PSP Game Player Prices and Specs in Nigeria (2022/2023)

What Is The Best Psp In 2022?

Relaxation in Nigeria is no more what it used to be. Time has gone past playing old games during leisure time or listen to stories. Nigerians now spend their leisure time relaxing with their video games such as PSP. In this post, we would be discussing PSP prices and specs.

In Nigeria, we cannot undermine the impact of video game players. Video games have a significant influence on the youths life as it helps them think strategically, tackle challenges and solve problems.

In Nigeria, we now have portable video game players opposing the electrically powered ones we have before. Video game manufacturers are also evolving with innovations. They created this game player which fascinated their users.

One of these video game players is the well-known PSP which offers more than gaming as it gives access to watch movies, listen to music and lots more alongside numerous games.

Sony PSP 3000 is a slim, portable gaming console that offers a great gaming experience and mobile entertainment. Sony Computer Entertainment is the manufacturer of this gaming console.

PSP comes in a top-notch design which is slightly different from the PlayStation gaming console style, control, and feature. The console system supports high definition, features implausible sound supports, excellent graphics, online options, and other fascinating functionality.

With all these great features and top functionality, a lot of Nigerians perceives PSP has been expensive without having adequate information on the price of this device.

This post will, therefore, enlighten you on the price of PSP in Nigeria.

Prices of PSP in Nigeria

In Nigeria, We have the new PSP as well as the Used ones and their price differs distinctively.

Price of Brand New PSP in Nigeria

As against the perception of Nigerians on the amount of this gaming console price, it is quite affordable. Considering the features as well as the functionality of this device then the price is quite affordable this makes it the most sold portable video game in  Nigeria.

PSP comes in different Upgrades, storage sizes, hard disk drive sizes, and types. All these are determining factors of the price of the PSP. The list below highlights the c of a new PSP in Nigeria.

E1000N18, 000 – N27, 000
3000N22, 000 – N35, 000
GON27, 000 – N42, 000

Price of Used PSP in Nigeria

As we know, everyone might not be able to afford a new PSP, but getting a used one is not a bad idea in as much as it’s still working perfectly. There are two categorize of used PSP in Nigeria, and their prices also differ. They are:

Locally Used PSP

 E3000N6, 500 – N17, 000
 1000N8,5000 – N25, 000
2000N11, 000-N22,000
GoN12, 000 – N29, 000

Foreign Used PSP

E3000N10, 000 – N20, 000.
 1000N17, 000 – N25, 000
GoN14, 000 – N30, 000

Purchase of PSPs can be from tech stores, online stores, and other gadgets stores around although Sony stores are the best place to get PSPS from because of credibility, reliability and also the availability of other games at the store.

Specs of PSP

Quick Specs of PSP E3000

Resolution4.3-inch LCD Display
Lenght( 169.4 × 18.6 × 71.4 mm)Dimensions
Memory64MB RAM
Built-in Storage64MB
Stereo Speakers
MemoryStick Pro Duo
SpeakerBuilt-in Microphone
USB2.0 Port
Disc DriveUMD (Universal Media Disc)

Quick Specs of PSP Go

3.8-inch LCD Display
Built-in Storage: 16GB
Headset Connector
Memory: 64MB RAM
Weight: 158g
333MHz Processor
Wi-Fi 802.11b
Disc Drive: UMD (Universal Media Disc)
Built-in Microphone
USB 2.0 Port
Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
Memory Stick Pro Duo: up to 32GB
Stereo Speakers
1200mAh Battery

Quick Specs of PSP E1000

Display (480 x 272 pixels Resolution)4.3-inch LCD
Dimensions: 172.4 × 73.4 × 21.6 mm
Memory: 64MB RAM
Built-in Storage: 64MB
Weight: 223g
Disc Drive: UMD (Universal Media Disc)
Mono Speakers
Headset Connector
USB 2.0 Port
Memory Stick Pro Duo

Quick Specs of PSP 2000

Display (480 x 272 pixels Resolution)4.3-inch LCD
Built-in Microphone
( 169.4 × 18.6 × 71.4 mm) Dimensions
Weight: 189g
Memory: 64MB RAM
Disc Drive: UMD (Universal Media Disc)
Headset Connector
Wi-Fi 802.11b
Stereo Speakers
USB 2.0 Port
Memory Stick Pro Duo
1200mAh Battery
Built-in Storage: 64MB


PSP is one of the most powerful portable gaming systems ever to be produced as it comes with the features of a portable player such as built-in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector, brightness control, and sound mode selection. As well as e-gaming experience with over 700 games.

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