Range Rover Sport in Nigeria: Price & Review

How Much Does A Range Rover Sport Cost In Nigeria?

Are you thinking of shopping for your dream car “Range Rover Sport” in Nigeria? We’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll be sharing all the necessary details you need to make your shopping experience a fabulous one.

The Range Rover Sport, popularly referred to as the Vin Diesel of automobiles is rated among the best vehicles to be manufactured on planet earth.

This automobile comes in classy, efficient, commanding, and superb designs.

Since the introduction of the first model in 2006, Range Rover Sport has been a leading automobile in the SUV marketplace all over the world.

Although the automobile does not come cheap, this hasn’t stopped it from dominating the marketplace. And its massive demand, especially in Nigeria has made the brand dubbed as “the big man’s ride”.


You can decide to take a survey of Nigerians and ask them which dream car they wish for; I am absolutely sure that over 50% will choose the Range Rover Sport over others.

This reveals the automobile’s hype and high rating among Nigerians. It is deserved because of the class and comfort it exhibits.

The Range Rovers Sport in the Nigerian Market

Presently, the Range Rover Sport is dominating the automobile market in Nigeria.

It has not only made other SUVs look average but has mystically dominated the Nigerian market completely. The automobile brand has also pushed the popular Hummer out of the marketplace.

Thanks to its fabulous and user-friendly features, Nigerians have already made up their mind to opt for this SUV since the introduction of its first model into the marketplace.

With lots of controversies about the cost of purchasing this automobile, it is essential to discuss the price of the different models in the market, whether foreign-used, brand new, or locally used.

In this article, we will highlight the prices of the models and explore the reasons for the price variations.

Price of Range Rover Sport in Nigeria

The major uncertainty about the Range Rover Sport is its price.

Although the automobile brand comes with impressive and user-friendly features, some people believe that this automobile is too expensive for the market.


Even though the price is on the high side, the Range Rover Sport is still dominating and leading the SUV automobile market in Nigeria.

Price of Brand New Range Rover Sport in Nigeria

You can get a brand new Range Rover Sport in Nigeria, either from the distributors or directly from the manufacturers. The price of the latest model is between ₦66 million – ₦80 million.

Price of Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Range Rover Sport in Nigeria

ModelPrice Range(₦)
Range Rover Sport 2006 – 20085 million – 7 million
Range Rover Sport 2009 – 20127 million – 14 million
Range Rover Sport 2013 – 201614 million – 35 million

You have to keep in mind that the variation in these prices is subject to certain factors.

They include the year of production, custom clearance tariff, and currency exchange rate, which depends on the country the automobile, is being shipped from.

Price of Locally Used Range Rover Sport in Nigeria

ModelPrice Range(₦)
Range Rover Sport 2006 – 20084 million – 6 million
Range Rover Sport 2009 – 20126 million – 12 million

Kindly note that several factors can influence the costs of the locally used automobile. They include the fuel economy of the car, the year of production, the condition of the vehicle, and other relevant factors.

Where to Buy Range Rover Sport in Nigeria

You can get a brand new Range Rover Sport in Nigeria, either from the distributors or directly from the manufacturers.

Also, you get foreign or locally used Range Rover Sport from reputable companies like Jiji, and Car 45.

Essential Details You Need To Know About Range Rover Sport

If you are looking for an automobile that meets almost everyone’s needs, you are definitely in the right place.

This superb vehicle combines luxury with smooth riding, excellent efficiency, and comfort.


Despite its unique name, some features of the old lady Land Rover LR3 were altered to manufacture this sedan. Due to its better handling and efficient on-road performance, it has made individuals opt for this sedan.

The sedan features two trim levels, which come with a highly efficient v8 5.0-liter engine to produce 375 pound-feet of torque and 375 horsepower.

On the other hand, the ultra-charged model’s V8 delivers an exceptional 510 horsepower and 461 lb-ft.

The sedan also boasts superb features. They include a dynamic response control, manual shift control, and adjustable anti-roll bars to optimize handling and control.

Features that Make the Range Rover Sport Stand Out

1. Powerful V8 Engine

I am sure that you are a powerful vehicle with a strong engine for optimum efficiency. The case is not different for the Range Rover.

It is designed with a powerful v8 engine. The newest version even features a superb supercharged v8 engine with powerful horsepower.

2. Fuel-Saving Diesel Engine

This automobile is not the best in terms of fuel mileage. However, the brand deserves some accolades for its fuel economy given its powerful engine and efficiency rate.

3. Beauty

You only need to look at this SUV once to appreciate its magnificent beauty. From its robust exterior to its well-designed interior, you can only admire this automobile.

4. Top Quality Safety Features

Despite its fantastic design, this automobile comes with incredible safety features.

They include lane departure prevention, advance two assists, blind-spot monitoring, and an autonomous braking system.

Things You May Dislike About the Range Rover Sport

1. The high cost of purchase

Almost everyone is a fan of Range Rover Sport, but the primary issue is its unfriendly price.

Whether new, foreign, or locally used, the  SUV is still expensive. However, I assure you that the automobile is worth paying for.

2. Fuel consumption

Another thing you may dislike about this SUV is its fuel consumption. Some models of this automobile don’t go easy on gas. Only the recent models have a better fuel economy.

3. The high cost of maintenance


Generally, the Range Rover Sport is expensive to maintain, and this is a significant downside to the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

The Range Rover Sport is indeed the Vin Diesel of automobiles. Its classic, luxurious, and efficient designs are what make the vehicle worth paying for.

Although the SUV is not pocket-friendly, the fact remains that Nigerians have embraced this automobile and it will stand the test of time in the marketplace.

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