Present School Fees of UNILAG Postgraduates

How Much Is Unilag Post Graduate School Fees?

UNILAG postgraduate school fees – It is easy to envy students of the University of Lagos when they begin to talk about their school.

UNILAG graduates are widespread across all walks of life and boast of notable alumni in the high places of our society.

Even in NYSC camps, they form an unbreakable and intimidating caucus that will make you consider doing your master’s program in UNILAG.

Being among the first prestigious universities in Nigeria, the school’s strategic location in the commercial nerve center of Nigeria has enabled it to attract a massive influx of potential students.

Ranging from entertainment to politics to business to the pulpit; you will find prominent industry leaders who are graduates of the University of Lagos.


Also, the University has built a reputation for having one of the best postgraduate schools in West Africa.

The postgraduate school offers different programs ranging from postgraduate diplomas to academic and professional masters programs and also PhD programs.

Furthermore, the postgraduate school offers two options: part-time and full-time.

This article seeks to take a comprehensive look at the current postgraduate school fees for different departments and faculties in UNILAG.

So, without much ado, here we go!

School of Postgraduate Studies in UNILAG

Here is a compiled list of current postgraduate school fees for different faculties and departments in UNILAG.

Faculty of Engineering

Sc Process Engineering (MPE) 2 Sessions₦180,000
Sc Chemical Engineering (1 session)₦85,000
PGD Chemical Engineering (1 Session)₦85,000
Sc Civil Engineering (1 Session)₦85,000
Sc Structural Engineering ( 1 Session)₦85,000
PGD Electrical/Electronic Engineering (1 Session)₦85,000
MSc Water Resources and Environmental Engineering₦85,000
Sc Highway and Traffic Engineering (1 session)₦85,000
Master of Geo-informatics (1 session)₦85,000
Sc Electrical/Electronic Engineering (1 session)₦85,000
Sc Mechanical Engineering (1 session)₦85,000
Sc Geology₦180,000 (Tuition) and ₦60,000 (Field Work)
Sc MET & MAT (1 Session)₦85,000
PGD Geo-informatics (1 session with one semester for project and fieldwork) ₦85,000
Sc Geophysics₦90,000 (Tuition) and ₦60,000 (Field Work)

Faculty Of Business Administration

Sc Accounting₦100,000
Sc Banking and Finance (2 sessions)₦160,000
PGD Accounting₦85,000
Sc Operations Research (Business Administration)Sc Production & Operations Management (Business Administration)
Sc Production & operations Management (Business Administration)₦85,000
Masters in Business Administration (2 Semesters)₦160,000
Sc Management (Business Administration)₦85,000
Masters in Business Administration (Executive) (2 sessions)₦1.9million.
Sc Organizational Behaviour (Business Administration)₦85,000
Sc Industrial Labor Relations (MILR) (2 Sessions)₦115,500
M.Sc Development Finance₦650,000 per session (2 sessions in all).
Sc Risk Management and Insurance₦85,000

Faculty Of Law

Masters Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies (4 Semesters)₦95,000
Master of Law (LLM) |1 Session|₦160,000 (Full Time)
(MILD)-Masters in International Law and Diplomacy (2 Sessions)₦120,000
Master of Law (LLM) |2 Sessions|₦160,000 (Part-Time)
Master Dispute Resolution (4 Semesters)₦1.7million

Faculty Of Education

Ed Educational Administration & Planning (Educational Administration) 3 semesters₦85,000
Ed Comparative Education (Educational Foundations) 4 semesters₦70,000
PGD Educational Administration & Planning (Educational Administration) 3 Semesters₦70,000
Ed Measurement and Evaluation ( Educational foundations) 4 semesters₦70,000
Ed Educational Psychology (Educational foundations) 4 Semesters₦70,000
Ed Sociology ( Educational foundations) 4 Semesters₦70,000
Ed Degree in Early Childhood Education (Educational foundations) 5 Semesters₦60,000
PGD Guidance and counseling₦110,000
Ed Measurement and Evaluation₦85,000
Ed Education Sandwich₦80,000
Business Education₦85,500
PGD Education Sandwich₦80,000
PGD Environmental Design₦110,000
Masters in ICT Policy₦90,000
PGD Education₦70,000
PGD in ICT Policy₦85,000

Faculty Of Arts

M.A Translation in French₦85,000
M.A English₦85,000
PGD Philosophy₦85,000

Faculty Of Environmental Sciences

Masters in Architecture (1 Session)₦125,000
Master of Landscape Architecture (1 Session)₦125,000
Sc Project Management (Building) (2 Sessions)₦155,000
PGD Environmental Design (Estate Management) (3 Semesters)₦75,000
Sc Urban and Regional Planning (1 Session)₦85,000
Masters of Facility Management₦160,000
Sc Construction Management – (1 Sessions)₦85,000

Faculty Of Social Sciences

Sc Mass Communication |2 Sessions|₦85,000
PGD Mass Communication |3 Semesters|₦110,000
Sc Geographic Information Systems |2 Sessions|₦130,000
PGD Geographic Information Systems |2 Semesters|₦85,000
Sc Economics |4 Semesters|85,000
PGD Economics |3 Semesters|₦100,000
Sc Transport Management and Planning |3 Semesters|₦130,000
PGD Transport Management and Planning |2 Semesters|₦130,000
Sc Political Science |3 Semesters|₦100,000
Master of Public Administration (MPA) |2 Semesters|₦120,000
Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA) |2 Semesters|₦120,000
Sc Psychology |2 Semesters|₦85,000
Master in Managerial Psychology |4 Semesters|₦160,000
Sc Sociology |2 Semesters|₦85,000

College Of Medicine

Sc Public Health ( Community Health) |2 Sessions|₦160,000
All other courses in the College of Medicine pay around ₦95,000 as tuition excluding departmental charges which vary per department/course.₦95,000
Pharmaceutical Chemistry₦95,000

Faculty Of Science

Masters in Natural Resources Management |4 Semesters|₦85,000
Sc Botany and Microbiology |2 Semesters|₦95,000
PGD Environmental Management |2 Semesters|₦70,000
Sc Information Technology |2 Sessions|₦235,000
PGD Computer Science |3 Semesters|₦160,000
Masters in Environmental Management |4 Semesters|₦130,000
Sc Mathematics |2 Semesters|₦95,000
Sc Chemistry |2 Semesters|₦95,000
PGD Mathematics |3 Semesters|₦85,000
Sc Statistics |2 Semesters|₦95,000
PGD Statistics |3 Semesters|₦85,000
Masters in Applied Geophysics |2 Semesters|₦70,000
Sc Physics₦95,000
Sc Industrial Physics₦90,000
Sc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management Programme₦95,000
Sc Geoscience₦160,000
PGD Applied Geophysics |2 Semesters| ₦70,000
Sc Biochemistry₦95,000
Sc Biomedical Engineering₦95,000
Masters of Aquatic Resources and Pollution Management₦85,000
Sc Fisheries₦85,000
Masters of Natural Resources₦85,000

Note that all Postgraduate students are required to pay the following fees:

Acceptance fees₦61,500
Prospectus fees₦5,000
Departmental fees₦3,000 – ₦20,000 depending on the department.
Accommodation fees (optional)₦58,000


Understanding the current school fees for postgraduate programs at UNILAG is crucial for prospective students. By considering the fees in relation to the program of interest, individuals can plan their education effectively. It’s a step towards a well-informed and financially prepared journey into postgraduate studies at the University of Lagos.


For more information, visit the school’s website:

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