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The Richest Man In Africa – Aliko Dangote Net Worth

Aliko Dangote Companies, How Much Is Aliko Dangote Net Worth Where Is Aliko Dangote House, Where Is Aliko Dangote Biography

How much do you know about the richest man in Africa? In the recent article I published about Aliko Dangote’s wife and kids, I referred to Aliko Dangote as the greatest magician alive because of his ability to turn ₦500,000 into a $50 billion empire. In this article will be looking at Aliko Dangote himself. […]

Aliko Dangote Wives & Children – What The News Won’t Tell You

Aliko Dangote First Wife

Aliko Dangote is arguable the most successful black investor in the whole wide world. I’m sure would have come across his name at one point in your search, Yes, you must have. But how many times have you searched for Aliko Dangote’s wife or children? Would you like to know if the success story of Aliko Dangote […]

Nigeria Record Labels Looking for Artistes And Their Contact Address

How To Get Signed To A Record Label In Nigeria

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to contact your favorite Nigerian record label, how you can send your song to these record labels, and a list of Nigerian record labels looking for artistes.  This guide will also show you how to join a record label, how to start a record label, how to approach a record […]

Deji Adeleke Net Worth, Biography, Mansions, Children

How Much Is Deji Adeleke Net Worth

We’ve heard so much about Davido, his wife Chioma, and his kids but we still know so little about his father, Dr. Deji Adeleke other than he is a big politician. Davido’s father, Dr. Adeleke is one of the most successful businessmen in Nigeria. After achieving success in so many business endeavors, he finally decided […]

Shina Peters Net Worth, Biography, Career, Contact

Shina Peters Net Worth

Sir Shina Peters can easily be regarded as one of the most successful Nigerian musicians. His songs, beats, and flows have grabbed him a lot of international recognition, multiple awards, endorsements, and contracts. In this post, I’ll be telling you everything we know about Sir Shina Peters. You get to see his net worth, salary, […]

Hushpuppi Net Worth, Biography, Cars, Girlfriend

What Is Ray Hushpuppi Net Worth

Being one of the richest Yahoo boys in the country, Hushpuppi will certainly pass as one of the “big boys” from Nigeria. He is an Instagram celeb that was actively showing off his wealth to his social media fans. On the 13th of June 2020, Hushpuppi was extracted by the Dubai Police and the FBI […]

Tiwa Savage Net Worth, Biography, Family, Music

Tiwa Savage Billboard

Today is kind of special because we’ll be looking at one of the finest female songwriter & recording artist in Africa, Tiwa Savage. I’m 85% sure that at one point in your life or music search that you’ve seen or heard a song by Tiwa Savage. Just in case you don’t know, Tiwa Savage is […]

Symply Tacha Net Worth, Biography, Contact, Relationship

Symply Tacha Net Worth

nIt’s not news that Symply Tacha is one of the most popular personalities in Nigeria. In fact, on her 24th birthday, she was the most mentioned person on Twitter, there were over 4 million tweets wishing her a happy birthday. Tacha was one of the most controversial housemates in the 2019 edition of the BB […]

Top 20 Richest Musicians In Africa [Forbes]

Top 20 Richest Musicians In Africa [Forbes]

Sometimes I’d sit down and wondered who the richest musicians in Africa were. As exciting as it is to know, Africans are talented people in areas like music, dance, and creativity. We’ve got extraordinary musician, superstars DJs, jaw-dropping hip-hop artist & rappers making good music. Musicians like Naira Marley, I mean Burna Boy, Nasty C, Yemi Alade, Angelique […]

Top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2020 [Forbes]

Top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

Do you want to know who is the richest musician in Nigeria or you would like to see a list of rich Nigerian musician and their net worth as listed in Forbes? Well, I’ve compiled the list of super-wealthy Nigerian songwriters for you. In this article, I’ll be showing you The Richest Nigerian Musicians And Their […]