Rhode Island ZIP Code List – List of ZIP Code in the State of Rhode Island

What Are The Zip Codes In Rhode Island?

The state of Rhode Island is located on the Atlantic coast of the United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the north and Connecticut to the south, and its capital city is Providence. Today, Rhode Island has a population of around 1.1 million people, making it one of the smallest states in terms of population. And by area (1,544 square miles).

Zip codes are used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to sort mail. The term ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan; it was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently, and therefore more quickly when senders use the code in the correct manner. The state of Rhode Island is made up of 51 zip codes.

These are the zip codes and their respective land areas, as well as the cities and counties they cover.


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Common CitiesCountyZip CodeLand Area
AshawayWashington County0280426,151,300
BradfordWashington County0280820,630,300
CarolinaWashington County0281217,189,400
Carolina, QuonochontaugWashington County0281394,433,000
Central Falls, PawtucketProvidence County028633,110,990
Chepachet, HarmonyProvidence County02814115,948,000
Chepachet, PascoagProvidence County0285973,465,700
ClayvilleProvidence County0281510,805,300
Clayville, Foster CenterProvidence County02825139,970,000
CranstonKent County, Providence County0283124,910,200
CranstonProvidence County0292134,041,200
Cranston, ProvidenceProvidence County029075,700,780
Cranston, ProvidenceProvidence County029098,954,990
Cranston, ProvidenceProvidence County029108,913,160
Cranston, ProvidenceProvidence County0292023,780,100
Cumberland Hill, Valley FallsProvidence County0286468,323,500
East ProvidenceProvidence County0291412,653,300
East ProvidenceProvidence County0291514,329,700
East ProvidenceProvidence County029166,617,780
East Providence, Pawtucket, ProvidenceProvidence County0286013,980,600
GreeneKent County0282754,595,200
GreenvilleProvidence County0282812,507,900
GreenvilleProvidence County0291755,253,800
HarmonyProvidence County02857108,120,000
Harrisville, PascoagProvidence County0283050,216,400
Hope ValleyWashington County0283257,723,100
Hope Valley, WyomingWashington County0289829,911,000
KingstonWashington County028819,361,300
MelvilleNewport County0287144,091,400
Narragansett PierWashington County0288233,140,300
Narragansett Pier, Kingston, Wakefield-PeacedaleWashington County0287996,809,500
NewportNewport County028411,208,300
Newport East, MelvilleNewport County0284232,873,400
Newport, Newport EastNewport County0284018,728,200
Pawtucket, AttleboroBristol County, Providence County028619,227,750
ProvidenceProvidence County029034,643,520
ProvidenceProvidence County0290413,453,500
ProvidenceProvidence County029068,394,520
ProvidenceProvidence County029088,186,050
ProvidenceProvidence County029116,411,110
ProvidenceProvidence County02912112,446
ProvidenceProvidence County0291960,828,000
Providence, CranstonProvidence County029059,707,050
TivertonNewport County0287875,250,600
WarwickKent County0281856,516,600
WarwickKent County0288638,654,300
WarwickKent County0288815,358,700
WarwickKent County0288922,521,500
WarwickKent County0289320,376,800
Weekapaug, Westerly, Watch Hill, MisquamicutWashington County0289168,268,300
WoonsocketProvidence County0289520,043,700

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