100+ Romantic Love Letters For Girlfriend That Will Make Her Cry

Romantic love letters are a great way to tell someone how much you care about them. These letters can be written for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband and even for parents. If you have been feeling in love with someone and want to express it, then writing a romantic love letter is one of the best ways to do so.

The best love letters are written from the heart. They are honest, sincere, and can be very romantic. Writing a love letter is an art that requires knowledge of the writing style used by your partner. If you want to write a romantic love letter for your girlfriend, here are some samples to get you started.


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100+ I Love You With All My Heart Messages For My Lover

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Love Messages For My Girl

1. I love you more than all of the stars in the sky. You are my world, and I would be lost without you. You have given me so much happiness, and I cannot wait to spend more time with you. Thank you for being my love. I promise to provide you with joy for the rest of our lives!

2. Baby, you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Your smile, beautiful eyes, gorgeous body, and brilliant mind. My love for you has grown more potent, and I can’t help myself. I want to wake up next to you every morning and go to bed every night with you in my arms. You are my sunshine, fueling my fire that burns with passion for our love. I feel so lucky that we found each other…

3. I can’t imagine a life without you. You are the beat of my heart and the only person I want to share my life with. I am so lucky to have you, and the thought of life without you breaks my heart. You are everything I could ever ask for in a woman and more. I love you forever!

4. You’re the most beautiful person in this world. I think of you first when I wake up and the last thing before going to sleep. You make my life a sky full of light and happiness! I just wanted to tell you that I love you wholeheartedly!

5. I am so lucky to have you. You are my world, my life, and my everything. I love you more than you’ll ever know. I would do anything for you. You’re better than a dream come true, and there’s nothing that could ever convince me otherwise. Thank you for coming into my life; I love you!

6. Dearest, I’ve never felt like this with another person before you. You make my whole world feel right when I’m with you. There is no one I’d rather spend my life with than you. I love the way you laugh and smile and everything about you. You’re the most fantastic person, and I’m so happy we found each other. Sorry, that was cheesy! Ha! But seriously, I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have met you…

7. I love you more than the stars in the sky, more than I can count. You are my best friend, soul mate, and future wife. I love you with all my heart and will never stop.

8. I have been thinking a lot lately about our relationship and where we are going. I know sometimes I get wrapped up in my job, the house, etc., but there is something much more important to me than that – you. You are always there for me unconditionally. You listen to my problems and help me find a solution when I’m stressed. When I’m depressed, you cheer me up, and when I’m happy, you share your joy with me, and for that, I love you so much, baby

9. To my beautiful girlfriend, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the chance to love you. You are my best friend, my soul-mate, and I honestly believe you were sent from heaven to make me the happiest man on earth. I can’t wait to see what our future holds together and how much more in love we will get as years go by.

10. You are my everything. You’ve made me happier than I ever was before. I love you with all my heart. No one could replace you. I want to throw away every other relationship I could have with another woman and never look back. You are the gorgeous girl of my dreams, the one who makes me smile every day when she walks into the room. I can’t stop saying these things because they’re so true – you’re unique, precious, beautiful, and extraordinary!

Profound Love Letter For Girlfriend

11. Ever since we met, I’ve fallen deeper and deeper in love with you. We’ve been through thick and thin, but nothing will keep us apart. I want you to know that you are the love of my life. I would give up everything for you; without you, I wouldn’t be happy!

12. I love you more and more every day. You’ve become my whole life, my reason for being. I can’t wait to have you in my arms again. I am so thankful for our time together and looking forward to the future we will create together.

13. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Your laugh, your smile, the way you make me feel when I’m with you. All these feelings have and will always make me love you so profoundly. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

14. dear baby girl, it’s me again. I’m sorry for causing you pain; I am so sorry, baby. I know it hurts a lot, but I want you to know that I love you more than anything else. I want us to be together because no girl is better than you. Even though the situation right now may seem impossible, please believe me when I say that I still love you with all my heart and soul.

15. I have finally found you, my love. I have searched for what seems like forever, but now that I have found the one true love of my life, I can honestly say that my search is over. It’s funny how fate works, but now that I have found her, I am determined never to lose her again. You are my best friend and the only one in this world that has ever held my heart.

16. When I met you, my world turned right-side-up. I didn’t understand it. All I knew was that I had never felt like this before. You make me laugh at the silliest things and always make me feel like a million bucks. You are so beautiful, and your smile lights up the whole room. You’re so perfect in every way, and even though life was more manageable when you weren’t in it, now it’s much better with you here with me.

17. You hold the key to my every happiness — that I never knew existed. When you look at me, I feel like I am the most beautiful boy in the world. You bring me so much joy that I just can’t stop smiling. I love you more every day!

18. I do not talk to you each day. I do not feel your touch every night. But all I have to do is hear your voice, feel your presence, or just see you walk into a room, and my heart beats faster. Just thinking of you makes me want to burst out in song! You bring such joy and happiness to my life, and there is no one else who can take your place. There is no one else I’d instead share my dreams with.

19. When I am away from you, I feel such a sense of emptiness and longing that I can barely bear it. You fill my dreams, my thoughts, and all the spaces in between, a joy to behold. All I want is to spend every moment with you.

20. I can’t understand why but I just can’t stop loving you. If I have to live without you, I don’t want to live anymore. I know my life will be empty and cold without you, just like the winter days with no sun in the snow, because your love warms me up.

A Short Love Letter To My Girlfriend

21. It just takes a look into your eyes to see how much you love me. It’s like the warmest hug I could ever imagine. Your beautiful smile makes any day better, and you make my mornings worth getting up for. I love you more than anything, my fantastic girlfriend. You’re a gift that I’m so thankful for every day.

22. I love you so much. You make me feel complete and show me how much a man should be loved by his woman. You are a wonderful girlfriend, and I want to let you know that I thank God that He put us together and that I am in love with you.

23. I love you so much it hurts; I just want to spend every second with you and never lose you. You are why I wake up in the morning; your fantastic smile is all I want to see. You are the most beautiful person in the world to me, and our love is like a fire that will never go out. You mean more to me than anything or anyone else could ever bring.

24. I LOVE YOU more than anything, baby. You make me so happy, and I am glad you are here with me in this beautiful time of my life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope we can always stay together and never lose each other. I can’t wait to marry you! I love you so much.

25. I miss you so much. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I can’t wait for our next date. Your eyes are like the ocean, your lips make my heart skip a beat, and your touch makes me weak in the knees. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found someone so perfect for me.

26. I Love You! I miss you so much, and I cannot wait until you come home this weekend. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you and kiss your lips. You are my everything.

27. I want to be your last first kiss, the only one you’ll ever need. I want to be the last face you see before you fall asleep at night. I want to be your best friend and first love. I want to love you for eternity!

28. There are millions of things I could say about how I feel about you, but I’ll keep it short and sweet for once. I love you more than anything and miss you every day you’re away!

29. When I look into your eyes, I see a light that radiates from within. It’s you that makes me feel alive and free. All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you, side by side and hand in hand. We are going to have a beautiful future together!

30. I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much and thank you for being with me and showing me how to be a better man!

An Emotional Love Letter To Girlfriend

31. I love you more than the ocean needs water and the sky needs air. I love you more than the mountains need rocks and the desert needs sand. I love you more than space needs the stars, and dreams need wishes. I love you more than time needs seconds, and words need meaning.

32. I love you so much. Words don’t even describe how much my heart swells when I see you or how every time I kiss you, I want to hold you forever. You are such a fantastic girl. Life doesn’t make sense without you in it.

33. You are my purpose. The reason I wake up every morning is to be with you. From the first moment we kissed, I knew that you were special and that we were meant to be together. The sun shines for us, and the moon glows for us when we are apart. I don’t know how long I have been with you, but I will make it count because I love you so much.

34. You have been the best lover, my best friend, and the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. You have always listened to me, supported me, and encouraged me. I love you so much it makes it harder to sleep each night because of how passionately I think about you. You are my sunshine in the storm.

35. Some days, I wonder how someone as beautiful and perfect as you exist. My love for you grows stronger each day. You are my everything, and I work towards making you happy every day.

36. I’m still in shock that you are with me. You are my everything, and I love you so much! All this time we have been together having been the best time of my life – and it keeps getting better. Thank you for being with me, for letting me into your heart, and for loving everything about me. I love you!

37. My favorite, the one and only, you have my heart from the very first day we met, and I haven’t stopped loving you since. Every time I look at you, my heart explodes with butterflies. Every time I kiss you, I melt as we kiss more profound. When you are away from me, all I want to do is please you in any way that makes you happy.

38. You are my true love, and I can’t imagine life without you. You always ask me to describe how it feels when I look at you or tell you that I love you. Words don’t even come close to what I think. First, I feel like every cell in my body vibrates with excitement. Then, my heart skips a beat or two, and the world around goes silent except for the sound of your voice. It’s hard to explain.

39. I miss you and love you so much, baby. I’ve been thinking about what we talked about the other day, and I can’t wait to show you that I’m in this for the long run much love always.

40. You are much more than I could have ever hoped for in a partner. You are intelligent, funny, sexy, beautiful, and every other positive adjective in the book. You brighten my days and make me smile every day! So as you go off to school this week, don’t forget that your boyfriend misses you terribly!

The Sweetest Love Letter To Your Girlfriend

41. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am glad I did it! You are the most amazing girlfriend in the world and the love of my life. I hope you know that every day. I love you so much, baby!

42. I want you to understand how much I love you. I want to let you know that most of my thoughts are of your smile and giggles when we kiss in the middle of the night. I want to spend every waking moment by your side. I don’t ever need anything else but you. You are my past, present, and future.

43. I’ve loved you ever since we were friends and now look at us, four great years together. I will always love you, my dear. When I’m with you, I feel like the luckiest girl alive. You mean the world to me and me to you. I can’t wait to grow old with you and do everything life has in store for us. You are my love, sound, and so life won’t be as amazing if we weren’t together as much.

44. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you. I love being in your arms. I know that we are deeply in love, forever.

45. I miss you so much. You are in my dreams, my thoughts, and my heart. I can’t get you out of my mind. My nights are lonely without you by my side, and it stops me from sleeping. My love for you is as strong as ever and grows as each day passes.

46. I can’t stop thinking about how happy you make me. You are the light of my day and the sparkle in my eye. Your smile lights up my world and gives me butterflies. No one else I would rather spend my time with than you!

47. The first time we met at work, I knew that you were a particular person and the love of my life. Our friendship grew over time, and we have much in common, especially emotionally. We can talk about anything, and I feel safe and loved when we’re together. It’s funny how fate brought us together. I’m so glad God put you in my life!

48. I love you with all my heart and will forever. You are the most incredible woman I have ever met, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I know that you will always put me before yourself, which is something I love about you. You are one of my biggest blessings, and I don’t think I could face a day without you.

49. You are my everything. There isn’t a storybook romance on earth that comes even close to what we have. You make me so happy, and I never imagined that love could be this great. You are so kind and patient with me, and I can’t imagine life without you. I love you!

50. You have shown me that there is more to life. You make me happy; you complete me. I cherish every moment I spend with you. Without you, my whole world would be nothing! Thanks for being in my life.

Love Letter For Your Girlfriend Long Distance Relationship

51. I can’t quite put all my feelings into words, but I love you very much. You are a fantastic girlfriend, and I can’t imagine any other girl being by my side. I can’t wait for you to come home today so we can hang out again! You’re the best!

52. I love you so much. I know we are apart right now, but every night I fall asleep with thoughts of you in my heart. I think of your smile and how happy you make me. You mean everything to me. I wait for the day we will be together again. I love you!

53. Hey, baby. I just called to tell you how much I miss and love you. I can’t wait for us to finally be together again to show you how much you mean to me. Every day seems so long, and I hate being apart from you, but I know we will be together very soon. I hope your day is going well, and always remember that no matter what, I will always love you more than anything in this world.

54. I want to say that I miss you like crazy. I wish we were together all the time! We are the cutest couple in the world! You are so beautiful. Thank you for always being there for me, even when I’m doing stupid things. I love you more than anything in this world, and I can’t wait to see you again!

55. Distance makes me miss you even more, but I won’t scratch wishing you were here with me. I, instead, will love you from a distance and wish you were right in front of me. I love you so much and can’t wait to kiss your sweet lips tomorrow!

56. I wish you could see my heart… for I keep it always inside a chest, locked away safely. This chest is so precious to me, and I guard it with care. You hold the key to my heart, and every day I try to come up with a new way to let you know how much I love you. I think of everything from holding your hand to sending you gifts and flowers! I never have enough words or things I can do to express the love I have inside.

57. I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you again! It’s true love when you miss someone so much. What’s not to love about you? You’re my best friend and always have been. Our relationship is perfect, unique, and fun! I can’t wait for you to be here again.

58. I’ve been without my sunshine for too long. I’m starting to feel cold and empty. Although you aren’t here physically, I miss you more than anything. I can’t wait until we are together so we can lie in bed all day, laugh, watch movies, and just be together. I want to cuddle with you, kiss you and lose myself in you again.

59. Please hold on to that feeling you get when I’m around and know that it will never fade away. I hope this card will let you know how much you mean to me and that I love you to bits!

60. It’s been a struggle these last few weeks. I can’t even begin to express how much I miss you. You are the most important thing to me, the best thing that ever happened to me. Your smile and laugh light up my day and melt my heart melt…”

A Love Letter To A Girlfriend Living In Another Country

61. I miss you every day. You are a particular part of me. You mean so much to me, and I am thankful you were sent into my life. I love everything about you, your cute little nose, your adorable eyes, and the way you hug me as if it’s the last time we will see each other. That’s how much you mean to me! I can’t wait to be with you again in two short months (I love counting the days). Until then, cherish this letter.

62. My dear, I love you so much. Even though we are apart, you are always on my mind. I miss your arms around me, your breath against my skin, and your kisses in my hair. When I close my eyes and think of home, you come to mind. I love you.

63. You are the woman of my life, and no one can be you. All I think about is you. Every hour, minute, and second of the day, my mind is on [you]. I love you with all my heart and soul. We belong together always and forever with no one else but each other.

64. I miss you so much. I think about you all day long and just want to be there with you. I love you so very much, my dearest one.

65. I miss you so, so much. I can’t get over the distance between us. Your smile, your face, and your touch, I just can’t get enough of your love. It’s been almost 11 months together, but who’s counting?

66. I don’t understand why we must be so far apart. I wish you were here with me. You mean the world to me, and your smile brightens my day. I want to love could be like this all the time, but it seems impossible for us ever to get together again. Guess I’ll have to wait for you…

67. I love you more than words could ever express. I am so lucky to have met you and to be lucky enough for you to love me. You are my whole world, and without you, I am nothing. I thank the heavens above for bringing us together so we can bask in each other’s love and devotion. From this moment on, we will face all of life’s most complex challenges together and not only come out on top but flourish. We are soul mates, meant to be together always and forever

68. I can’t think of a better place to be than by your side. You bring me so much joy that I don’t want to let you out of my sight. I love you more than I could ever imagine and cherish the fact that we are together!

69. There is this funny thing I feel when I look into your eyes. It makes me smile and weak at the knees. Now that I have met you, my life has a purpose. Your love is all I need to be happy and to make others happy.

70. When you return, I will treat you like a queen. I will be there every morning with a fresh cup of coffee and homemade cookies. Then I will take you in my arms and hug you tight. As long as I have you, I will always be happy.

Touching Love Letter To Her

71. Even though we haven’t been in a relationship for very long and only met face to face a few weeks ago, I fell in love with you. You’re spectacular, unique, and breathtaking. I’ve never felt this way about anyone, and I think you’re very special to me. I want to be with you forever and show you how much I care about you every day of my life. We are meant to be.

72. I love you! That’s all that matters. That’s what I think about when I look at you, the way you love me back, and we hold each other; those moments make life worth living. You are perfect in every way, and I need you to know how much I love you.

73. I love you so much that I don’t know where to begin. You are my heart, soul, and life; you make me complete. I couldn’t imagine a life without you in it. The thought of you makes my heart pound, and the idea of losing you breaks it all over again. I love every single thing about you and wouldn’t change a thing. You are amazing!

74. I’ve known you for a long time. You made me feel special and appreciated. I’ll never forget how my heart skipped a beat the first time you held my hand and told me, “I love you.” You are caring and generous and make me happy every day! Thank you for showing me that someone special is there for me.

75. We have been through so much together, and I don’t know how we got here. You were always there for me no matter what, and I will be forever grateful. I can think of no better way to say it than to tell you I love you. I am happy because of you, so thank you for being my sweetheart!

76. I know you are worried about us getting married, but I’m concerned about you not being bound to me. I want to hold you every night and wake up with you every morning. I would do anything for you. You mean the world to me, and I love you more than words.

77. I want you to know that I love you. You make everything so beautiful. You bring out the best in me, and I am happy when we’re together. It still amazes me how you fill my heart with joy. Our love is truly one of a kind, and no one else is like you! I can’t wait to wake up every morning and be by your side for the rest of my life. I love you.

78. I know this may sound crazy, but it’s true. I don’t just like you. I love you. You are the sweetest girl I have ever met and the only girl for me. The thought of one day not telling you how much I love you makes me want to cry. But never fear; I’m here for you always.

79. A year and a half ago, I met you. You became my best friend, confidant, and shoulder to cry on. It still baffles me that I’m so lucky to have found you. You amaze me every day and make me smile even when I don’t want to. I love you immensely…   

80. I never thought this could happen to me, but it did. I have found the most fantastic woman in the world. You are my soul mate, and I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else. Your smile brightens up my day. I find myself thinking of you more than anything. I hope you know how special you are to me. I hope this message finds you feeling loved and cherished because that is how I think of you.

A Romantic Love Letter/Message To Her That Will Make Her Cry

81. Life is a journey, and being with you is the perfect destination. Love and cherish every moment of our relationship. You mean so much to me. I love you!

82. I know that we only just met. I know you have your doubts, and I know that you are scared. I wish I could take your pain away and make everything all right. I would take you out on a date every night and give you more love than you can imagine. Let me promise to treat you right, in and out of the bedroom, because I love you very much!

83. Dearest love, everyone has told me how much I would miss you when I leave for college. But then again, you’re the only one that can experience my happiness. You’ve been there through the happiest days of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without you. We have met since we were little, and I am so lucky you have stuck by my side.

84. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met. Your gorgeous eyes and lovable personality are so magnetic that it’s hard to be away from you. My heart always races when you hug me, and I can see our future together in my eyes. I love every bit of you, inside and out.

85. You have given me more joy and happiness than I ever believed possible. You have given my life a sense of direction and a purpose that I thought I’d never find. You are everything to me, my muse, my love, my best friend. I would not trade one second of the past seven years for anything. Our passion continues to grow with each passing year, and as time passes, you turn more beautiful in my eyes.

86. I love you – and I’m happy we’ve made it to another Valentine’s Day. Together let’s keep going, to explore every inch of our lives. To be amazed by each other’s love. To keep growing together. I love you!

87. You are the most fantastic person I have ever known. You make me so happy, and we have a wonderful time together. I love you so much that I just want to keep you to myself, but I know I can’t. I will never let you go, never let you make your own decisions, cause I need your everything! Cause without you, my life would be incomplete!

88. I don’t deserve you. You are more than I could ever hope for. No matter how hard we try to fight it, we love each other even more. It’s so amazing to have someone like you in my life! You are everything I have ever wanted. I love every poor, crazy thing about you. I know what we have is real, and I hope that our love becomes more muscular as time goes by. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you

89. I love you so much, my beautiful heart. You are so much more than just my girlfriend. You are my firm foundation, my rock in the storm, the one I can count on, who makes me whole. You brought me a feeling I had never known before we met. It took us a while to get here, but I thank God we are together every day.

90. I want to take you away from this crazy world. What I would give to be alone with you. I want to show you how much I love you. I will do anything for you. I’m here for you always. You are always on my mind and in my heart. 

Best Love Letter/Message To My Girlfriend                

91. When I met you, my life changed, and I can never thank you enough. You are so sweet that it overpowers me. You make me feel like there is nothing in this world but our love. I would die a happy man because of you if I died right now. You deserve so much happiness! I love you, baby!!!

92. You are my dream come true and the greatest blessing in my life. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you or be loved by someone like you. You’ve made me the happiest man alive, and I don’t know what I would do without you. I’m so glad we found each other and that you are essential to my life.

93. I’m so in love with you. I have never felt this way; my heart beats so fast when I see you or hear your voice. You are the center of my world; everything happens around you. When you’re not here, the world is grey and dull. I need you to succeed and be happy!

94. You make me so happy; I can’t stop smiling. I thank God every day for you. You are my world, and I would do anything for you. Thank you for being you and brightening my entire day with your beautiful smile.

95. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me; I love everything about you; you are beautiful inside and out, intelligent and thoughtful, and always there when I need you. My world is a better place with you in it. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you.

96. I never knew it was possible for someone to love another as much as I love you. You have captured my heart and soul and filled me with hope for the future. I am happier than I have ever been because you are with me. My dreams came true when I found you!

97. I was hoping you’d come tonight, But I didn’t want to push my luck. Wishing you’d let me hold your hand, I won’t try to rush you, baby, Cause that would not be right. I can love you a million ways. There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do. For your love, I’d climb the highest tree. I am happy when I’m with you. I Can’t help but keep coming back for more

98. my love, I hope these words find you, wherever you are. I am lost without you. I need to feel your arms again and that beautiful face of yours. You are the most fantastic woman in my life and the only one who can make me truly happy.

99. Your love is the best thing ever to me. I feel it every second of every day. I love imagining you and me, old and grey. Thank you for being my best friend and showing me what real love feels like. I cherish every moment with you and can’t wait to see the many more we will share.

100. I’ve wanted to say this to you since our meeting: I love you more than words could ever express. You are my soul mate, my happiness, my heart. I am the luckiest man alive to have you in my life. I cherish you and never want to be without you.


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