List of School of Nursing in Nigeria & their School Fees

How Much Is School Of Nursing Fees In Nigeria?
Department Of Nursing, Abia State University, UturuProvisional, Sept. 201550
School Of Nursing, Abia State University Teaching
Hospital (ABSUTH), Aba
Provisional, November, 2016embargo on
students intake
School Of Nursing, Umuahia.Provisional, April, 201830
School Of Nursing, AmacharaFull, April, 201850
SOPBM, UmuahiaFull, April, 201850
SOPBM, Abia State University TeachingHospital (ABSUTH), AbaProvisional, November, 201650
SOPBM, AbiribaProvisional, February, 201650
SOBM, AmacharaProvisional, April, 2018Nil
School of Mental Health Nursing, Aba.Withdrawn and embargo placed on admission.Nil
College of Nursing & Midwifery, Dept. ofFull, February, 201675
College of Nursing & Midwifery, Dept. of
Midwifery, Yola
Community Midwifery, Yola
Full, October, 2018
Provisional, October, 2018
School of Peri-operative Nursing, FederalMedical Center, Yola,Provisional, October, 201830
School Of Nursing, Anua-Uyo.Full, January, 201875
School Of Nursing, EketProvisional, January, 201840
School Of Nursing, Ikot-EkpeneFull, January, 201840
School Of Nursing, Ituk-Mbang.Withdrawn, October, 2014Nil
SOPBM, Anua-UyoProvisional, January, 201850
SOPBM, Iquita-OronProvisional, April, 201850
SOPBM, Ituk-MbangProvisional, April, 201850
SOPBM, Urua-AkpanWithdrawn, September, 2012Nil
School of Mental Health Nursing, EketWithdrawn, January, 2013Nil
Department Of Nursing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi.Full, September 201550
School Of Nursing, IhialaFull, November, 201775
School Of Nursing, Iyi-EnuProvisional, December, 201850
School Of Nursing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University TeachingHospital, NnewiFull Accreditation, January, 201850
School Of Nursing, COOUTH, NkporProvisional, December, 201850
School Of Nursing, Adazi-NnukwuProvisional, October, 201860
College of Nursing, Diocesan Hospital,Provisional, November, 201750
College of Nursing, St. Charles BorromeoHospital, OnitshaProvisional, November, 201750
SOBM, AdaziProvisional, March, 201650
SOBM, COOUTH, NkporProvisional, December, 201850
SOPBM, Ihiala.Full, November, 201760
SOBM Iyi-Enu.Provisional, December, 201850
SOPBM, Waterside, OnitshaFull, November, 201750
School Of Nursing, ATBUTH, BauchiFull, December, 201875
College of Nursing and Midwifery, SON,BauchiProvisional, April, 201750
SOBM ATBUTH, BauchiFull, December, 201860
Community Midwifery Programme-SOBM,ATBUTH, BauchiProvisional, September, 2015.40
College of Nursing and Midwifery, SON,
Provisional, November, 201750
College of Nursing and Midwifery, School
of Midwifery, Bauchi
Provisional, March, 201750
Department Of Nursing, Niger Delta University, WilberforceIslandFull, April. 2018.75
School Of Nursing, TombiaFull, October, 201875
SOBM, TombiaProvisional, October, 201840
School Of Nursing Makurdi.Provisional, June, 201940
School Of Nursing, MkarProvisional, October, 201650
SOBM, MakurdiProvisional, June 201935
SOBM, Mkar.November, 2017stuEdmebnat’rsg ion toanke
Borno State
Department Of Nursing, University of Maiduguri.Full Accreditation, April. 201750
School Of Nursing MaiduguriProvisional, Nov. 201750
School Of Nursing, UMTH, MaiduguriProvisional February, 201650
a. SOBM, Maiduguri.Provisional, November 201750
b. Community Midwifery Programme-
SOBM, Maiduguri
Provisional, November 201720
SOPBN Peri-Operative, UMTH, MaiduguriProvisional, February, 201630
School of Mental Health Nursing, FNH,MaiduguriProvisional, October, 201830
SOPB Critical Care Nursing, UMTH,MaiduguriProvisional, November, 2017.30
Department Of Nursing, University Of Calabar
SON, St. Margaret’s Hospital, Calabar.
Provisional, September, 2015.
Provisional October, 2018
School Of Nursing, UCTH, CalabarFull, June, 2018.50
School Of Nursing, Itigidi.Full, June, 201875
School Of Nursing, Ogoja.Provisional June 201835
SOPBM CalabarFull, June, 2018.70
SOPBM, Obudu.Provisional June 201850
SOPBM Ogoja, MoniayaFull, January, 2018.50
SOPB Otorhinolaryngology NursingUCTH, CalabarEmbargo June, 2012.Nil
School of Mental Health Nursing, Fed.Neuro Psy. Hosp., CalabarProvisional, April, 2018.30
Department Of Nursing, Delta State University, AbrakaFull, January, 2018.75
School Of Nursing, AgborFull, August, 201775
School Of Nursing, EkuFull, April, 201875
School Of Nursing, WarriFull, April, 201850
SOPBM, Asaba.
SOPBM, Sapele
Provisional, April, 2018.
Provisional, April, 2018.
DON, Ebonyi State University EBSU,Full, January, 201850
School Of Nursing, MMH, AfikpoFull, June, 2018100
School Of Nursing FETHA, Abakaliki
SOPBM Afikpo
Provisional, June, 2018
Full, September, 2015.
SOBM, FETHA, AbakalikiProvisional, June, 201850
College of Nursing Sciences, UburuProvisional, October, 2018
Edo State
Department Of Nursing, University of Benin, Benin-CityFull, January, 2018
Department Of Nursing, Igbinedion University, OkadaFull, January, 2018
Department Of Nursing, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma
School Of Nursing, Benin City.
Provisional, September, 2017
Withdrawn, January, 2013
School Of Nursing, UBTH, BeninFull, January, 2018.
School Of Nursing, Igbinedion University Teaching
Hospital, Okada
Provisional, December, 2016
SOPBM U.B.T.H. Benin-City.Full, January, 2018.
SOBM, Benin-CityWithdrawn, Embargo on admission, January,2013.
SOBM, St. Philo’s Hosp. Benin-City.Full, November, 2017
SOBM, St. Camillus Hosp. UromiFull, January, 2018
SOBM. Zuma Memorial Hosp. Irrua.Withdrawn, January, 2018
SOPB Paediatric Nursing, UBTH, BeninProvisional, June, 2018.
SOPB Ophthalmic Nursing, UBTH, BeninFull, June, 2018.

The nursing profession is presently one of the most desirable jobs in the labor market.  They are not only in high demand but also one of the most paid professions in the world because nurses are a pivotal part of the healthcare system in any country.  They make up the more significant chunk of the health care profession.

In Nigeria, nursing is the most secure and reliable profession. Unlike some other occupations, one wouldn’t sit at home for years in the name of a job hunt. Moreover, it is presently becoming a lucrative profession in the country.  These days, students rush toward nursing because the profession offers fantastic opportunities within and outside the country.

So, If you have chosen the nursing profession as your career path, Kudos! You are on the right track. There are several Nursing schools in Nigeria. This post will focus on the list of nursing schools in Nigeria and their respective school fees.

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Factors to consider when choosing a Nursing school

Before selecting a Nursing school of your choice, it is essential to consider the following factors

  • The ranking of the school
  • The tuition fees of the school
  • National Universities Commission Approval or Accreditation
  • The requirements of the school
  • Type of program you want to join
  • The location of the school

List of Schools of Nursing in Nigeria & Their School Fees

The most important part of being a good nurse is attending a good and standard nursing school. Fortunately, we have a lot of them in Nigeria. There are over 70 schools in Nigeria, and every state in Nigeria has at least a school of nursing.

There are two options available for students aspiring to become nurses in Nigeria. Firstly, you can undertake a five-year course in Nursing at any University offering the course. Then, there is the option of attending a nursing school.

The School of nursing in Nigeria is like other tertiary institutions as after three years in this school, you as certified as the nurse that went to university to study.

As knowledgeable as people are about nursing schools in Nigeria, there is some information they still lack about these schools. Therefore, if you aspire to be a nurse in Nigeria, it is important to know the programs offered at nursing schools, their requirements, and school fees.

You should note that school fees vary across schools of nursing in Nigeria. Therefore, this post will enlighten you on the school fees of nursing schools in Nigeria.

University of Nigeria School of Nursing

This university is among the oldest and most recognized Nursing school in Nigeria and has one of the best facilities in the country.

This school offers five years Bachelor of Science Nursing Programme. The total Tuition fee, excluding accommodation fees, is often less than N200,000.

The school fee for the School is scheduled as follows:

Third/ Fourth yearN40,650.00

S.O.N, University College Hospital, Ibadan

UCH Ibadan, just like S.O.N, University of Nigeria, is one of the most recognized University Hospitals in Nigeria.  They produce world-class qualified and competent nurses. The school’s tuition fee structure is less than N250 000 per annum.

S.O.N, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

LUTH is another notable nursing school in the country. The school runs a 3 -year program course for students. The Lagos University Teaching Hospital is in full support of the school. Their tuition fee is not stable, but the tuition is less than N250,000 per session.

S.O.N, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTH)

Obafemi Awolowo teaching hospital is a reputable indigenous nursing school in Nigeria. It is also one of the most sought schools. Besides, the school has the total support of Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital Management.

Their graduates are highly trained and can compete in any part of the world. Like LUTH, the school’s tuition fee is less than N200,000 per annum.

Also, OAU offers three years of nursing program.

FCT School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, Abuja

This school also ranks top among nursing schools in Nigeria. The school is well equipped and conducive to learning. They train and produce qualified nurses. The school’s tuition fee is less than N200,000.

S.O.N, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)

UBTH is one of the cheapest nursing schools in Nigeria. Their tuition fee for a session costs about N80,000. The school has outstanding learning facilities and culture.  The school also runs a 3-year nursing program for nursing students.

S.O.N, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital(ABUTH)

Like most popular schools on the list, this school’s tuition fee is less than N200,00. ABUTH runs a 3-year nursing program for students not less than 17 years and not more than 26 years.

ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe

ECWA is a prestigious nursing school in Nigeria. The school is located in Kogi state. EWCA S.O.N is not only well conducive for students but well facilitated. The school’s tuition fee  for a session is a little less than N200,000

S.O.N, Akure

Another renowned nursing school in the country is the S.O.N, Akure. Like other top schools, the school trains professional, competent, and qualified nurses. The tuition fee is not less than N250,000 per academic session.

S.O.N, Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti

This school is known for its high and quality academic standards. The school is managed by the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital Management. They offer admission to students not less than N17 years of age.

For entry-level/new students, the tuition fee is not less than N260,000. This fee excludes accommodation fees or other miscellaneous.

Mater School of Nursing

This school graduates products that can compete anywhere in the world. Their students are professionally trained. The Mater Misericordiae Hospital owns the Mater school of Nursing, but the Catholic Archdiocese of Abakaliki manages it. The tuition fee is less than N250,000 per academic session.

S.O.N, Joint Hospital, Mbano

The school is established by the first Executive Governor of Imo State and the first bishop of Okigwe Diocese, Late Sam. O. Mbakwe, and Dr. Anthony E. Ilonu. Over the years, they have grown to rank among the top 20 best nursing schools in Nigeria.

Their learning environment and lectures are top notches. The students pay not less than N200 000 as tuition fees per annum.   

Sokoto State College of Nursing and Midwifery

Though, this school may not be famous in Nigeria’s southern and western regions. It does not change that the nursing school is among the top nursing school in the northern area.

At the moment, the tuition fee is less than N200,000. It offers quality training to students and provides world-class professional nurses. Presently, the tuition is less than N200 000.

General Nursing Programme (RN)

Students seeking admission into the General Nursing Education program of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria must posses the senior secondary school certificate (SSCE), or its equivalent with five credits to include English, physics, chemistry, or biology at no more than two sittings.

  • Program duration: Three (3) Calendar years.
  • Registration obtained: Registered Nurse (RN).

Post Basic Midwifery Programme (RM)

Candidates going for this must be Registered Nurses and should have all the requirements to be admitted into any of the midwifery schools.

  • Program duration: One (1) Calendar year.
  • Registration obtained: Registered Midwife (RM).

Post Basic Psychiatric Nursing Programme

For this course, the candidate must be a registered nurse and should have all the requirements to be admitted into any of the eight schools of psychiatric nursing.

  • Program duration: One (1) Calendar year.
  • Registration obtained: Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN).

Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree Programme (B.

Candidates going for this must possess Five Credits Level passes in SSCE or its equivalent at not more than two sittings. The subject must include English Language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. Candidates must also meet all institutional requirements.

  • Program duration: Five years with a year internship in a recognized health care institution.
  • Registration obtained: Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Midwife (RM), Registered Public Health Nurse (RPHN), and Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN).
  • Academic qualification: Bachelor of Nursing Science Degree (


You know the list of top schools in Nigeria, their school fees, and the factors to consider before selecting a nursing school. Hope you found this post interesting and useful? Best of luck!


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