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Televisions are one of the most important and must-have electronics in the home. There is only so much you can watch on your phone, and then it is necessary to do the rest on a real screen.

Televisions also add a specific type of class to your sitting room, and your home generally. Most times, you enter into a person’s house, and your eyes are quickly drawn to his/her arrangement of electronics.

And as the case may be, you are quickly disappointed or impressed, with what you see.

The kind of television you choose to have in your home makes a lot of statement about who you are. They let people know whether you are a lover of techy smart TVs or if you are just a regular LCD television person. So, the long story is that televisions are essential.

Now that we have agreed on this, we must also see that these electronics do not come cheap. Unless you are okay with having a faulty television that you have to keep hitting with a stick (LOL), then you know owning good TVs are not cheap.

And for this reason, we are grateful for the opportunity to have the UK used televisions in the market. Fairly used TVs give you the chance to have a good television in your home, while still saving some money on it.

The UK Used TVs

Technological advancement has made the market full with a variety of high-tech televisions, and this has, in turn, made the prices of these electronics to go up. But still, this does not mean that you even cannot get a good TV for a not-so-high cost.

The informative, educative, and entertaining purposes of the television, has made it an appliance that you probably cannot do without. It also happens that the TVS of these days can even do so much more than entertain or educate you.

They also make life easier. For example, there are now smart TVs that you can control with your voice. How amazing is that?

In this article, we will be highlighting the prices of UK used TVs from familiar brands. I will also be sharing the tips that you should know, before venturing into the market to buy a fairly used television.

This will enable you to make an informed decision when you want to buy your UK used television. So before we check prices, let us go through a few tips that you should know before buying that fairly used television.

Things You Should Know Before Paying 

Always make sure that whatever the UK used item you are buying, is coming from a reliable store. This is because; a reputable store will give you a legit receipt for your purchase.

This store may also give your purchase a warranty, although it may be for a short period. So if you buy from a reliable store, you know that you can quickly return a defunct product and demand another. Or at worst, request a return.

Reliable stores will also most likely not sell faulty appliances, because they will want to protect their reputation.

If you are buying from an online store, ask many questions on the legitimacy of the television. You do not want to buy stolen property. Also ask about the possibility of returning the product, if faulty.

Buying the UK used television, or any UK used items for that matter, does not mean that you have to accept whatever you get. Make sure the electronic is in good condition.

The fact that it has once been used does not mean it should not come to you in good condition. They are called fairly used because the UK used TVs are intended only to have been used for a short period and in a careful manner.

Inspect both the physical and non-physical features of the television. Make sure the body is not dirty or scratched; at best, there should only be minimal scratches. Make sure the audio is excellent, and the sound is clear.

These kinds of electronics may not come with accessories like the TV remote, so you may have to purchase this separately.

For smart TVs, make sure that there are no locked stations or passcodes. Also, make sure that the touchpads work correctly.

Always request for a receipt; this is still the wise thing to do.

Before buying your TV, confirm prices of your TV choice from a few different stores. While you may not necessarily go for the lowest price available, confirming different prices will give you an hint of what to expect when you are ready to make your purchase.

Choose the brand you prefer, as well as the resolution and display size, etc. It is also essential to make your budget so that you don’t go above it and so that you know what you are searching for, and where to look.

Finally, I must let you know that some TVs may not have a fairly used version in the market. This is because these TVs are quite expensive and to sell the fairly used will almost be as costly as the new.

So, if you don’t find the fairly used TV that you want, you should probably go for the next best one.

Prices of UK Used TVs in Nigeria

Below are the costs of UK Used TVs in Nigeria. Check them out!

Price of UK used Sony TVs

Sony 24” LED TV                  `          ₦25,000- ₦45,000
Sony 32” LED TV                  `          ₦45,000- ₦80,000
Sony 40” LED TV                             ₦68,000- ₦99,000
Sony 42” LED TV                             ₦72,000- ₦100,000
Sony 50” LED TV                             ₦93,000- ₦150,000

Price of UK used Samsung TVs

Samsung 20” LED TV                       ₦18,900- ₦25,000
Samsung 24” LED TV                       ₦ 28,000- ₦35,000
Samsung 32” LED TV                       ₦32,000- ₦50,000
Samsung 40” LED TV                       ₦60,000– ₦65,000
Samsung 42” LED TV                       ₦62,000- ₦78,000
Samsung 43” LED TV                       ₦65,000- ₦78,000
Samsung 46” LED TV                       ₦70,000- ₦85,000
Samsung 50” LED TV                       ₦195,000- ₦300,000

What is the cost UK used LG TVs?

LG 20” LED TV                                ₦16,500- ₦20,000
LG 24” LED TV                                ₦22,500- ₦30,000
LG 26” (Monitor TV)                        ₦35,000- ₦41,000
LG 32” LED TV (HD)                      ₦53,500- ₦65,000
LG 43” LED TV (4K UHD)             ₦100,000- ₦205,000
LG 47” LED TV                               ₦150,000- ₦250,000
LG 50” LED TV (4K UHD)             ₦185,000- ₦270,000
LG 55”LED TV (Full HD)                ₦215,000- ₦500,000
LG 60” LED TV (4K UHD)             ₦340,000- ₦750,000

What is the Price of UK used Haier Thermocool TVs?

HaierThermocool 32” LED TV                     ₦30,000- ₦70,000
Haier Thermocool 40” LED TV                    ₦65,000- ₦110,000
Haier Thermocool 42” LED TV                    ₦80,000- ₦160,000

How much is the UK used Hisense TVs?

HiSense 24” LED TVs                                  ₦20,000 – ₦45,000
HiSense 32” LED TVs                                  ₦33,000 – ₦65,000
HiSense 40” LED TVs                                  ₦65,000 – ₦95,000
HiSense 43” LED TVs                                  ₦71,000 – ₦100,000
HiSense 50” LED TV                                    ₦99,000 – ₦170,000
HiSense 55” LED TV                                    ₦109,000 – ₦280,000

Price of UK used Panasonic TVs in Nigeria

Panasonic 24” LED TV                                 ₦15,000 – ₦45,000
Panasonic 32” LED TV                                 ₦28,000 – ₦75,000
Panasonic 43” LED TV                                 ₦60,000 – ₦100,000
Panasonic 49” LED TV                                 ₦86,000 – ₦130,000

Price of UK used Sharp TVs

Sharp 23” LED TV                                       ₦17,000 – ₦30,000
Sharp 24” LED TV                                        ₦22,900 – ₦35,000
Sharp 32” LED TV                                       ₦30,000 – ₦60,000
Sharp 39” LED TV                                        ₦65,000 – ₦90,000

Where to buy UK  Used TVs in Nigeria

You can get your UK Used TV from any electronic retailing stores in the country or from Jiji.


There you go; the UK used TVs for your perusal. How long will it take you to decide? I will advise that you go over all the details carefully, before making your choice.

Televisions are a big part of our homes; you do not want to make a mistake with such an important decision. It is a good thing that you can even choose to use the latest televisions, as long as the fairly used version is in the market.

So, rest assured, that whatever you need, you shall get. But don’t take too long in deciding, because these UK used TVs are selling out fast!!!

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