Current School fees of American University of Nigeria

How Much Is The School Fees For American University Of Nigeria?

The American University of Nigeria is one of the best when talking about tertiary institutions. Many people know about the school, but only a few have the right information about the school, especially the school fees.

Education, they say, is the best legacy. The best you can give a child after-home training as a parent or guardian is quality education. In Nigeria, the education system is retarding due to poor management, fund siphoning, and other factors which is more familiar with government-owned schools.

However, the private sector is trying to revive it by establishing private schools. Presently, private schools compete favorably with public schools at the elementary and secondary stages and even at the tertiary level.

Before now, private universities were seen as option B for students who could not seek admission into public universities, but that notion is now out of it with the number of standard private universities we have in Nigeria today.

We have the likes of the American University of Nigeria, Covenant University, Babcock University, and Fountain University, among others. Although these private universities are well known, most people perceive them as too expensive due to their little knowledge about their fees.


This post will enlighten you on the school fees of one of these private schools, the American University of Nigeria.

The American University of Nigeria, Yola (AUN)

The American University of Nigeria is a private university that stands for academic excellence coupled with a great learning culture, excellent educational standards, and a serene and conducive environment for learning.

The school is located in the northern part of the country, in Adamawa State at the capital, Yola. Like every other private university, the school runs a smooth and fast calendar, but AUN stands out distinctively as it runs an American calendar.

School Fees of American University of Nigeria

This school is one of the most expensive private universities in Nigeria. But the package that comes with the money makes the fee reasonable. Looking at the hostel facility, standard lecture theatres, laboratories, and many other things the school offers, you will know the price is worth it.

Let’s look at the tuition fee per faculty, the accommodation fee, feeding, and additional payable fees by undergraduates and postgraduate students. Its payment schedule is broken down into fall and spring.


The tuition fee for undergraduate students ranges from ₦2,220,000 to ₦3,511,200 per academic year. The tuition fee for graduate students ranges from ₦1,696,000 to ₦3,300,000 per academic year, depending on the program and level.


At the American University of Nigeria, there are five options to choose from in their hostel facility, and the one you want determines the amount you pay. Let’s take them one after the other.

Triple Room W/O Facilities

The cheapest of them all. Here there will be three students, but the room is without a restroom, and the fee is :


Double Room W/O Facilities

This is the next after the cheapest, it accommodates two students, but it also comes with no restroom, and the fee is :


Average Housing Fee

This is the average housing facility, and the fee is :


Triple Room W Facilities

This comes before the most expensive of them all. It accommodates three students, and it has a restroom. The fee is :


Double Room W/Facilities

This happens to be the most expensive housing facility available in American universities. The room is for two students with its built-in restroom, and the fee for this is:


After knowing what their hostel facility looks like, let’s take a good look at the feeding payment plan.


The school has different students with various eating habits, so the feeding plan is so flexible that it will suit everyone’s interests. There are three meal plans at the American University of Nigeria, and their fee varies. The meal plan includes:

  • 1 Meal Plan: This is the first meal plan, and students on this plan are only allowed to dine at the cafeteria once or swipe the daily equivalent worth at the various points of sale. The choice of which meal to go for is left for the student to decide. During spring, they pay about N136,850. The same goes for fall, which makes about N273,700 per session.
  • 2 Meal Plan: This is the second meal plan. Students on this meal plan can dine at the cafeteria twice or swipe the equal daily worth at the various points of sale. The choice of which meals to go for is left for the students to decide. They pay about N248,710 for this meal plan during the spring, and the same goes for fall, which makes the total 497,420.
  • 3 Meal Plan: This is the last meal plan. Students on this meal plan can dine three times a day or swipe the equal worth of the meal ticket at the various points of sale. The plan conveniently covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They pay about N339,150 for spring and fall, making it a total of N678,300 in a session.

Below is the table reflecting the fees paid at the American University of Nigeria, tuition, accommodation, feeding, and technology, among other fees.

Tuition & Other ChargesFallSpring(FULL YEAR) Fall & Spring
Tuition(15 units @ N53,000 Per Credit)N795,000N795,000N1,590,000
Triple Room W/O Facilities
Double Room W/O Facilities
Average Housing FacilityN245,750N245,750N491,500
Triple Room W Facilities
Double Room W/Facilities
Meal Plan
7 Meals
Average Meal PlanN241,750N241,750N483,500
Meal Plan
14 Meals
Meal Plan
21 Meals
Other Fees
Health Fees
Graduation Fee(Graduands Only)N20,000N20,000
Sports FeesN25,000N25,000N50,000
Student ActivityN30,000N30,000N60,000
Technology FeesN35,000N35,000N70,000
Total of Other FeesN145,000.00N145,000.00N290,000

Courses Offered at the American University of Nigeria

There are five different faculties in this university which they refer to as schools. They include the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, School of Law, School of Art & Sciences, School of Information Communication & Technology, and School of Postgraduates.

Let’s take these schools one after the other, spelling out the departments under each school.

School of Business & Entrepreneurship(BSc)

  • Accounting
  •  Business Administration (with specialties)
  •  Finance
  • Management and Entrepreneurship
  •  Marketing

School of Law

  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws)

School of Art & Sciences( BA & BSc)

  • Communications and Multimedia Design
  •  Economics
  • English Language and Literature
  •  International and Comparative Politics
  • Natural and Environmental Science
  •  Petroleum Chemistry

School of Information Communication & Technology(BSc )

  • Computer Science
  •  Information Systems
  •  Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications and Wireless Technologies

School of Postgraduates( MBA,MSc,PGDM & PhD)


  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters of Information Systems Security Management
  •  Information Technology (MSc)
  • Masters in Telecommunications
  • Business Administration(MSc )
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Information Systems


  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Information systems


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)


The American University of Nigeria is one of the best private schools in Nigeria as the school combines academics, sports & other extracurricular activities for the students, all in a serene and conducive environment with mind-blowing facilities.

The money you need to pay for studying at the American University of Nigeria right now covers various things like tuition and living arrangements. It’s important to look closely at these costs before deciding, understanding that it’s not just about paying for classes but investing in a rich and diverse learning experience.

For more updates on the school, you can visit their website.

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