when you acquire this product. However, I recommend that you peruse this article thoroughly and utilize the guides and tips in real life to avoid making mistakes. We have already covered everything about waterbeds in this article.

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