Which MTN Plan Is Best For Data? Everything To Know

Which MTN Plan Is Best For Data? Everything To Know

Each of the many tariff plans MTN Nigeria offers has unique promotions and benefits. While some people prefer voice calls, others prefer data. Therefore, choosing a tariff plan that fits your needs is crucial. 

It is preferable to sign up for the MTN tariff plans that are highlighted and structured for data if that is what you need more of.  Wondering if are there such MTN plans? Worry not, as we will enlighten you on everything you have to know about the best MTN tariff plan for mobile data. 

Which MTN Plan Is Best For Data? 

The MTN Pulse is the finest MTN Tariff Plan for data. It is a well-known tariff plan among MTN users who might have heard about it. MTN Pulse tariff is a fantastic package well-liked by MTN customers and is the ideal tariff for those who enjoy surfing the internet. 

What Is The MTN Pulse Tariff Plan?

Before being changed to MTN Pulse, the MTN pulse plan was previously known as the MTN iPulse. This pricing package was created especially for internet users. So if you’re looking for data, MTN pulse is the ideal solution you can find on the MTN network. 


You may purchase inexpensive data bundles from MTN Pulse with several data extras. Additionally, you can benefit from low call prices on all of Nigeria’s telecommunications networks.

MTN Pulse is the most popular data price plan on the MTN network. You will be required to migrate to the MTN pulse tariff plan if you require a low data plan or wish to take advantage of several data bonuses.

How Do I Migrate To MTN Pulse?

You must be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan to enjoy its benefits, which is why you will have to migrate if you are currently on another tariff plan. Dial *123# on your MTN line to check your current tariff plan if you are unsure of your current MTN plan. Select “My Tariff Plan” from the list of options after dialing the code. Your current tariff plan will be revealed in a message that you will receive.

Follow these simple steps below to switch to MTN pulse.

  • Access the phone dialer application on your smartphone.
  • Use your MTN SIM card to enter the code *406#.
  • Choose option 1 (Migrate to MTN Pulse) from the list of available choices.
  • Click OK or Send.

Your migration to MTN pulse will be confirmed in a notification from MTN. The MTN pulse migration is cost-free. However, you will be charged N100 for the migration if your existing migration is less than 30 days old.


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What Are The Benefits Of MTN Pulse?

You can take advantage of various obvious benefits with MTN Pulse for both voice calls and data bundles. On the MTN pulse network, you can take advantage of the following perks:

  • On the MTN pulse, you pay a fixed rate of 11 cents per second for calls after being charged 25 cents per second for the first 50 seconds of your day’s first call.
  • When you first recharge for the week with N100 or N200, you receive 10MB and 20MB, respectively.
  • On the MTN pulse, you can acquire 750MB for N300.
  • On the MTN pulse, 1GB is also available for N300 for one day.
  • On MTN Pulse, 1.5GB of data with a 7-day validity period can be purchased for N500.
  • The Nightlife Bundle can only be used with this tariff plan. This bundle is for you if you want to spend the entire evening chatting with your buddies.
  • After activating certain data bundles, customers receive Pulse points that may be used to gain free data.
  • They also provide customized Instagram and TikTok bundles, 350MB for N100 and 1GB for N200, so that you can watch videos comfortably.

How Do I Use My MTN Pulse Points?

You can use or redeem the Pulse Point by dialing *406*7*2#. If you select Data Bundle, you have the opportunity to select between daily, weekly, and monthly options, increasing the Pule Points as you go. You must pay 25 points for 250MB and 50 points for 500MB of the Nightlife Bundle.

How Do I Get 1.5 GB On MTN Pulse?

With just N500, you can acquire 1.5 GB of mobile data on MTN Pulse. Follow the simple instructions listed below to complete this subscription. 

  • Move to MTN Pulse by dialing *406*1#.
  • Recharge N500 worth of airtime on your MTN sim
  • Complete your 1.5 GB data subscription by dialing *406*2#
  • N500 will be the amount charged for this bundle.


With MTN Pulse prepaid tariff package, you can make calls to all local networks in Nigeria for a basic fee of 11.26k/sec after the first 60 seconds of the day at 27k/sec. MTN Pulse is the most effective method of keeping in touch with loved ones.

Additionally, employing its beneficial data bundles enables Pulse users to obtain and share important information, which increases productivity.

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