Which 9mobile Plan Is Best For Calls?

9mobile Data Plans And Prices

Are you a 9mobile user looking for a plan or tariff that’s the best to call? Look no further you’re at the right place. 9mobile has some of the best and most affordable tariff plans. This article will list some of the best 9mobile plans for calls.

Which 9mobile Plan Is Best For Calls?

Different tariff plans exist on 9mobile; the best depends on the customer who wants to use it. Some like overseas calls, while others like tariffs that offer lower call rates and bonuses.

However, we’ve compiled some of the best, relatively good tariff plans for you.

1. 9mobile Moretalk Tariff Plan

This plan allows more talk time among family and friends. This plan was initially called Etisalat Easy Starter before the company changed its name to 9mobile. 


The unique feature of this tariff plan allows you to talk with friends and family even when you are out of airtime. With the “Receiver pays service,” you can call friends and family without worrying about airtime. 

The default tariff is 40k/s, but it drops to 25k/s for all networks if you use ₦25 per day. Additionally, moretalk doesn’t have a subscription charge if you migrate to the tariff.

The code to migrate to the 9mobile moretalk tariff plan is *244*2#. You can dial 200 and press 1 to migrate if it’s a new line.

Benefits of using Moretalk

  • You get ₦300 free airtime from the “you and me feature” to call five 9mobile numbers for a week if you recharge ₦200. If you recharge ₦100, you also get free ₦100 to call five 9mobile numbers weekly.
  • You also get free weekly 10MB data if you recharge ₦100
  • There’s also the receiver pays service you can use to call someone when you don’t have airtime. The receiver pays for the call instead of you, the caller.

2. 9mobile Morecliq Tariff Plan

This plan existed with the company before it rebranded its name. It was called etisalat easycliq. 

With morecliq, you get charged 20k/s for calls made to 9mobile numbers. For calls to other networks, you get charged 40k/s. You also get free midnight calls from 12:30 AM to 4:30 AM.

When you use up to ₦25 daily, your tariff drops to 15k/sec for 9mobile numbers and 30k/sec for other networks. You also get 15MB of free data for every ₦200 recharge.

The code to migrate to the 9mobile morecliq tariff plan is *244*1#

3. 9mobile Moreflex Tariff Plan

This tariff plan offers more value for making calls. It also provides browsing pay-as-you-go.

This tariff plan gives you an extra ₦900 and 50MB when you recharge ₦300. This bonus can be used to call any network in Nigeria. It also has lots of affordable data bundles that you can choose from.


Benefits of using more flex

  • You get a 150% bonus when you subscribe to moreflex 2000 and 5000 bundles
  • You get a 300% or more bonus when subscribing to moreflex 300, 500, and 1000 bundles.
  • You also get over a 300% bonus when you buy or purchase moreflex 4000, 10,000, and 20,000 bundles.
  • If you subscribe to moreflex 2000 and 5000 2 times consecutively, you’ll get the third one for free.

Here’s how to subscribe to the moreflex plan

Moreflex bundleCost Activation codeMoreflex valueValidity 
Moreflex 300₦300*344*300#₦900 Talktime + 50MB7 days
Moreflex 500₦500*344*500#₦1,800 Talktime + 100MB7 days
Moreflex 1000₦1000*344*1000#₦3000 Talktime + 500MB14 days


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4. 9mobile Morelife 4.0 Limited Edition Tariff Plan

This tariff plan is a prepaid voice-based plan. It only offers benefits for calls. This is relatively one of the cheapest tariff plans on 9mobile. On morelife 4.0, you get charged 15 kobos per sec to all networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations with just ₦5 daily access fee. 

The code to migrate to the morelife tariff plan is *420*1#

5. 9mobile Moreflex Evolution Tariff Plan

This plan offers benefits for both calling and data. It comes in two categories: voice + for users who enjoy calling and data + for users who use the internet.

This tariff price ranges from ₦500 to ₦10,000. When you migrate to this tariff, you get charged 40k/sec, SMS ₦4, and MMS ₦100. It also offers pay-as-you-go data of 3 kobos per kilobyte. 

Bundle TypeBundle CostVoice + Value Data + ValueValidity Activation code
Moreflex evolution 500₦500₦1000 (Local and Int’l calls SMS)500MB 7 days*320*1*1#
Moreflex evolution 1000₦1000₦2000 (Local and Int’l calls SMS)1.5GB14 days*320*1*2#
Moreflex evolution 2000₦2000₦4000 (Local and Int’l calls SMS)3GB30 days*320*1*3#
Moreflex evolution 5000₦5000₦10,000 (Local and Int’l calls SMS)6GB30 days*320*1*4#

6. 9mobile Talk Zone Tariff Plan

This plan offers almost 80% discount on calls made to 9mobile numbers. You get charged as low as 12 kobos per sec. You also get free midnight calls from 12:30 AM to 4:30 AM.

The code to migrate to the 9mobile talk zone tariff plan is *244*8#

How To Borrow Airtime From 9mobile

You can dial *303*amount# to borrow airtime from 9mobile. However, you must be a prepaid user and have been on the network for at least four months. Also, you must have an active usage history, which means you must recharge your SIM card frequently.


Choosing the best 9mobile plan for calls ultimately depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like call rates, bonuses, and any additional perks offered by each plan. Take a close look at the details to find the one that aligns perfectly with your calling habits.

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