Which Glo Plan Is Best For Data?

Glo Data Plans In Nigeria

If you’re looking for the best and fastest internet providers in Nigeria, then look no further than Glo. Glo is one of the best internet providers at cheap and affordable prices. However, these data benefits are only limited to certain tariff plans. If you’re wondering which Glo plan is best for a data subscription, then look no further. 

We’ll be explaining what plans are the best for data subscription and also Glo data plans whether you’re looking for a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription. 

Which Glo Plan Is Best For Data?

Without a doubt, Glo is one of the best when it comes to data services. They give a lot of free data bonuses and their data bundles are relatively cheaper compared to other service providers. 

However, there are certain tariff plans on Glo that offer cheap data bundles as well as free data bonuses.


Here are some of the best tariff plans for data on Glo

Glo Berekete Tariff Plan

Glo Berekete is one of the best tariff plans on Glo when it comes to data bundles. This tariff not only gives access to cheap data bundles but also gives loads of free data as well. The code to migrate to Glo Berekete is *230#

Glo berekete tariff plan benefits:

  • Activation bonus

You will get an activation bonus once you migrate to Glo Berekete. If you recharge and call with your sim after migrating with ₦100, you’ll be gifted with ₦600 free airtime.

With this free ₦600, you can use ₦200 out of it to browse the internet or use any social media app of your choice.

  • Recharge data bonus

This is another bonus you’ll get once you migrate to Glo Berekete. If you recharge ₦100, you’ll get free 40MB of data; if you recharge ₦5,000, you’ll get 2GB of free data.

You’ll also get a 700% bonus on any recharge you make and 300% of the bonus can be used for data. If you also stay on the tariff plan for up to 4 months, you get eligible for special data

  • Double data

Glo Berekete also offers you a 100% data bonus when you purchase any data bundle. If you buy 1GB of data, you’ll get an additional 1GB, making it 2GB to surf the internet.

Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

This tariff plan is one of Glo’s most popular tariff plans. before Glo Berekete was introduced, Glo Yakata was the default tariff that came with the Glo sim card. This tariff plan offers data benefits to new and existing customers as well. 

The code to migrate to Glo Yakata is *220#


Glo yakata Tariff plans benefits

  • Unlimited data bonuses

For every data bundle you buy, you’ll get a 6Gb data bonus for six months after migrating to the tariff plan. This bonus can increase the more you recharge

  • Monthly recharge bonus

For every first ₦200 recharge, you make every month, this tariff plan gives you a 2.5X data bonus.

Glo Twin Bash Tariff Plan

Glo Twin Bash will give you six times the recharge you make plus additional data to gift to another GLO user for free, especially for those who use more data and less voice.

For instance, when you recharge with N200, you’ll automatically get 125MB of data worth N500, part of which you can gift 25MB of data to another Glo customer and N200 talk-time to call all networks.

Glo Twin Bash Tariff Benefits

  • Recharge data bonus

When you recharge ₦200 airtime, Twin Bash gives you ₦800 free airtime, which is equivalent to 200MB of data

  • Higher recharge bonus

You get 500MB data and ₦1000 airtime to call when you recharge ₦500 worth of airtime

Glo jollific8 Tariff Plan

Glo Jollific8 tariff plan is specifically designed to provide new prepaid subscribers with eight times the value on each recharge. New subscribers can also get free voice and data with every recharge.

Glo Jollific8 gives new subscribers 800% more value on all recharges of N100 or more. Users receive benefits such as free calls to all local networks, free browsing, and free data that can be shared with other subscribers.


Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan Benefits

  • Recharge data bonus

With every recharge, you get an 800% airtime bonus that can be used to browse the internet.

  • Free data

With Glo Jollific8, you get free data from time to time. You can also share this data with friends and families. 

List Of Glo Data Bundles, Activation Codes, and Validity

As I said earlier, Glo offers cheaper data bundles than other network providers in Nigeria. Here is a list of their data bundles and their activation code.

Data planpriceActivation codesValidity Duration 
50MB₦50*312*14#1 day24 Hours
100MB₦100*312*51#1 day 24 Hours
350MB₦200*312*56#2 days 48 hours
1GB₦500*312*57#14 days
2GB₦1000*312*53#30 days
4.5GB₦2,000*312*55#30 days
7GB₦2,500*312*58#30 days
8.75Gb₦3,000*312*54#30 days
12.5GB₦4,000*312*59#30 days
15.5GB₦5,000*312*2#30 days
25GB₦8,000*312*1#30 days
32.5Gb₦10,000*3127*11#30 days
52.5GB₦15,000*312*12#30 days
62.5GB₦18,000*312*13#30 days 
78.75GB₦20,000*312*33#30 days

Glo Campus Booster Data Plans

These data bundles are for students at no extra charge. However, the data bundles you’ll receive depend on your location. If you’re at any Nigerian university campus, you’ll get more for a lower price. But if you’re elsewhere, you get the data normally.

Price Off campusOn campus Glo to Glo Bonus Free data bonus Validity 
₦100100MB225MB₦10025MB2 days
₦200200MB450MB₦20050MB4 days
₦500500MB1.12GB₦500125MB7 days
₦10001GB2.25GB₦1000250MB15 days
₦20002GB4.5GB₦2000500MB30 days 
₦50005GB11.2GB₦50001250MB30 days

How Can I Get Unlimited Data on Glo?

There’s no unlimited plan for data bundles on Glo. However, there are data plans that can be used as unlimited data plans.

  • Glo ₦1,000 plan
  • Glo ₦1,500 plan
  • Glo ₦2,000 plan
  • Glo ₦2,500 plan
  • Glo ₦3,000 plan
  • Glo ₦4,000 plan
  • Glo ₦5,000 plan

Check the table above to know their activation codes and validity 

Which is the Cheapest Data Plan in Glo?

The cheapest data plan on Glo depends on the person and the budget the person has in mind. Ultimately, the night data plan is still the cheapest by far. With just ₦25 you can get 250MB and ₦50 for 500MB. Also, this night data plan can be used from 12 AM to 5 AM.


Glo offers many tariff plans that are data-friendly and full of bonuses. Make sure you choose the one that suits your needs and budget before migrating. Aside from the data bonuses, you will get, you will also get a voice bonus, free data, midnight calls, and more.

Following the manual highlighted in this guide, you should be able to successfully choose a Glo tariff plan that is good for data subscription. 

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