10 Best Reasons Why Should Visit Nigeria For A Vacation

10 Best Reasons Why Should Visit Nigeria For A Vacation

Vacation is a very special time for most families, the events, lessons, and memories formed during such family adventure make for stories that will last for generations. When it comes to the best places to spend a vacation, holiday or honeymoon, the places that come to mind are the Bahamas, Miami, Los Angeles, Moscow, London, etc.

But believe me, Nigeria is one of the best places to spend your vacation. From luxurious resorts to ranches, caves, and rivers, foreigners are trooping in scores to have an amazing time with their family. There are a lot of reasons you should come to Nigeria for your vacation and a lot of sights that will be worth your time.

We have the Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar, La Campagne Tropicana in Lagos, Kano city wall in Kano state, Gashaki-Gumpti National Park in Taraba state and so many other attractions across the country. However, most Nigerians still prefer to spend their holidays out of the country.

I’m not saying citizens shouldn’t vacation outside their country but have you explored great Nigeria enough? Well, this is the wrong approach to life. Nigeria has a lot of mind-blowing sights and beautiful scenery. Which you would find amazing if you visit. Here are:

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10 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Vacation in Nigeria

  1. Nigeria is filled with culture:

Nigeria is highly multicultural, with more than 250 ethnic groups, over 400 tribes, and various religious beliefs. there is no real clear sense of what makes something “Nigerian.” Yes, there is no one way of doing things that is “Nigerian.” Our way of life is one of the most uniquely recognized culture globally.

Every month there is a major cultural celebration nationwide i.e. The New Yam festival, Argungun Fishing festival, a vacation in Nigeria would open your eyes to see the beauty of African culture.

  1. You have a lot to learn from the indigent:

What does exist is the 300 plus indigenous cultures that you can choose to learn about in this country. Each one has its food, dressing, language, festivals, and general way of life. It is an avalanche of flavor and wisdom just waiting to be tapped. A vacation in Nigeria is very worth it. You just gonna love it!

  1. Nature still lives in Nigeria:

Yes, we still have that fresh early morning breeze, birds chirping under the sun and a lot of green. From the beaches to bus stops there is a vibrant spring of life and it is always a bright and sunny day. Nigeria has some of the most beautiful landmarks and terrains. Come and see.

  1. Unique people:

Nigerian is the typical work hard play hard kind of people. There is this thing about Nigerians that give them the ability to make things happen. Every scenery is re-interpreted from music, comedy, entertainment to fashion, even our sense of humor is unique and that is why we are so different.

If you are looking for people who work so hard and never feel the pain, a Nigerian is your person. Little wonder, thousands visit Nigeria during vacations or festivals to see them smile and enjoy our exciting events and activities.

  1. Peace and progress:

That is a phrase gotten from the Nigerian motto. Although a lot has happened from civil wars, violence, terrorism, riots, accidents and terrible incident. All these are bound to happen worldwide but when it happens in Nigeria, as soon as the event folds up, we rehabilitate and continue smiling.

That is why the lifespan of Nigerians are longer than in most African countries. We don’t live today as if it’s our last, we live today to secure a better tomorrow(the children). 10 Best Reasons to Spend a Vacation in Nigeria.

  1. No stop entertainment:

Yes, Nigerians are good at producing the finest movies and the best music in Africa. “Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world”- Wikipedia and of course, the largest in Africa. Nollywood movies can compete with some Hollywood movies.

We’ve had a few blockbusters ourselves. Nollywood is just simply amazing. Plus the ability to make fiction look more like a biography, the action just keeps rolling in. The entertainment does not just stop on the t.v screen, on the streets, there are children playing football, browsing through the net or social media, you find the most people with the most amazing sense of humor. If you’re feeling down come down to Nigeria and experience life afresh.

  1. We are rich people:

The richest man in Africa is Nigerian. There is hardly a niche in the world where a Nigerian have no power and influence. We still have untapped resources and the quest to be the best has always been the backbone of our success stories. A lot of Nigerians started their life with nothing and ended up as gurus in multiple industries. One of the most used slogans for a determined Nigerian is “No condition is permanent, we go make am one day!”. With these words, their life began.

  1. Beautiful places:

Nigeria is a really nice place to visit on a family vacation as the kids or tourist, you will learn a lot about the famous Benin Empire, Oyo empire, pre-colonial rules, the Igbo culture and a lot. Plus you even get to see a lot of resorts, parks, museums, elegant hotels, malls, beaches, caves, waterfalls, rivers, and unique terrains. The Obudu Cattle Ranch, Yankari Games Reserve, Okomu National Park, Tinapa Business Resort is just a small list of our mouthwatering places.

  1. The food:

Over 15 million tourists have confirmed that they come to Nigeria for her “wonders, delight and delicacies”. Nigeria has a lot of amazing dishes. The meals here are healthy and quite tasty. There are over 6 different types of jollof rice prepared in Nigeria. Other cuisines you will surely enjoy after trying them out are egusi soup, vegetable soup, African salad, bean porridge, amala and Ewedu, Agoyi beans, okra soup, and the likes.

  1. The Arts:

Earlier this last year, Adekunle gold released his hit single “ire” which means goodness. This song was so good that a lot of videos were made of locals and foreigner sharing their own covers. A lot of Nigerian poets have received international recognition, a lot of Nigerian artists have made groundbreaking paintings, sculptures and clay work. Even the Benin masks is a major attraction in major museums. Art in Nigeria is on is on another level. If you’re an art lover or critic, come down to Nigeria and be the judge of that.

What is Nigeria known for?

Nigeria is known for its diverse culture, rich history, and natural beauty. It’s famous for its vibrant music industry, producing globally recognized artists like Fela Kuti and Burna Boy. Nigeria is also known for its delicious cuisine, including jollof rice and suya. The country boasts a diverse landscape, from savannas to rainforests, and is home to abundant wildlife. It’s renowned for Nollywood, the world’s second-largest film industry. Additionally, Nigeria has a significant role in African politics and economics, being the most populous country on the continent and a major oil producer.

There you have it, 10 awesome reasons why you should spend your next summer, winter, Christmas, new year and even honeymoon in Nigeria. True, when it comes to politics, sports, military, music or entertainment, we are not the best. But we do know how to make the best out of terrible situations. I do hope you enjoyed this article if you did please be sure to leave us a comment or drop your idea below.

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