Skyscanner Flights (All about Skyscanner Flight Bookings in Nigeria)

Can I Book Flights Directly With Skyscanner?

Are you looking for info on Skyscanner flights in Nigeria? Look no more as we bring to you confirmed information on the flights in Nigeria.

Skyscanner is a top global travel search site that helps with travel plans and bookings. This site makes traveling easy and comforting as it provides an extensive plan for tourists and business travelers. Despite limited operations online, the search site is widely known and frequently visited all around the world.

Several Nigerians travel daily by air. Some are within Nigeria, while others are outside the country. With the latest developments in the aviation industry, most Nigerians still sort things out themselves.

When we have sites like Skyscanner, Travelstart, and many more, Nigerians still go through the flight and hotel booking process, why?

So, if you want to travel and you need a website to sort out your flight bookings, hotel bookings as well and transportation, why not try Skyscanner? With just a click on your mobile device and your credit card ready, you are good to go.


About Skyscanner Flights and Other Services

Skyscanner came into existence in the year 2003, and it has over 1000 staff as well as offices in some key cities. They are present in these cities: Barcelona, Beijing, Budapest, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. They are also in London, Miami, Palo Alto, Shenzhen, Singapore as well as Sofia.

Skyscanner is free and easily accessible to travelers. The site does not charge customers for any of their services. You may wonder if they do not charge their passengers, how do they make gains?

Well, they actually get a commission for every booking. However, the commission is not directly from the travelers but from their partners. Isn’t that interesting? They sort everything out for you without charging you a dime.

Skyscanner has a mobile application that is famous across the world with over 70 million downloads. With the app, all you need to do is accessible. Their products are also available in over 30 major languages as well as 70 currencies.

The platform provides a link between sellers and buyers. This makes transactions very easy because most of their customers are travelers and Skyscanner partners are international companies.

Skyscanner Flights Direct Booking

Skyscanner provides a powerful booking channel that enables travelers to research, choose, and immediately make bookings on the site. It is said to be an “instant way to capitalize on Skyscanner’s traffic and effortlessly convert browsing to booking while retaining the ability to upsell ancillaries and also own the customer”.

This favors the Skyscanner partners a lot as they get to have more customers looking for their services and products.

The direct booking channel is like making the booking directly on the website of the partners. The processing of the requests is not by Skyscanner but by the company.

As a result of this, the company gets to retain the details of its customers without having to contact Skyscanner. Skyscanner is keen in its efforts to provide the very best offerings for both travelers and companies.


The benefits that come with direct booking are quite attractive and include ancillary up-sell as well as branding control — all this plus access to a growing and enthusiastic audience of travelers across new platforms.

One of the beneficiaries of the direct booking scheme is British Airways, according to the following release from the company.

This partnership with Skyscanner will improve the experience for customers booking flights through travel search engines. They will be able to view more information about their flight from cabin choice to aircraft type.

We all know consumers are more sophisticated and demand a more seamless experience. This initiative lets us deliver that while still maintaining a direct relationship between the customer and British Airways.

Skyscanner Flights Market Insights

Market insights known as travel insights are business analytics and planning data, which is beneficial to airlines. This is for network planning and revenue management, travel-related marketing as well as airport route development.

Travel insights take the operations of airlines to the next level by getting daily updates. They thereby provide a unique insight into the wants of travelers, and this comes from an exclusive data set of over 200 million searches.

It then provides the information based on these for the airlines.

The dashboard of travel insight is tailored to the needs of the industry stakeholders, and the data is accessible for the companies’ use. They make use of this in their internal reports and also, to enhance current marketing intelligence and travel analytics.

Benefits of Skyscanner

  • The redirect or click-through data provides the companies with insights into customers’ preferences, and this helps the companies optimize their route schedules.
  • Skyscanner travel search provides the companies/ partners with an overview of what the customers are seeking, including insights into the most popular destinations. This helps the airlines price their routes accordingly and identify new opportunities.
  • The data is usually geo-tagged; this means that Skyscanner can provide the companies with the location of each of the customers when they are searching. This helps the companies discover their areas of strength and weakness and thereby respond with a more effective marketing campaign. 

Partners of Skyscanner

The site partners with a lot of airlines as well as hotels and transportation companies. Some of their partners are airlines including Emirates, British Airways, Medview, Arik, KLM, and many more.

As for the hotels, Skyscanner helps in searching for standard hotels, apartments, and hotels with the world’s hotel suppliers like,, Expedia, Intercontinental Hotel and Resort as well as many more.


Other Services of Skyscanner

Apart from standard flight bookings, the company offers other mouth-watering services that will make your traveling experience a memorable one. Some of these services are:

  • Car Rentals: before proceeding on your trip, you can book and reserve any car of your choice at your destinations. This is possible in London, New York, Lagos, Abuja, Dubai, and other cities of the world.
  • Hotel Reservations: This is another service possible on Skyscanner. When you get to the website, click on “Hotels”. It will lead you to a page where you will input certain information, and in between the process, you will get what you want.
  • Discount and Cheap Flights: the website gives you information on the cheapest flights to your destination. They also give you deals for months ahead.
  • Trip Planning: If you want your trip planned for you, Skyscanner also renders such a service. From flight bookings to the last stage of your travel, they can sort everything out for you.


As they have it “not all travel search engines come created equal” Skyscanner comes uniquely and easily to use. Now that you know about Skyscanner flights and their other services, why are you still waiting?

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