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How Many Channels Are In Tstv Decoder?

Have you been subscribing exorbitantly to your cable network? Or did you quit watching cable networks because their packages are way too expensive? I can guarantee that this post is for you.

Telcom Satellites Television (TSTV) is a Direct-To-Home pay satellite TV provider that offers affordable subscription plans for Nigerians. The cable network was launched in 2017 by a Nigerian innovative Pay TV Operator to compete with Multichoice’s DSTV.  It is the first Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV in Nigeria that allows you to pause your subscription at any given time.

TSTV Africa offers a wide range of entertaining local and foreign channels across different categories like education, entertainment, and information. Also, TSTV provides services like complimentary internet service and video calls. Its activities are officially operated by ABS and TelecomSat.

This post, therefore, focuses on the various TSTV channels list, Nigerian TV stations, subscription packages, and prices before proceeding to purchase your TSTV decoder.

TSTV Cable and its Highlights

  • Flexible and affordable subscription rate
  • Enables video calls/conferencing
  • PVR function, i.e. you can Pause, Rewind, and Record TV programs with a minimum of 50GB storage space.
  •  Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV
  • Pause Subscription function, i.e. You can pause your monthly subscription for a maximum of 7 days, and that means your monthly subscription has a maximum of 37 days before expiring.
  • 70+ different channels, ranging from entertainment, movies, sports, and lots more.

Price of TSTV Decoder in Nigeria

The cost of a TSTV decoder is reasonably affordable so you wouldn’t need to worry. It is the cheapest decoder in the Nigerian market. You can get the TSTV decoder between the range of N5,000 – N7,000 based on the location and period of purchase. While the installation price is between the rate of N12,000 to N20,000. You can as well get your Tstv decoder from various dealers and Tstv retailers across Nigeria.

Subscription Package and Prices

The subscription plan and price of TSTV are incredibly affordable and flexible. The TV audience can subscribe to their TSTV package for as low as N200 while their highest subscription rate is at N3,000. Let’s discuss the various subscription rates of TSTV.

Subscription PlanPriceAllocated MB
Daily SubscriptionN200500MB
3 days SubscriptionN5001 GB
7 days SubscriptionN7502GB
10 days SubscriptionN1,5003GB
2 weeks SubscriptionN2,0005 GB
1-month SubscriptionN4,00010 GB

Also,  Viewers who subscribe to the highest subscription – N4,000 get the entitlement to an additional 10GB of internet capacity every month. First-time subscribers get an entitlement to 20GB of internet capacity.  This service is, however, obtainable for an extension on demand.

Moreover, all channels on Tstv are accessible irrespective of the subscription plan. When the subscription expires, you can still watch other channels except for the major TV channels. These unique, flexible, and affordable features of TSTV are what excite Nigerians after its launch.

TSTV Channels List

There is a wide array of incredible local and international channels on TSTV. TSTV has over 70+ TV channels with premium entertainment, informative and educative programs that cut across all genres: News, Music, Religious, Sports, Health, Kids, Fashion, and Lifestyle channels. Here are the TSTV channels listed one after the other.

TStv International News Channels

BBC America
TVC News
Sky News
Core TV News
Channels TV
France 24
Bloomberg TV
Fox News
TRT World
Press TV

TStv Movie Channels

Movie Box
NBC Action
Grande Movies
Telenovela (181)
Televista (183)
Bollywood TV (184)

TStv Kiddies Channels

CN Cartoon Network
Disney Channel
Baby TV
TS Junior Kids HD
Fix Fox
Panda Biggs

TStv Science Channels

Discovery Channel
National Geographic
Nat Geo Gold
Discovery Health TV

TStv Fashion Channels

Fashion One

TStv Religion Channels

Dove Television
Emmanuel TV
Sunna TV
EWTN – Global Catholic Network
TBN Network

TStv Africa Channels 

TS Igbo
TS Yoruba
Riwa Ndu TV
TS Sports 1 HD
TS Hausa

TStv Sports Channels

Star Sports
Euro Sports News
Euro Sports 2
Fox Sports
Kwese Sports 1
Kwese Free Sports
MS Extreme
Kwese ESPN
Bein Sports MAX 4HD
Bein Sports 3HD

TStv Music Channels

Trace Urban/Africa
MTV Base

TStv African Channels

TS Yoruba
Riwa Ndu TV
TS Hausa
TS Igbo

You can also check their website for more information.


TSTV Africa is an indigenous network that has come to stay and rescue Nigerians from the expensive packages and prices of international cable networks.

Viewers can get connected with the world by watching their exciting TV programs at affordable prices, which can be as low as N200. So, buy your Tstv decoder and subscribe to watch your favorite TV programs on TSTV.

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