The Wings Of Mexico In Dubai: What It Means

Everything You Need To Know About The Wings of Mexico In Dubai

The Wings of Mexico is a sculpture in Dubai that stands in front of the world-famous Burj Khalifa. These wings, designed by Mexican artist Jorge Marin, have gone viral on Instagram and social media worldwide! So, where in Dubai is this metal-wing sculpture? Continue reading to learn how to get to one of Dubai’s most Instagrammable sites!

Jorge Marin is a well-known worldwide artist whose work has recently been popular on social media, particularly his painting Wings of Mexico in Dubai.

In 2010, Jorge Marin organized a major exhibition on the Chapultepec Forest side of Reform Avenue in Mexico City, which included a sculpture he constructed just for the show “Wings of Mexico.” This show, particularly this themed sculpture, drew significantly more visitors than expected and had a significant visual and social influence on people from many cultural backgrounds.

A slender metal frame supports massive, life-size mounted wings above a platform in this sculpture. The Wings of Mexico is an interactive game. The audience is expected to ascend the three stairs to the platform and stand in front of the angel wings.

The Wings of Mexico is strategically located in front of the Burj Khalifa, giving a spectacular backdrop for photos and memories in Dubai.


The Wings of Dubai, by Jorge Marin, was part of a show with the same name. “Dream of flying freely with their own bodies and consciousness, relying on desire, belief, and passion,” This sculpture defies the rules of physics and urges individuals to push themselves to their limits.

Since the original exhibition, the artist has donated copies of the Wings of Mexico to numerous countries worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, a book titled “Wings of the City” has been released as a testament to the sculpture’s enormous societal impact. Jorge Lepes and Adam Weissman were asked to lead the photography for the book. Carlos Fuentes, a Mexican novelist, wrote the preface. This book earned the Best Art Book Award at the 32nd National Graphic Arts Festival in March 2012.

Because wings have been a recurrent topic of human art, mythology, and even culture for thousands of years, “Wings of Mexico” is a piece that can resonate with viewers of diverse cultural backgrounds. Visitors will be able to appreciate the creative potential of contemporary Mexican plastic art by traveling to diverse countries, cultures, and places for exhibition tours.

It will also highlight the diversity of Mexican art, particularly modeling and sculpture, and will establish links between Mexico and other countries, cities, or persons.

For this purpose, the artist plans to donate bronze “Wings of Mexico” with cement and iron bases that match the individual’s height to important cities worldwide. They are permanently displayed in these cities’ public locations. Jorge Marin Studio will donate these sculptures to various cities that have significantly impacted human history or progress.

Since 2010, this sculpture has become a new city gathering spot, a source of delight and pleasure, and a medium for public-artist engagement.


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How Can You Get To The Wings Of Mexico?

wings of mexico in dubai
  • By Uber: Uber in Dubai isn’t as cheap as I’d like, but it’s a terrific way to travel around town and avoid parking difficulties.
  • By Shuttle: Many hotels in Dubai offer a direct shuttle service to the Dubai Mall. From there, you can easily stroll to the Wings.
  • By Car: You can use a map to get detailed instructions from your hotel or starting point to the plaza. A close underground parking area is available. The parking garage is less than a block away on the left as you face the sculpture.

Do I Have To Pay Money To Visit the Wings Of Mexico?

You do not have to pay a dime to visit The Wings as it is free. Nice right? And not just that! You also don’t need to pay to take pictures, nor do you need to pay to walk into the Burj Plaza. It’s all free!

When Can I Visit The Wings?

Because the sculpture is in a park with no gates or closing hours, you can see the Wings of Mexico anytime.

Though the plaza can become extremely crowded as the day progresses, you can obtain shots without anybody else in the frame if you’re patient.

The lighting is better if you visit during the day or evening. There are fewer crowds if you arrive after sunrise, although the lighting is gloomier. This is all owing to the sun’s sunrise and sunset positions.

One of the many reasons to visit Dubai is to see this artwork and other recent fine art and sculpture on display throughout the city, so if you ever want to feel how it is to have wings, you can visit The Wings of Mexico in Dubai.

What does the wings of Mexico represent?

The wings in the Mexican coat of arms, which is also known as the Mexican national emblem, represent the concept of liberty and freedom. This emblem consists of an eagle perched on a cactus while devouring a snake. The imagery is rooted in Aztec mythology and is a significant symbol in Mexican culture.

The legend behind the emblem is that the Aztec people were instructed by their gods to establish their city where they encountered an eagle on a cactus with a snake in its beak. This spot eventually became the site of the city of Tenochtitlán, which is now Mexico City. The emblem serves as a powerful reminder of the country’s historical and ongoing struggle for independence and self-determination.


Dubai is certainly known for its incredibly beautiful architecture and engineering projects. If you’re in Dubai, consider visiting this sculpture and appreciate more of this fine art by Jorge Marin.


We’ll be curious to hear if you find it as mesmerizing as we did. We loved this sculpture by Jorge Marin because it did just that – it portrays the communication and connectivity between humans from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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