Wyoming ZIP Code List – List of ZIP Codes in the State of Wyoming

What Are The Wyoming Zip Codes?

Wyoming is a landlocked state in the mountain region of the Western United States. The population was estimated at 586,107, less than 50 percent of whom were born in Wyoming (the least populated state in the USA). Bordered by Montana to the north, Wyoming is flanked by two of its neighbors on the east by South Dakota and Nebraska, on the south by Colorado, and on the southwest by Utah. Wyoming is not one of the United States’ 48 contiguous states. It covers 97,813 square miles and ranks tenth in the total area it covered.

ZIP codes were introduced in 1963 as a way to help postal workers better deliver mail. Before that time, they relied on city directories to find addresses and therefore weren’t always accurate or timely. Today, ZIP codes are still important because they help the USPS determine how much postage should be charged for shipping items within an area. Zip codes are used by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to organize and process mail. A zip code consists of five unique digits that varies between location.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the following are 146 ZIP codes for Wyoming, along with their land areas in square miles and the number of cities and counties that they encompass. Here’s a complete list of Zip codes available for the state of Wyoming.


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Common CitiesCountyZip CodeLand Area
Belle Fourche, Fruitdale, SpearfishButte County, Crook County, Harding County, Lawrence County57717515,574,000
Cheyenne, Fox Farm-College, Warren AFBLaramie County82001152,692,000
Warren AFBLaramie County820057,616,780
Cheyenne, Fox Farm-College, South GreeleyLaramie County82007508,189,000
Cheyenne, RanchettesLaramie County820093,211,500,000
AlbinLaramie County82050423,956,000
BurnsLaramie County82053586,710,000
CarpenterLaramie County82054466,144,000
CentennialAlbany County82055302,189,000
HillsdaleLaramie County8206075,721,000
Woods Landing-JelmAlbany County, Larimer County82063262,821,000
Albany, Fox Park, Laramie, Woods Landing-JelmAlbany County820702,828,110,000
LaramieAlbany County82072558,677,000
Pine BluffsBanner County, Laramie County82082528,898,000
Arlington, Rock RiverAlbany County, Carbon County820831,278,570,000
MammothPark County, Teton County821907,698,490,000
Chugcreek, Lakeview North, Slater, Westview Circle, Wheatland, Whiting, Y-O RanchAlbany County, Platte County822014,459,170,000
Chugwater, SlaterGoshen County, Platte County822101,006,340,000
Fort LaramieGoshen County82212872,565,000
GlendoPlatte County822131,245,910,000
GuernseyPlatte County82214271,000,000
HartvillePlatte County82215208,476,000
Hawk SpringsGoshen County82217233,513,000
La GrangeGoshen County82221806,427,000
Lance CreekNiobrara County822221,055,010,000
LingleGoshen County82223388,732,000
Lance CreekNiobrara County82224348,135,000
Lance Creek, LuskGoshen County, Niobrara County822253,554,460,000
ManvilleNiobrara County82227976,306,000
Lost SpringsConverse County82229625,187,000
Huntley, TorringtonGoshen County822401,715,620,000
Van TassellNiobrara County82242180,646,000
VeteranGoshen County82243140,582,000
Hawk Springs, YoderGoshen County82244858,194,000
Rawlins, SinclairCarbon County, Fremont County, Sweetwater County823013,182,310,000
BaggsCarbon County82321681,712,000
BairoilSweetwater County823223,901,880
DixonCarbon County8232373,251,100
Elk MountainCarbon County82324629,812,000
Encampment, RiversideCarbon County823251,730,860,000
HannaCarbon County823271,223,640,000
Medicine BowAlbany County, Carbon County823291,891,740,000
Ryan Park, SaratogaCarbon County823311,487,400,000
Rawlins, SinclairCarbon County82334627,685,000
WamsutterSweetwater County823361,690,860,000
WorlandBig Horn County, Hot Springs County, Washakie County824011,531,130,000
BasinBig Horn County82410452,091,000
BurlingtonBig Horn County82411238,143,000
ByronBig Horn County8241252,787,200
CodyPark County824147,300,740,000
CowleyBig Horn County82420143,563,000
Deaver, FrannieBig Horn County, Park County82421120,041,000
FrannieBig Horn County, Park County8242348,322,500
GreybullBig Horn County824261,451,540,000
HyattvilleBig Horn County82428549,871,000
KirbyHot Springs County824306,297,170
Byron, LovellBig Horn County824311,436,600,000
MandersonBig Horn County82432304,538,000
MeeteetsePark County824332,202,540,000
Garland, Powell, RalstonBig Horn County, Park County824352,193,720,000
RalstonPark County82440881,524
ShellBig Horn County82441305,458,000
Ten SleepWashakie County824421,711,830,000
East Thermopolis, Kirby, Lucerne, Owl Creek, ThermopolisHot Springs County824433,118,430,000
Arapahoe, Johns, Riverton, ShoshoniFremont County825012,436,700,000
Arapahoe, EtheteFremont County8251057,291,600
CrowheartFremont County825121,069,760,000
DuboisFremont County825133,982,020,000
Boulder Flats, Ethete, Fort WashakieFremont County82514566,073,000
HudsonFremont County8251521,496,500
Ethete, JohnsFremont County82516617,165,000
Atlantic City, Boulder Flats, Ethete, Fort Washakie, Hudson, Jeffrey City, LanderFremont County825205,708,640,000
PavillionFremont County825231,965,800,000
Antelope Hills, Bar Nunn, Casper, Casper Mountain, Evansville, Hartrandt, Homa Hills, MillsNatrona County826011,476,620,000
Bessemer Bend, Casper, Mills, Mountain View, Powder River, Red Butte, Vista WestCarbon County, Natrona County826044,782,160,000
Casper, EvansvilleNatrona County82609151,594,000
AlcovaCarbon County, Natrona County826201,902,120,000
Douglas, Esterbrook, OrinConverse County, Niobrara County826338,164,820,000
EdgertonNatrona County8263541,304,500
Brookhurst, Casper, Evansville, Meadow AcresConverse County, Natrona County82636238,731,000
Glenrock, Rolling HillsAlbany County, Converse County826372,489,650,000
KayceeJohnson County, Natrona County826394,360,010,000
MidwestNatrona County8264377,180,600
MillsNatrona County826442,180,860
Powder RiverNatrona County826481,415,410,000
ShoshoniFremont County826491,565,970,000
Hill View Heights, NewcastleCuster County, Niobrara County, Pennington County, Weston County827014,727,080,000
BeulahCrook County82712324,382,000
GilletteCampbell County827162,811,150,000
Antelope Valley-Crestview, Gillette, Sleepy Hollow, WrightCampbell County827184,876,810,000
HulettCrook County827201,695,900,000
Moorcroft, Pine HavenCrook County827212,034,360,000
OsageWeston County82723252,287,000
SundanceCrook County, Weston County827291,607,510,000
UptonCrook County, Weston County827301,631,510,000
WrightCampbell County82732277,511,000
Big Horn, SheridanBig Horn County, Sheridan County828011,632,060,000
ArvadaCampbell County, Johnson County, Sheridan County828311,632,320,000
StoryJohnson County, Sheridan County82832428,169,000
BuffaloJohnson County828345,611,920,000
ClearmontSheridan County828351,311,410,000
DaytonSheridan County828361,319,200,000
ParkmanSheridan County82838466,484,000
Parkman, RanchesterSheridan County82839302,622,000
StorySheridan County8284238,039,200
Arrowhead Springs, Clearview Acres, North Rock Springs, Purple Sage, Reliance, Rock Springs, Table RockSweetwater County829013,596,250,000
BondurantSublette County82922847,696,000
BoulderSublette County829232,835,210,000
CoraSublette County, Teton County829251,811,180,000
Little AmericaSweetwater County8292929,578,200
Bear River, EvanstonSummit County, Uinta County829301,230,040,000
Eden, FarsonSublette County, Sweetwater County829321,336,500,000
Fort BridgerUinta County82933182,412,000
GrangerSweetwater County8293458,501,600
Green River, James TownSweetwater County82935422,333,000
LonetreeUinta County82936335,957,000
Carter, Lyman, UrieUinta County82937312,447,000
McKinnon, WashamSweetwater County82938456,742,000
Mountain ViewUinta County82939204,752,000
Cora, PinedaleSublette County829411,123,570,000
RelianceSweetwater County82943188,862,000
RobertsonUinta County82944509,035,000
SuperiorSweetwater County82945332,147,000
Hoback, Jackson, Rafter J Ranch, South ParkSublette County, Teton County830012,092,230,000
KellyTeton County83011743,334,000
Moose Wilson Road, Teton Village, WilsonTeton County83014554,211,000
Teton VillageTeton County8302534,758,400
Diamondville, Fontenelle, Kemmerer, OakleyLincoln County831011,948,910,000
Afton, Fairview, Osmond, SmootLincoln County83110382,239,000
AuburnCaribou County, Lincoln County8311140,841,000
Bedford, TurnervilleLincoln County83112357,517,000
Big Piney, MarbletonSublette County831132,688,500,000
Cokeville, TaylorLincoln County83114992,953,000
DanielSublette County831151,526,090,000
Diamondville, KemmererLincoln County831164,021,060
Etna, Freedom, NordicLincoln County8311851,166,200
FairviewLincoln County8311934,419,300
FreedomCaribou County, Lincoln County8312027,077,100
KemmererLincoln County831211,091,600
GroverLincoln County8312233,469,900
La BargeLincoln County83123229,686,000
OpalLincoln County83124251,541,000
SmootLincoln County83126159,983,000
Bedford, Star Valley Ranch, ThayneLincoln County83127195,057,000
Alpine Northeast, Alpine Northwest, Alpine, NordicLincoln County831281,171,600,000
AltaTeton County83414887,485,000

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