USSD Code For UBA Account Balance on Mobile Phone

How Do I Check My Uba Account Balance On My Phone?

Have you been trying to check your UBA account balance from your mobile phone? It’s super easy as there is a USSD code to check your UBA account balance as well as perform other transactions smoothly.

Life is now very easy, and you don’t need to visit your bank for little things you can do yourself. Times have gone past going in and out of the banking hall as your bank is right inside your device.

If you take a good look at the cost of visiting a banking hall, the stress and time it takes, you will say a big thank you to the person who brought the idea of mobile banking. Now you have your bank in your palm, so do whatever you like.

All banks have a code for their mobile banking aside from the mobile app for Internet banking. With that, all you need to do is punch the code on your phone and the option pops up.

UBA is one of the numerous banks in Africa that provides exceptional banking services to people without stress. Access to their branches is one of the easiest things to do as they are all around you.


The only reason to visit their branches is for a serious case that cannot be done using the USSD code or the app unless you want to see the cute smiles on the faces of their welcoming staff.

UBA’s footprint spread across Africa as it also spread across technological evolvement. From the banking hall to internet banking, chatting with LEO the virtual banker, and mobile banking, UBA stands gallantly. You have nothing to worry about as a customer.

Are you in a situation where you need to check your account balance urgently? Are you out of data to use for Internet banking? Or do you need to recharge or do other things on your entry-level phones that can not access the internet, but don’t know how to go about it?

Calm down and enjoy this post as everything you need to know about using a code for checking account balance will be explained here.

USSD Code To Check UBA Account Balance on Mobile Phone

USSD codes also referred to as quick code or feature code are for communicating. In the case of banking, the codes are to access some activities performed by customers with little or no supervision.

All banks have different quick codes for their various transactions, although there is a code that highlights different options. Also, there is a code for specific actions. For the case of UBA, it is called  Magic Banking and the general code is *919#.  While for account balance checking the direct code is *919*00#.

The interesting thing about this banking with USSD is that it requires no internet connection, all you need is a good network then you are good to go.

The first thing to do is to have an account with UBA, not just an account but an active one. After that, you will activate the USSD Code by registering, and you will generate a pin afterward. This pin will be the access to all transactions you want to do with this USSD code.

You can then proceed to check, and this can happen in two ways.  It’s either you use *919*00#, then input your pin displayed on the screen, and then you input your pin after which your account balance comes up.


You can also check by dialing *919#, and then options reflecting different things come up, you will choose to check your balance, and then you will be asked for your PIN after which your account balance is reflected.

For these transactions, your PIN is essential, and in case you forget it at any point, you can call the customer care representatives or visit the bank.

Other things to Use UBA USSD Code for

There are various things to use the code for aside from checking account balances. You can buy airtime for yourself and others, get data for yourself and others, and transfer money from your account to another UBA account as well as other banks.

Banking is now easy, did I hear you say that? Yes, it is so easy. Within the four walls of your room, without the internet, with a good network and your phone, you can simply transact.

As I said earlier, your four-digit PIN is essential not just for checking your account balance but also for doing other transactions using the USSD code.  Therefore, for every transaction you are doing with your USSD, you can always do it in two ways.

It is either you use the direct code for each transaction which is reflected in the table below.

TransactionMagic Banking Code
Check Balance*919*00#
Airtime-Others*919*Phone Number*Amount#
Transfer-UBA*919*3*account number*amount#
Transfer-Other Banks*919*4*Account Number*amount#
Pay Bills*919*5#
Cardless Withdrawal*919*30*Amount#
Loading UBA Prepaid Card*919*32#

You can also do your transactions by dialing the code *919#. After which other options will pop up on the screen, and you will choose the one you want. Input the information that comes on the screen and then punch in your four-digit PIN.

Benefits of Using the USSD Code

  • Send and receive money anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Pay Bills anytime without leaving your comfort zone.
  • Access your account without supervision.
  • Pay for your data subscription and also pay for others.
  • Purchase airtime for yourself and loved ones quickly.
  • Monitor transactions on your phone with ease.
  • Do Cardless Transactions
  • Freeze Online Transactions without help.
  • You can also block your debit card if the need arises.

There are countless benefits to get by using this USSD code.


Checking your account balance and doing other transactions can happen anytime and anywhere there is a network in this world. You don’t deserve to go through the stress of visiting a banking hall when you can be your banker.

Without the internet or supervision by the bank officials, you can do some things yourself through the quick code. What are you waiting for? Register and get your four-digit number. Then *919# it! You can also read up more about the USSD Code for UBA Account Balance on the bank website.


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