Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) For Dummies

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Imagine being able to send a broadcast message to all your customers on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, in your church, mosque, office to inform them of a new product. Even without seeing the product, most of them wanted to pay upfront to be the first to get the item before it becomes out of stock.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it is very much possible. In this book, I am going to teach you how to grow a strong relationship with your clients and unbelievable profits.


A strong relationship builds can easily build a new business … how do you relate to your target customers?

If you want to have a long-term customer based circle, building relationship is essential.

You see, people buy from you because they already have the connection and trust with you not that they need the product alone. This is very important to understand.

That’s why inside this amazing report, you are about to learn the following information:

  • How to Build a Strong CRM Database for Marketing
  • Blending Marketing and Your CRM
  • How to Improve Your CRM to Benefit Your Marketing
  • How to Take Advantage of CRM Marketing Strategies
  • Know the Benefits of Using CRM for Marketing
  • 5 Tips to Increase Your Social CRM Success
  • Benefits of CRM in Your Marketing
  • How to Achieve Success with Social CRM
  • CRM Experts Share 6 Top Marketing Tips
  • How to Automate Your CRM Marketing
  • CRM Marketing Needs To Align With Multiple Technologies
  • Are You Ready to Use CRM in Your Marketing
  • Why Do Marketers Use CRM Systems for Their Metrics?
  • Traditional CRM Software vs. Marketing Automation Software
  • Social Media Changes CRM
  • Take Advantage of CRM Marketing
  • How to Automate Your Marketing Campaigns Using CRM
  • Let Your Inbound Marketing Plan Define the CRM You Choose
  • Incorporate Current Marketing Channels With CRM
  • CRM and Email Marketing

If you are having problems with sales because your customers do not respond to your messages, then you’ve been promoting your business and products to your customers the wrong way. Get this book and turn your idle customers into recurring income.

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