Process & Cost of Shipping from USA to Nigeria

How Much Is Shipping Fee From Usa To Nigeria?

Is this your first time shipping a parcel from the United States America (USA) to Nigeria? Worry not as we will be detailing to you all you need to know about the shipping process and its cost.

The shipping process is not as complicated as you imagine; instead, it is simple and straightforward.

You only need to follow the right process and get a reliable courier service with excellent customers to allay your fears and help track your parcel.

Half of your shipping problems are solved once you find an excellent courier service. The best one to go with depends on what you want to send and how much you want to spend.

If you’re sending a gift item, gadget, personal or household goods, or any small package, then it’s much more comfortable.


You can send the parcel through the United States Postal Service (USPS Express International).

The recipient will receive the parcel in Nigeria at the closest postal address to his residence through the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). 

For much larger packages or fragile cargo, you may want to use a private courier company; however, this will cost you much more.

Shipping from the USA to Nigeria takes from a few days to a few weeks or even a few months. This depends on your request for express shipping normal shipping, air freight, or cargo freight.

No matter how you want your package shipped, the shipping process involves a series of steps. These steps are discussed below;

Shipping From USA to Nigeria: The Process

Below is the detailed process of shipping goods from the United States to Nigeria;

1) Selecting a Reliable Shipping Company

This is the first step you must take whether you’re buying or selling an item online or just sending a gift, and you’re planning on shipping the goods from one country to another. 

You have to find a reliable courier service that’ll guarantee excellent service and still fit your budget. There are several couriers shipping from the US to Nigeria.

The first option is the United States Postal Service (USPS Express International). Aside from this, other private companies are providing reliable courier services, and here’s a short list:

  • Value Handlers International (VHI)
  • FedEx Priority International
  • DHL Express
  • Planet Express

2) Getting a shipping quote

The cost of shipping from the US to Nigeria is not set in stone. It varies greatly, depending on the weight and nature of your package and the courier company.

When you contact a courier for shipping services, the cost of shipping your package will be calculated by checking and weighing the parcel you’re shipping.

Most shipping companies charge per pound. You can find out roughly how much a company charges by visiting their website and doing a little snooping. 

For instance, Valuehandlers International charges $3.5 per pound for general goods, $35 for one phone or a small camera, and $60 for one laptop.

Though the cost and terms of shipping vary and are unique to the courier, the prices are very reasonable.  Besides, the terms help in ensuring your package is secure and gets to its destination in good condition.

3) Package the item for shipment

If you want to avoid misplacement of your package or probable damage, then you shouldn’t take its packaging lightly.

Most times, not packaging correctly is the cause of misplacement or damage to parcels. For the package you’re sending, ensure you find out the best type of label to use and place the label on the largest surface of the package. 

And if it’s a delicate item, boldly specify this on the label and state “Do not crush”, “Handle with care” or “Fragile”.

This is important as it gives those handling your package an idea of how to carry it to avoid damage. Also, ensure you attach the label firmly to the package to avoid it coming off in transit.

4) Pay and print out your shipping documents

This is the fourth process you need to follow when shipping a parcel if you’ve chosen a courier and agreed with its cost and terms for shipping.


You’ll need to process your order confirm payment, and print out the shipping documents. 

Ensure that you attach any custom document or shipping label provided by the courier company properly to your package for easy identification.

Also, it’s crucial to provide the recipient’s mobile phone numbers. This is to enable the courier company to contact the recipient easily in case of any complications in delivery.

5) Wait for your item to be shipped and don’t forget to track it

The final stage of the shipping process for you is to track it. Once your package is shipped, you’ll be notified, and a tracking ID and a probable date of arrival will be given to you for you to track it with.

Your tracking ID will help inform you where your package arrived last and where it’s currently headed.

You can, and should share the tracking ID with the recipient so both of you can do the tracking, and wait for its arrival.

Product Restrictions for Shipment In Nigeria

Here are some common items prohibited from import into Nigeria;

  • Most types of alcohol
  • Indecent and obscene paintings and books (as defined by Nigerian law)
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Fishing nets
  • Food and fruit
  • Smoked salmon
  • Cleaning detergents in retail packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals that aren’t also produced in Nigeria
  • Shovels
  • Toothpaste
  • Fabric
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Products made in Iran


Shipping from the USA to Nigeria involves a process that includes choosing a shipping method, calculating costs, and navigating customs regulations. By understanding these steps and considering various shipping options, individuals can ensure a smooth and cost-effective shipping experience. Whether it’s personal items or business shipments, a well-informed approach makes the process efficient and reliable.

Hope you find the article interesting and helpful. Leave a comment below if you encounter any difficulties during your shipping process, Let’s help you out!

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