PS3 Prices in Ghana 2022/2023

How Much Is A Ps3 Right Now?

“All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy”. With the introduction of PlayStation into the gaming world; Jack needs no worry about not having a way to release tensions accumulated from the works he has been doing.

Sony launched the Playstation many years ago and has since then won the hearts of many over. Sony has consistently ruled the gaming market.

PS 3 was released into the gaming world to succeed PS 2. At the time of its release, it was the world’s most sophisticated video game console.

It has a superior and authentic graphics, network capacity, motion-sensing controller and stellar line up of games.

Apart from all these features, PS 3 tends to be appealing to people due to its ability to go online and interact with others during play.

Not only did it appeal to the imaginary sense of its users, but it also called to their interactivity.

With PS 3, you can play and as well download games, entertainment contents online as well as transfer downloaded contents, i.e. games to the PSP.

Imagine the freedom mixed with pleasure that the birth of PS 3 has brought to lovers of games.

Highlight of PS3 

Every lover of good sound effects would prefer to opt for PS 3 because it came with that feature. What a sweet gaming experience got on a platter of gold!

It is important to note that the heart of PS3 lies in the Cell Processor. The cell processor has seven microprocessors on one chip, and it allows it to perform several operations at once.

With the processor, hacking can be resisted. That is to say; you can enjoy the download of game contents without having to worry about security. Super Amazing!

The PS3’s network is entirely free to use. Today, the PlayStation Network offers a wide range of services from streaming video to game rentals. PS3 also supports chat and web-surfing using the Six-axis or any USB keyboard.

Although Playstation 4 has been released and eclipsed the reign of PS3, taking a close look at this gaming console is still worth it.

The PS 3 had one of the most impressive games line up for its launch. From family friendly, multiplatform games like Sonic the Hedgehog to PS3 exclusive titles designed with the hardcore gamer in mind, Resistance: The fall of man, the PlayStation 3 had a Stellar batch of games available from day one.

When first released, the 60GB PlayStation 3 came in shiny black with a silver accent plate protecting the Blu-ray drive. The 20GB PlayStation 3 however, came in ‘clear black’ and had no silver plate.

PS 3 is not only a powerful system but also a beautiful one. The designers at Sony want a gaming system that looks more like a piece of a high-end electronic than just a toy.

By now, you might be wondering what the price of PS3 in Ghana is. That is why we are here for you; just keep reading.

Before the prices are unveiled, it is expedient to note that both brand new and fairly used PS3 is available. So, we will state the costs for the two and leave you to make your choice.

Price of a Brand New PS3 Gaming Console in Ghana

With the advent of PS4, the demand of PS3 has reduced drastically. This is because naturally, people are bound to love the latest technologies and not because the PS3 is not worth having.

The challenge of PS3 has shifted drastically from affordability to accessibility and availability.

It does not translate to the fact that you cannot get it no matter how hard you try, but you should be ready for a long search because PS3 is now very scarce in the market.

A brand new PS3 goes for different prices in different stores. They are readily available in Sony stores across Ghana and can also be purchased from gaming consoles stores and other electronic stores.

Based on the diversity in location and other factors like the internal memory of the gaming console, the place and period of purchase; there is variation in the prices of PS3.

Nevertheless, you can get a brand new PS3 in Ghana now on the average of ₵1,300 -₵1,750.Although during festive periods and holidays, the prices stand a higher risk of inflation.

What is the Price of a Fairly Used PS3 in Ghana?

Foreign and locally used PS3 are more available in Ghana than brand new ones. The gaming consoles are usually durable and rugged, which enhances the availability of the reasonably used versions.

Generally, they are cheaper and more accessible than the brand new versions.

The list below shows the average price range of fairly used PS3 in the current Ghana market. Whether it is a foreign or locally used version will also be highlighted:

Foreign Used Playstation 3 prices in Ghana: ₵800 – ₵1,250

Locally Used Playstation 3 prices in Ghana: ₵500 – ₵700

Note that the variation in the rates of fairly used Playstation 3 is due to several factors ranging from the physical condition of the gaming console, efficiency, additional features and other fundamental factors.

Things You Will Like about PlayStation 3

1. Affordability

Due to the introduction of PS4 into the gaming world, the price of PS3 has gone down drastically. Lovers of PS3 who could not afford it at the time it was reigning, can now get it because it is now very affordable.

2. Durability

The box that PS3 came in is powerful and quite easy to maintain. It can be used for a very long time with little or no serious issues sprouting up.

3. Efficiency

Sony is a reliable brand and so it deserves trust. All its gaming consoles, especially PS3, is functional and efficient. It runs smoothly without hanging.

Things You May Dislike about PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 is gradually dwindling in the market. This is as a result of the birth of newer versions and P3 not meeting the expectation of its users.

However, it is a great gaming console, and you will love it.

Where to Buy a PS3 in Ghana

Playstation3 are readily available on e-commerce sites and tech stores across the country.

Besides, you can purchase your brand new PS3 from Jumia, Telefonika, etc. and your fairly used PS3 from Jiji.

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