Review & Prices of Honda Crosstour in Nigeria (2023/2024)

Prices of Honda Crosstour

Since its introduction in 2009, Honda has made a tremendous improvement in the car design to satisfy its customer’s specifications.

The Honda Accord Crosstour is perhaps the most classy and exclusive crossover vehicles you can find today. Although, it is slightly longer than other Honda lineup, it also has a much lower profile.

The production of this Honda Crosstour has since stopped because the company experienced slow sales. In Nigeria, you will probably find models ranging from 2010 to 2015, as production was halted in 2016 for commercial reasons.

It is both excellent for family recreational activities and as a stylish piece of machine for that single gentleman or lady. The fantastic thing about the Crosstour is the class it brings whenever it shows up.

Furthermore, it stands out as a car of cars, or if you like, a crossover among crossovers.


Slightly longer than Honda’s lineup of SUVs, including the Element, CR-V, HR-V and even earlier versions like the Honda Passport, but it does have a much lower profile.

It has a similar platform like the Accord, but can be referred to as a Wagon variation of the Accord Brand. Besides, it is one of the luxury automobiles of the Honda brand and commands the respect that comes with the name.

If you’re considering buying this product, you may have just landed on the right page. There was a time when every young guy driving a Crosstour was a suspected Yahoo boy or a political courier or drug pusher, or something illegal.

Well, that’s what people thought, but it’s solely because of the “luxury” status accorded it in their minds. But is the Crosstour that expensive? I have already stated that production of the Honda Crosstour models ceased in 2016.

What I didn’t mention was that production was discontinued as a result of slow sales, similar to what happened with the Element. That should tell you that there are no new Crosstours in the market.

However, what you can get as Tokunbo (foreign used) or Second-hand (Nigerian used) are also very clean, because the brand is still relatively new.

How much does Honda Crosstour Cost?

This review is limited to just Tokunbo and Nigerian used Crosstours, because those are what is readily available in the Nigerian market.

The Honda Crosstour is a luxury crossover SUV that has the exterior design of a 5-door station wagon. Its versions include the Front-Wheel Drive and the All-Wheel Drive.

A 3.5-ltr V6 engine powers the car and can also work alternatively with the 2.4-ltr 4-cylinder engine, especially the front-wheel drive. It is closely related with the Accord Acura TL and was a close competitor of the Venza for some years.


The 2013 model was introduced to the market before the dawn of that year with some upgrades.

It had a much more powerful and more fuel-efficient Earth Dreams V6 engine attached with a 6-speed automatic that replaced the previous V6 and 5-speed automatic versions.

Its dimensions stand at Length;195.8 in (4,973 mm), Width; 74.7 in (1,897 mm), Height; 65.7 in (1,669 mm). The regular Crosstour design has a two-row seating arrangement and can comfortably seat four persons with a driver.

The 2013 remodelling introduced a pattern common with more recent versions. There is an improved Fuel economy for V6 models, up to an EPA-estimated 20/30/23 mpg (city/highway/combined) both for front-wheel-drive as well as 19/28/22 mpg for all-wheel-drive.

On the inside, there is a 10-way superpower (2-way lumbar) driver’s seat, giving you a good look at the beautifully mounted auto-dimming rearview mirror which also became standard on all trims.

Also, the vehicle comes fully fitted with a sound player, good AC system, alloy wheels, amazingly steady tyres, touchscreen, USB port and several other features.

Things you will like about the Honda Crosstour

There are some crucial factors to note that may also increase your interest in this crossover SUV. Some of them include;


Trust me, there are quite several SUVs and crossovers that may appear large on the outside, but have a very tight interior. This is not the case with the Crosstour.

It was built to fit your needs and create that homely ambience away from home.



Perhaps, you’re one of those Nigerians who do not want to use vehicles that are too mass-produced. This may be the one for you. There are not too many Crosstour owners in Nigeria. This gives some form of value and exclusivity to an owner.

3. High Performance

The high-powered V6 engine is a top choice for many reasons. It is durable and also high performing. If you know about cars, you should know what I mean. The fact that it is a 3.5-ltr engine also makes it an economy vehicle.

4. Style: It is often a feat for automobile makers when they make SUVs and Crossovers that are equally fascinating to look at. From the interior beauty to the exterior curves and lines, this one is a no-brainer.

Other additional features include monitoring system, anti-lock braking system, standard airbags, and several other stuff you’d want your ride to have.

Things you may not like about Honda Crosstour

Below are the things you may dislike about the Honda Crosstour;

  • The price of the Crosstour is seen as a bit on the high side by many people.
  • Parts are also quite expensive due to the exclusivity of the vehicle.
  • Since it is not a standard SUV, but a Crossover, it could be too much to expect the same rugged performance you get from a Highlander, Prado, 4Runner, and the others.

However, you can still get good looking foreign and Nigerian used ones for sale in Nigeria.

Essential Things you should know about the Honda Crosstour

Being a luxury crossover SUV, the classiest you can find, it has an impressive exterior design of a 5-doored wagon. Versions are available in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

It features a 3.5lit v6 engine and can work alternatively with a 2.4lit I4 cylinder engine in the front wheel drove version.

Also, the 2013 model comes with better features like a good and powerful engine, excellent fuel economy engine. It also introduces a pattern similar to new brands. It also features a USB port, alloy wheels, steady tires, touchscreen and many more.

Furthermore, the vehicle is roomy and exclusive to the user. It has a high-performance engine which is perfect for our Nigerian roads. Moreover, Honda Crosstour comes in style and grace.

Besides, it features additional safety and security properties like monitoring system, anti-lock braking system, and standard airbags.

The Prices of Honda Crosstour

Below is the current price of Tokunbo and Nigerian-used Honda Crosstour as of 2020.

Prices of foreign used models of Honda Crosstour

Model YearPrice
20114.5 – 9 million
20126.5 – 13 million
20137.5 – 10 million
EX-AWD 20138.5 – 10.5 million
20148.5 – 10 million
2014 EX8.5 – 10 million
20159- 15 million

Prices of locally used Honda Crosstour

Model YearPrice
20114.5-6 million
20125-5 million
20135-6 million
EX-AWD 20136-7 million
20145-6 million
2014 EX6-7 million
20156-7 million

Where to Purchase Honda Crosstour

Like I earlier stated, brand new Honda Crosstour is no longer available in the market. However, you can still purchase the second-hand ones.

You can purchase your Tokunbo or locally used Honda Crosstour from Jiji, Car 45 or other car dealers within the country.

Is Honda Crosstour expensive to maintain?

The maintenance cost of a Honda Crosstour can vary depending on several factors, including the vehicle’s age, mileage, and how well it has been maintained. Generally, Honda vehicles are known for their reliability and durability, which often translates into lower maintenance costs compared to some other brands.

Routine maintenance tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacements should be relatively affordable. However, the cost can increase if your Crosstour requires major repairs or if you opt for dealership servicing over independent mechanics.


Additionally, the availability of genuine Honda parts can affect maintenance costs. In some regions, Honda parts may be more readily available and affordable than in others.

To minimize maintenance expenses, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, address issues promptly, and consider regular check-ups to catch potential problems early. 

Is the Honda Crosstour a reliable vehicle?

The Honda Crosstour is generally considered a reliable vehicle. Honda is well-regarded for its reputation for producing durable and long-lasting cars, and the Crosstour is no exception. Many owners have reported years of trouble-free driving with their Crosstours.

However, it’s essential to note that the Crosstour was discontinued by Honda in 2015 due to slow sales, which might affect the availability of certain parts and servicing in the future. Additionally, like any vehicle, regular maintenance is crucial to keep it running reliably.


If you are considering getting the Honda Crosstour, I assure you that you’re making the right and smart choice. The Honda Crosstour is The Honda Accord Crosstour is perhaps the most classy and exclusive crossover vehicles you can find today.

The car comes with impressive and top features like amazingly steady tyres, high-performance engine etc. Although the Honda Crosstour expensive but it worths the money.


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