Top 10 Transactions To Do On Zenith Bank Mobile Internet Banking App

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Zenith bank is one of the best banks that graced the face of the Nigerian finance sector. In order to keep up with its excellent service, Zenith bank has provided an internet banking interface for her customers.

In this article, you will learn about the transactions that you can do on the Zenith bank mobile internet banking app.

Almost every bank now has a mobile app and internet banking platform. If you are a Zenith bank customer, it is likely that you use the USSD banking or the mobile app.

If you prefer doing internet banking for your personal and business transactions, you will certainly love the Zenith bank app. Probably, you have heard about the app but you don’t know what it can do because you are yet to download it on your mobile device.

We have made this post for you to give you details on the top ten transactions that you can do on the Zenith bank mobile internet banking platform.



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10 Easy Transactions You Can Do On The Zenith Bank Mobile Internet Banking App

Zenith Bank App

Below is a list of the top ten transactions that you can perform on the Zenith bank mobile app and internet banking system.

1. Create An Account

Are you looking for a way to open a Zenith Bank account? If yes, you can create an account for yourself on the Zenith bank mobile app.

Perhaps, if you are too busy and unable to leave your workplace or home, you can consider creating an account for yourself after downloading the app. This method is quite convenient and faster than filling lots of forms and doing paperwork in the bank.  

2. Access Your Account 24/7

The Zenith bank internet mobile banking app gives you unrestricted access to your account at anytime of the day. By using the app, you get information and details on anything concerning your account.

For instance, with the app, you can view the your previous transactions, view your account balance etc.


3. Secure Your Account

Fraudsters and scammers are roaming around seeking for whom to dupe. Therefore, it is important for you to protect your account at all times. The Zenith bank app helps you to secure your account.

For instance, if you notice that someone knows the password of your ATM card, you can use the mobile app to change your password. Also, you can also use the app to change the PIN of the mobile app to prevent people from accessing the app and your finances.

The Zenith bank app is protected by two-factor authentication which is: mobile PIN and password.

4. View Account Statement

Additionally, you can make use of the Zenith bank mobile banking service to see your account statement. You don’t need to visit the bank hall to get your statement of account because you can request for it from the Zenith bank mobile internet banking app.

The account statement is a document which shows the record and information of your account transactions including the sent and received finances.

5. Make Payments

One of the features of the Zenith mobile banking app is that it allows you to make payments securely and comfortably. In the app, there is a ‘Scan To Pay’ function that makes it easy for you to make payments for goods and services.

All that you need to do is to scan the QR code of the merchant or the seller with your smartphone and make payment. As simple as ABC!

6. Send Money

You can send money instantaneously from your account to other people. You can make transfers to other Zenith Bank accounts and also send money to people who use other banks.

7. Locate Zenith Bank Branches and ATMs Near You

Some people prefer withdrawing money from Zenith bank ATMs for obvious reasons. The Zenith Bank app allows you to locate zenith bank ATMs and banks around you.

You can discover Zenith Bank branches and ATMs near you or in your location.


8. Manage ATM Cards

One of the way to protect your account is to manage your debit cards properly. Luckily, the Zenith bank mobile app allows you to manage your debit cards.

With this app, you can change the PIN & password of your debit card. Also, you can deactivate and block your ATM card. Furthermore, after requesting for a new debit card, you can use the app to activate the ATM card.

9. Pay Bills

We all have bills to pay. The Zenith bank internet banking interface also allows you to make pay your bills using the funds in your bank account.

You can make pay your utility bills along with other bills such as water bills, waste bills, electricity and PHCN bills without stress.

Zenith Bank Mobile Internet Banking App

10. Purchase Airtime and Data

Never run out of airtime and data on your smartphone when you can purchase them from your bank account. Zenith bank makes it possible for you to get data and recharge your phone using the funds in your account.

You can buy airtime and data directly to any network of your choice, it could be Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, MTN. Moreover, you can purchase airtime and data on your own line and also buy for other people’s lines as well.

If you are new to internet banking, it may take some time for you to understand and get acquainted to the service. We believe that this guide simplified the transactions that you can do on the Zenith Bank mobile banking app.

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