UK Visa Fees in Ghana & How To Apply 2023/2024

How Much Will It Cost To Get A Uk Visa In Ghana?

Are you looking for the right info on UK Visa fees in Ghana? Look no more as we bring to you all about the UK Visa in Ghana.

Recently, the UK amended special requirements and rules that must be followed by people who would like to travel to the country.

The fact is that Ghanaians must also meet these requirements before they can be granted a visa. In this article, we will discuss the processes involved in visa application and the conditions that must be met before you secure the travel document.

So, if you are planning to visit the UK anytime soon, you need to calm down and pay adequate attention to the content of this post. Everything in this post is useful to you. Read on.

UK Visa Fees in Ghana

1Visit130.9 – 1098.1 Ghana Cedis (GH₵)
2Study130.9 – 1098.1 GH₵
3Work134.2 – 2172.8 GH₵
4Transit48.4 – 80.0 GH₵
5Join Family535.7 – 4878.0 GH₵
6Settlement535.7 – 4878.0 GH₵
7Others2.2 – 1200.0 GH₵

 Process of UK Visa Application

There are specific processes involved in the UK visa application, and they include:

Checking If You Meet the Requirements

The UK has made it mandatory for every traveler to meet the following requirements before they are allowed to visit their country. The period of your visit should not be up to six months.

You must have genuine evidence that you won’t stay in the country for longer than the stipulated time. You must also provide proof that you can sustain yourself financially as well as pay for your transport back to your country. These requirements can be accessed via this link;

Necessary Documents

You need to submit original documents as well as copies of the documents to the UKBA.

These include a printed application clearly showing your signature, a passport showcasing a blank leaf on both ends where you insert the visa, as well as a quality photo that meets the requirements of the HM Passport Office.

Also, you need documents showing your marital status, travel documents, student documents or current employment, health certificates, and evidence that you are a Ghanaian citizen.

Select the type of visa

The UK government offers different kinds of visas. You can opt for one among tourist, transit, family visitor, student, business, or work visa, among others. The visa type you select will determine the duration you will spend in the UK.

Applying for the visa

The form can be downloaded or accessed on the Visa4Uk website. First, you have to create an account before you finally download the application form. Print this form, complete the necessary information, and append your signature to it.


The system will send you an email and provide you with a GWF reference which you will use as your application number, ensure to keep this number safe. Attach other required documents and send them to the High Commission via email.

Make sure that you make a reservation within 90 days of submitting the documents online. For Ghanaians, they can book an interview on the website.

Things you should know before getting a UK Visa

Payment of the required fees

Note that you need to pay some fees depending on the kind of visa you select and the length of its validity.

The UK Border Agency also has the legal backing to change the fees for each document depending on numerous factors. In Ghana, you can only pay for your UK visa fees at these three GTB bank locations, namely:

  • Head Office 25A, Castle Road, Ambassadorial region, Ridge, PMB CT416 Cantonments, Accra.
  • Osu Plot No. 577, Oxford Street, Osu R.E.
  • Labone 3rd Soula Street, adjacent to the South African High Commission.

You have to take note of the receipt number as you will need it when you visit the visa application center. Send your application within 30 days of paying the fee.

However, you can also pay the fees at the center, but this implies that you will pay an extra amount for processing. Visit the UK embassy website for more info.

Visiting the Visa Application Center

Ensure that you go to the visa application center very early. You will need to undergo biometric data collection during the interviewing process. This implies that capturing of your face as well as scanning of your fingerprints will take place.

In case of an injury on your finger, you must wait until the wound heals before going for biometrics capturing. The UK embassy frowns at temporary decorations that change block prints and facial appearance as they tend to make the process difficult.

There are four tiers that you can select when booking your appointment. Ensure that you check the correct box since an error can delay your application process.


How long is the processing of a UK visa in Ghana

Secure a visa to the UK is a tedious process that takes around six weeks for most applicants due to the recent amendment of its migration laws.

Therefore, it is wise to use a reputable travel agency to fast-track this process.

Medical vaccines

Note that you cannot get a visa until you have shown proof that you have been vaccinated for diseases such as Hepatitis TB and B.

Tests for these diseases are possible at the International Organization for Migration clinics located in Accra. Attach the health certificates to the application form, and these certificates are valid for six months only.

UK Visa Collection

After authenticating your documents and approving your visa, you can collect your visa as well as the passport between 10:00 and 16:00 (Mondays to Fridays except for public holidays).

The commission will send your application to the UK Embassy on the submission day, and you will receive an SMS alert whenever the application center gets back your passport.

Note that you cannot collect the documents on behalf of another person. This can only take place if you are a parent receiving on behalf of your child or as a government representative.

However, it’s also possible to collect for a family member if you apply together.

UK Visa Rejection

There are several reasons for UK Visa rejection, and some of these are :

  • Submission of fake documents
  • An applicant guilty of a crime that warrants at least four years of jail time
  • Insufficient funds
  • Withholding documentation of a criminal record
  • Overstaying a previous visit to the country
  • Submission of fake documents on a prior visit to the United Kingdom
  • Non-compliance with all the application requirements
  • Lack of travel documents or valid passport
  • An applicant with a deportation order
  • Unacceptable reason for wanting to visit the U.K.

Now that you know UK visa fees in Ghana get your money to procure your visa and visit the UK for that enjoyable travel experience.

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