South African Embassy In Ghana: Address & Contact Details

Does South Africa Have Embassy In Ghana?

You’ve heard the word ’embassy’ more than you can count. You’ve heard people talk about it and you’ve mentioned it more than a couple of times.

But do you really what goes on in an embassy? Do you know why they exist and who heads it? And do you know where you can find one in Ghana?

If your memory serves you well, and you can recall what you were taught in school as a kid. You may remember learning that an embassy is the official representation of a country’s government in another country.

An embassy is an actual building permanently set up in the host country. It consists of offices and individuals that carry out diplomatic duties.

Also, these individuals facilitate foreign relations between the government of their home country and the government of the host country.


Many countries have embassy offices established in other countries around the globe, and Ghana is just one of them.

Ghana hosts a good number of embassies, and the South African embassy is only one of them.

So, if you are a South African visiting Ghana or a Ghanaian interested in travelling to South Africa soon, then you’ll probably be searching for information on the South African embassy in Ghana.

And we’ve got some information right here for you.

Role of the South African Embassy in Ghana

Embassies all over the world perform varying duties. They work in the interest of both the host country and the home country. The South African embassy in Ghana also has specific functions.

They work majorly to facilitate friendly relations between Ghana and South Africa in different areas. Such areas include politics, culture, education, finance, business, law, etc.

But that’s not all. The embassy also works to promote good trade relationship between the two countries with meetings and essential discussions between representatives of both countries.

Also, a function of this embassy is to smoothen the process of obtaining a visa for Ghana citizens interested in travelling to South Africa.

Furthermore, they help South African citizens in Ghana resolve any concerns. The South African embassy in Ghana also plays a significant role in creating proper awareness of the rich cultural heritage of South Africa in Ghana.


And they do not fail to acknowledge those of their host country. Also, the embassy ensures that there is a smooth collaboration between countries.

Therefore, they facilitate the establishment and growth of various cultural institutions. They also encourage citizens of the host country with unique talents to gain access to South Africa.

Visa Application Processing to South Africa

Probably, the most popular function of an embassy is the interview sessions held for visa applicants and subsequently refusing or granting the said individual visa.

The South African embassy in Ghana is also tasked with processing visa applications of Ghanaians looking to travel to South Africa, evaluating visa applicants.

This is done by conducting interviews and either granting or refusing the visa from the outcome of the interview.

Therefore, an individual looking to travel to South Africa from Ghana will have to go through this embassy. The embassy is usually full of activities and lots of offices with busy employees.

If you’re still curious and would like to know more about the South African embassy in Ghana, you can visit the website – – and satisfy your curiosity.

Contact Details of the South African Embassy in Ghana

For starters, you may want to know the contact address and opening hours of the South African embassy in Ghana; you have it right here;

  • Address: SA, high commission, Plot NR A69, Orphan Crescent, North Labone, Accra, Ghana.
  • Phone number: +233 30 274 0450, +233 30 274 0451
  • Fax: +233 30 276 4460
  • Email addresses:
  • General:
  • Trade:
  • Web address:

Opening hours for the Consular section

  • Mondays – Thursdays: 08.30–12.30
  • Fridays – Sundays: Closed

Opening hours for the Offices

  • Monday – Thursdays: 07.30–16.00
  • Friday:07.30–13.00
  • Saturdays & Sundays: Closed


For any inquiries or assistance at the South African Embassy in Ghana, accurate and up-to-date address and contact details are essential. Ensure you have the correct information for a smooth engagement, whether for consular services, diplomatic matters, or general inquiries.

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