Technical Schools in Ghana 2023/2024 (Gold Coast Top Ten Technical Schools)

Which School Is The Best Technical In Ghana?

Remember the West African country with the Queen’s English? Yes- Ghana. She is one of the countries with a decent educational system in Africa.

The technical schools in Ghana gain a lot of applications yearly. This reality is evident since Ghana is looking to develop her technology sector.

The technical schools in Ghana are mostly private and public, based on ownership. 

So, if you want to learn in the technical schools in Ghana or you have an interest in the schools, this post will give you more insight into the schools.

Our List of Top 10 Technical Schools in Ghana

A steady and fast-growing economy like Ghana requires a lot of technical schools. With the rise in admission letters, consequently comes the expansion of schools.

Currently, the number of technical institutions, varying from the public to private is so large that it becomes baffling in choosing the ideal one. Below are the very best. 

Koforidua Senior High Technical School

Outstanding academic performance and excellent results are popular with this school. In 2011 the school set a record in the Western African Senior High School Council Examination.

The school had over 200 pupils who scored A+ in the examinations. The institution points to focus on science as well as technical courses, including the following:

  • Technical Drawing
  • Building Construction
  • Metalwork
  • Applied Electricity
  • Wood Work
  • Auto Mechanics

There is also preparation for General and Visual Arts such as Graphic design, Economics, leather works, and Picture making. The school is one of the most old-fashioned in Ghana, and it came into existence in 1967 by Dr Kwame.

St. Joseph’s Technical School, Saboba

Having an excellent record in WASSCE and SSCE is the school’s strong suit. In the National Best School Award Ceremony celebrated in 2015, St. Joseph’s Technical School attained top amidst secondary schools in Ghana.

The school operates with a vision of producing competent vocational graduates who will contribute immensely to the Ghanaian economy. The school offers the following courses:

  • Home economics
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Visual Arts
  • General Science
  • General Arts

Don-Bosco Technical Institute, Odumase

This school offers both day and boarding amenities. It is in Odumase, a suburb of Sunyani town. The school also boasts of a high success rate in WASSCE and SSCE.

After taking part in numerous competitions, the school has won various awards over the years.

The school runs a TVET learning system to produce valuable as well as marketable graduates that will impact the economy positively. 


Brakwa Senior/Technical School

Although this school has not been in the picture for a very long time, it has grown big to become one of the top technical schools in Ghana after a few years.

The students of this school have secured admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

The school has installed substantial importance on academic excellence as well as instilling discipline in the heart of the students.

It came into life in 2011 by the government as a day school and upgraded into a boarding school in 2015. The courses offered here include:

  • Building Construction
  • Metalwork
  • Auto mechanics
  • Applied Electricity
  • Wood Work
  • Technical Drawing

The Cape Coast Technical Institute

In the 2014/2015 session, this school was awarded the “most resourced” in the Ghanaian Central region. The same year, the school also appeared with the best performance in the Central Region.

The school has participated in several competitions in recent times and has developed the winner in most.

Cape Coast Technical Institute came into existence in 1955 as the College of Architecture. It was next renamed Cape Coast Polytechnic before it was incorporated by the government in 1976 when it got its present name.

Kumasi Technical Institute

This school, instituted in 1976, is one of the best overall colleges in the whole of Kumasi. The Ghanaian government established it in conjunction with the Canadian International Development Agency.

It has two central departments, building and mechanical, which oversee all the courses offered in the school.

The building department covers:

  • Block laying and Concreting
  • Plumbing and Gasfitting
  • Welding and fabrication

The mechanical department covers:

  • Industrial Mechanics
  • Motor Vehicles Mechanics
  • Diesel and Heavy Duty Mechanics
  • Auto Body Repairs
  • Refrigeration
  • Air- Condition Mechanics

Asuansi Technical Institute

This institute is one of the oldest schools in Ghana, erected on August 12, 1917, during the colonial era. The main aim was to encourage reading, writing, as well as arithmetic up to basic standard three.

In 1922, the school modified into a vocational and a technical school, known at the time as a Trade School. It was assigned its current name in 1963 and courses offered include:

  • Agriculture,
  • Home Economics
  • Visual Art
  • Business
  • General Arts

Keta senior high technical school

The school formerly Keta Secondary School is a combined Public Senior High School placed at Dzelukope a city in the Keta Municipal District of the Volta Region, Ghana.

The school owns a student community of about 2,800 as well as a teaching staff force of 110 as of 2017. Ketasco is the most prominent school in the Volta Region and one of the biggest in Ghana.

The motto of the institution is DZO LALI with the slogan now or never. The Eagle at the central gate is to prompt students to always be like the Eagle.

Courses offered

  • General Science
  • Business
  • General Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Technical
  • Visual Arts
  • Agricultural Science

Kinbu Senior High Technical Courses offered

The school is in Central Accra, Tudu near Novotel Hotel. It came into existence in 1991, and Kinbu SHS is one of the Secondary Technical schools introduced during the implementation of the Education Reforms in 1987.

In January 1991, the school began with four classes. These were one class each for Visual Arts and Home Economics as well as two classes for the Technical Programme.

The school has since undergone transformation and expansion in physical infrastructure, staffing and student enrollment.

Private Technical Schools in Ghana

Some privately owned schools are Royal Technical College Accra Metropolitan, National Technical Engineering College Accra, Metropolitan Samonya Tech Institute Akatsi,  as well as Anne Vocational Institute YiloKrobo and many more.

Things to Note before Applying for at Technical Schools in Ghana

Before applying for any technical schools in Accra, Tamale or any other region in Ghana ensure the government certifies them.

Also, note that the prospective school of choice should be operating in a curriculum that conforms to the state’s laws.

What Are The Category A Technical Schools In Ghana?

In Ghana, technical schools are categorized based on the quality of their academic performances and histories. These categorizations help assess the institutions’ standards and capabilities.

Category A technical schools are considered the highest-ranking in terms of academic excellence and overall performance. They are often recognized for their outstanding contributions to technical and vocational education in Ghana. Students who attend Category A technical schools typically have access to top-notch facilities, well-trained instructors, and a comprehensive curriculum that equips them with practical skills and knowledge.

In contrast, Category B technical schools, while still offering valuable technical education, may not have the same level of resources and recognition as Category A schools. The categorization system serves as a guide for students, parents, and educational authorities to make informed decisions when choosing technical schools, ensuring that students receive the best possible education and training in their chosen fields.


As a student who wants to school in one of these technical schools, after reading this post, and you possess hard work, commitment as well as discipline, I see no reason why you are still waiting. Visit the schools today and get started.

I hope you find this post useful. Thanks


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