Big Brother Naija Season 7- Registration, Audition, Housemates, Locations

Big Brother Naija Season 7- Registration, Audition, Housemates, Locations

In this article, I’ll be giving you a step by step guide on how to easily become a housemate on the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show. Even if you have no experience or you have personality issues, the steps listed in this guide will allow any BB Naija aspirant to become a member of the BBN show.

That is not all, you also get to see a lot of things like the Big Brother Naija 2022 audition date and location, Big Brother Naija Online application form, and everything you need to know about BB Naija registration.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about the BBN TV Show and possibly be the next winner of Big Brother Naija housemate.

The fastest way to become a renowned celebrity and rise to fame in Nigeria is to become a housemate at the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show.

The thrill and drama in the fun-filled experiences in the previous BB Naija seasons skyrocketed the interest and participation of the show making it one of the most popular reality TV shows on Earth.


What is BB Naija?

BB Naija also called Big brother Nigeria or BBN is a television reality game show where a group of contestants known as Housemates, are kept in a building under surveillance to monitor and study their interactions. Their performances and actions are also aired on live TV.

These housemates are rewarded or evicted based on their performances. The winner of the show walks away with a life-changing grand prize but remember all the fun and activities in the house.


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The first season of BBN ran from the 5th of March to the 4th of June 2006 and Katung Aduwak was crowned the winner of the show and awarded a $100,000 cheque and a brand new SUV.

In the second and third seasons of Big Brother Naija, Efe Ejeba emerged winner in 2017, and Miracle Igbokwe was crowned as the winner of the third season in the year 2018 respectively.

Big Brother Naija is an amazing platform for Nigerian youths and has also produced iconic public figures like the Box office special, Africa Magic’s Tinsel actor and personality, Gideon Okeke, Event Host, and TV personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Mimi, Miracle among others.


If you are looking for a way to get rich fast and become popular in Nigeria, then you should audition for BBN 2021 and become a housemate on the show.

How to Register for BB Naija 2022

If you’re interested in participating in the Big Brother Naija then you should pick up your phone, laptop, iPad, or Chromebook to get your own Big Brother Naija Audition Form to get a chance to be on the show.

You can get your own BB Naija audition form by completing these three easy tasks.

Simply head to

Take a picture and super dope video of you doing something cool and send it to them. Most of my colleagues used a video recorder but an iPhone can also do a decent job of recording and editing selfie videos.

When you send them a video of you doing something weird, funny, or amazing, they take your data, analyze your personality, and try to figure out the role you can play in the show. 

So, it’s advisable to make your 30 seconds count. If your video has poor quality or is uninteresting, your chances of becoming a Big Brother housemate are very low.

Fill in the appropriate details on the online application form and submit it with your super dope video and picture. Once you do, start praying because na only God fit do am for you. Get ready for auditions because after your profiles have been analyzed, you would be recalled for casting.

Big Brother Naija Requirements

Before you can appear on the BBN Reality TV show, you have to meet certain eligibilities, conditions, and requirements before you can appear on the show.

The following criteria are required by the BBN board before you are allowed to participate in the BB Naija Reality TV Show.


1. You must be a Nigerian citizen

Although the BBNaija reality show is also being aired in South Africa, Nigeria is its home country that sets up the Big Brother Naija reality game show and there’s a strict rule that allows only Nigerian citizens to participate in this reality game show.

Non-Nigerian citizens can’t be admitted as housemates and will not be allowed to participate in the show.

2. You must be at least 21 years old

The minimum age limit required by the BB Naija organizers is 21. The only applicants between the ages of 21 and 35 that can handle certain emotional meltdowns and look fit for the show will be allowed to participate in the show.

This is done to ensure that the show is as interesting as it can be and to filter out bad influences that would want to cause chaos during the show.

3. You Must Have International Passport

Your Nigerian passport is the official and only means of identification accepted by the BB Naija Admin Team. They would use the details on your Nigerian Passport to verify your biometrics and nationality before you can be admitted as a BB Naija Housemate.

This means of identification seems more logical and fairly ideal than the Nigerian ID Card. You basically must possess a Nigerian International Passport before you can be accepted in the show.

4. You must be Self-Sufficient

Another rule you need to follow before you can appear on the BBN Reality TV show is that you must be self-sufficient. You should be able to take care of yourself before you can be on the show.

This self-sufficiency includes a readiness to travel, the ability to administer medications (if sick or have a minor health issue), responsible, and can be able to stay on the show for up to 90 days without contacting the outside world. If you can do that then you can audition for BB Naija.

5. You Must be Educated

Education is another critical requirement set by the BBN admin board that qualifies an aspirant to become part of the show. You need the minimum of an O’level result (WAEC, GCE, or NECO) before you’ll be allowed to participate in the show.

Having a higher degree like a university, polytechnic, or college of education certificate is not compulsory but the fact is that you must be educated. You can simply audition for BBN if you have a WAEC result.

6. You should be Emotionally and Mentally Stable

Any person that wants o to be a BBN Housemate will not be able to contact his family and friends during his time on the show and living with a couple of strangers can be tough on some people. It can bring a level of psychological or emotional damage if the person is not prepared.

So, being mentally and emotionally stable is a very critical requirement you must possess before you can be on the show. Like I said earlier, people between the ages between 21 and 35 can handle most emotional meltdowns and this age grade is perfect for the show.

Just in case you do become a Big Brother Housemate and you are not mentally stable, there will be a series of tests and challenges set by the organizers to keep a housemate in check and examine if they are mentally stable or not.

7. You Must Be A Newcomer

In order to be eligible to appear on the show, applicants must not have participated as housemates in any previous seasons of the show. As a part of this process, the audit panel checks the photo identification of all applicants to ensure they are eligible.

8. You Should Sell Yourself

This year’s BBNaija audition will be strictly online and completely free, applicants are required to upload an introductory 3-minute video telling Big Brother who you are, what is unique about you, your favorite things, how you grew up, and why it will shape you.

Also talk briefly about your likes dislikes, close friends, family, schooling, and career. The video should be uploaded on the BBnaija website under auditions with a name of your choice.

Big Brother Naija Season 7 Audition starts on the 15th of May 2022 and closes on May 30th, 2022. If you are sure that you have what it takes and meet all the necessary requirements, then proceed to log on to to submit your application.

9. You Should Be Reachable

Applicants must have an active mobile phone number as well as an active email address where they can receive messages for the audition.

Big Brother Naija: Application and Audition Step by Step

  • The Big Brother Naija (BBN) application process has begun. Interested applicants are expected to record a 3-minute video of themselves declaring the reason they should be selected to be a Housemate in Season 7 of Big Brother Naija. While doing this, ensure you are absolute, try as much as possible to be yourself, and be self-confident.
  • To get noticed and stand out in the audience, we are encouraging candidates to use a high-quality smartphone camera to record their video introduction. To ensure that your video is high-quality, we recommend that you hold your phone horizontally (compulsory) and that you use a light source if it’s too dark and grainy. If possible, use a tripod or place your phone on something steady so that it won’t shake or move around too much.
  • Ensure that your video is error-free.
  • The video submission must be your original idea and shot entirely by you. The video must show, the name and contact details of the participant (Name, Phone Number, and Email Address). The video must have no violation of any third-party rights and hence no copyrighted music, background music, or any form of special effects or filters. Only videos submitted to the site that conforms to these rules will be accepted.
  • After you have completed the recording and editing of your video, log on to to fill out the online registration form and upload your video. The form is pretty straightforward as it only requires your name, email address, phone number, and country of residence.
  • Suppose in reviewing your form, any inconsistency in your BioData or deliberate withholding of information relevant to your personality is noticed. In that case, you may be disqualified from the selection process.
  • It is important to first note that applying for a reality TV show, like Big Brother Naija, requires you to fill out an application form and give your consent for the organizer of the event to conduct civil, criminal, medical, and other types of background checks they deemed fit.
  • If you are chosen for the next phase of the application process, you will be contacted through email at your provided address. Please make sure your email address is valid and current so that you can receive any emails from Big Brother Naija.
  • All applicants who are selected for the next phase of the audition will receive an email notification. If you do not receive an email by the deadline date, you have not been selected.
  • When you sign up to be a Housemate, you are signing up to be on national television 24/7, so you must be willing to live in the Big Brother Naija house located in Lagos with approximately a dozen or more strangers where you will have little or no privacy.
  • If selected, you must wear a microphone at all times. Cameras will be installed in each room and around the perimeter of the house. The cameras are active 24/7, so you will be on a candid camera 24/7. You can not have any kind of privacy in this house – everything is to be recorded by cameras all the time.
  • As a participant in Big Brother Naija, you are expected to be available for filming for approximately three months. This means that if you are chosen to live in the house, it is your responsibility to make any necessary arrangements with your employer and family in anticipation of your extended absence.
  • If you are selected to move forward in the selection process, you will enter into a contract with Big Brother Naija. This contract includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • If you are selected to move forward in the selection process, you must be willing to travel to Lagos at a time as scheduled by the producer in its sole discretion for the final selection process. The economy travels and hotel accommodations will be arranged and paid for by the Producer/Organizer.
    • You must be willing to sign an additional non-disclosure agreement when entering into this contract.

BB Naija Audition Locations

The Big Brother Naija normally holds its auditions in major cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin, Calabar, Warri, Ibadan, Abuja, and Enugu. The venues and locations for the BB Naija audition have been listed below for interested contestants who are searching for the big brother Naija audition date.

The BB Naija auditions begin around the end of February and round up by the beginning of April every year. If you are an aspiring contestant of the Big Brother Naija show, you can locate any of the following Big Brother Naija Audition Centers across Nigeria.


Here’s a list of the Audition Centers for the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show.

  • Enugu – Oakland Hotel and Park, Tunnel Crossing, Ogui Link Road, beside Etim Plaza, Enugu.
  • Lagos State – West Town Hotel; No 1, Ayeni Street, behind Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja.
  • Benin – Uyi Grand Event center, 11 Osagiede Street, G.R.A Benin, Edo State.
  • Port Harcourt – 5141, Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
  • Delta – State 0 Deluxe Garden Suites, Bauchi Close, Shell Eedjeba, Warri.
  • Ibadan – Mauve 21 Events Centre, MKO Abiola Way, Ring Road, by Adeoyo Junction, Ibadan.
  • Abuja – MultiChoice Office, Plot 1548, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, beside NEMA, adjacent Transcorp Hilton, Maitama.
  • Calabar – Venetian Arena, plot 5, Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar, Cross River State.

However, Big Brother Naija has stopped using audition centers and now auditions are now online so there is no need to stress yourself going to these various locations.

How Much is Big Brother Naija Audition Form?

The Big Brother Naija audition form can only be gotten at the audition centers. Would you like to know how much the Big Brother Naija Audition form is? Well, BBN online audition forms are completely free.

It is not sold but given for free in the designated sales area but BB Naija organizers have the right to sell the audition forms if they choose to.

How are BB Naija Housemates picked?

I believe housemates are picked by character, education, work experience, personality, and their online fan base. This reality show is kind of an experiment and uses these variables to define audience reaction.

Skeptics have said, “BB Naija housemates have already been chosen and have been trained ahead of the show, so everyone that auditioned has wasted their time and money“.

While others believe that ”BB Naija housemates were picked for different reasons”. For example, Khloe was picked for her drama, and Vandora a happy girl.

“I know that the organizers have a template of what they want from their housemates, it depends on them” – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. Well, we don’t know for sure, do we?

As I said, this data you give when registering and your performance in the Audition is used to analyze your personality and analyze the role you will play in the show. Just be yourself.


How to Watch Big Brother Naija Videos

Big Brother Naija can be aired live on YouTube online. You can also watch it on your local TV like African Independence Television (AIT), Silverbird Television, Galaxy TV, TVC, African Magic, and other channels in your Startimes, DSTV, and GOTV decoders.

How to Win Big Brother Naija?

To be sincere, your fate on the BB Naija reality TV show is completely up to you. Your actions and the vote awarded by the audience to decide your fate.

“The secret to winning BB Naija is to be yourself” – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

If you’re a terrible actor and you keep acting like you are “Baba Nla”, you won’t make it past four days. Living a fake life or using a false personality/identity in the Big Brother Naija reality show will surely backfire on you. Just be yourself and people will love you for who you are and vote for you.

Big Brother Naija Winners




Launch date

Big Brother Nigeria Season One Winner

Katung Aduwak


 March 5, 2006


Big Brother Naija Season Two Winner

Efe Ejeba


January 22, 2017

Big Brother Naija Season Three Winner

Miracle Igbokwe



 January 28, 2018


 Big Brother Naija Season Four Winner

Mercy “Lambo ”Eke


June 30, 2019

Big Brother Naija Season Five Winner

Big Brother Naija Season Six Winner





19 July 2020

24 July 2021

How to Vote for a BB Naija Housemate

The method of voting in the BB Naija Season 4 is still unrevealed. But it might be like last year’s system where you text the housemate’s name to 32052.

Benefits of The BB Naija Show

Apart from giving away close to $300,000 every year, Big Brother Naija also has tremendous benefits such as:

1. Encouraging Socialization

The BB Naija show is a platform that brings people with different lifestyles and beliefs from different homes, religions, tribes, norms, values, and cultures under one roof and makes them work together and compete against themselves. Most times, the housemates become best friends, lovers, and companions even after the show.

2. Increase in Nigeria’s TV ratings

Nigerians aren’t the only people that view this reality game show, it is played all over the world and a lot of the public contributes to the show thereby increasing our TV rating. This has created a platform for brands and small businesses to reach more customers by advertising on the show for a very small token.

3. Job creation

Investors from all over the world come to sponsor this reality game show. The organizers will become popular, the sponsors will sell more products, and the contestant gets jobs/endorsements in the entertainment industry. This is a complete win-win package.

The youths are engaged, new talents are revealed, and it adds a slight increase in the GDP meaning the poverty rate in the country is reduced. Quite frankly, I believe BBN is a great platform.

I did promise that you’ll know everything about Big Brother Naija. Well, I hope you do now. Every related item you be updated shortly. But the most important thing is you now know how to become a BBN contestant, I implore you to apply and get on the show as soon as you can.

You can comment or ask a question concerning your BB Naija application and I will gladly reply to them as soon as I can.

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