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False news and information spread like wildfire especially in a third-world country like Nigeria. InformationNGR has made it its duty to ensure that every Nigerian can conveniently gain access to quality and engaging information.

We believe in two words, Inform and Inspire.

We’ve been providing qualitative and quantitive content that you can rely on since 2019, and we abide by that principle till the end. We are your #1 plug for information and inspiration guides.

InformationNGR is an online information and resource platform which was created to help Nigerians and non-Nigerians to get relevant, trusted, and valuable information on any topic which interests them.


Besides, InformationNGR is strictly focused on sharing interesting facts about Nigeria and other informative content which is aimed at enlightening the minds of people.

What Type of Information Do We Provide On Our Website?

InformationNGR is a top-notch resource and knowledge base which provides informative materials to its readers on general information.

We provide information on different spheres of life ranging from Technology, Tutorials, Education, Business, Health, Culture & Tradition, Politics, Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, How-To articles, Do It Yourself Guide, Where-To-Find-Things articles, Internet and other events which would interest our readers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer valuable and quality information which will serve as a guide/compass for people to follow. We want to make Nigeria and other countries a better place by providing evergreen information that will transform the lives of people positively.

Our Vision

Our vision is that in a couple of years from now, we would develop into a full-fledged information base that will serve as a trusted and legitimate source of information in and out of Nigeria.

For this to be achieved, there should be collective responsibility and teamwork. If you want your voice to get heard and you want your article write-ups to be read, ensure that you join us to provide quality content for readers.


InformationNGR is a multi-author blog domiciled in Nigeria which is made up of consultants, resource persons, professionals, and counselors from various fields of human endeavor.

On this website, we will make publications on several articles which would go a long way in helping people and providing a solution to their problems and queries.

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